1004 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Internally, inside of all of us, lies one of the answers to why we should become better, and forgive ourselves for the mistakes that we have made in the past (regardless if they had a long-term or short-term consequence to your life), this is also the part of our roads.

When you do not want to forgive yourself for things that have hurt you in the past, you still maintain connections to those things, and they act just like a stone in your pockets that are enabling you to swim to the surface (the future).

So, if you do not accept and move on from the past, you do not learn and let go of what it took so your energy, you will never be connected to the Divine energy.

This kind of behavior and attitude in life has to lead you to the attraction of Angel numbers that bring you the much-needed chance to learn again.

With them, those “stones” in your pockets will perish into fractions, but to do that, you must believe that the change is possible.

1004 Angel Number – Interesting Information

Angel number 1004 will help you restore connections in your life, primarily the one that you have with yourself, that should actually be healthy and unburdening; not stressful and under the major tension that is present in lives of many of us, especially in modern days.

How will you know what does it look to have a healthy connection with the world, to enjoy it and to learn at the same time?

You will know because it will be the bond primarily based on spiritual energy, rather than any other.

It would be the one spiritual link where you are relieved of the need to act toward others by giving and receiving unconditional love rather than by elevating and imposing Ego energy.

The message 1004 puts everything in such a great perspective that all links that you have in life will soon start to align.

Also, Angelical beings are telling you not to worry, do not be scared, because you recognize yourself in this story, you should not be concerned, just let the process do its thing.

Letting go of the process of change that comes from the Universe is the best way you can do.

In the end, this is the message that gives you an awareness of how your relationships are made, what you are getting out of that relationship, and what others are getting in communication with you, and slowly observe the process and patiently handle it.

Through others, you learn about yourself, and you are able to grow.

Meaning and Symbolism

As you could see in the previous section, the ties and links that you create in your life, regardless of their nature (love, work, etc.) should be healthy and unburdening, not stressful and heavy (even if they can be useful in the sense of a personal growth, they are not the ones that you should maintain for a long time).

In this sense, information from the Divine vibration 1004 is that you must become free from selfish needs and act toward others by giving and receiving unconditional love, and more importantly, the Ego must go away.

In many Angelical messages, this is the part that is needed to be remembered, and the case of the message 1004 is no difference of that mater.

It is plausible that you need some time to accept the new situation, and in the process, you will see how an energetic connection can lead you toward self-discovery and spiritual growth.

So, the idea that is behind this message is that you the primary connection that you must build is the one with yourself, then you can slowly rebuild those with others, and finally, you will grow to the extent that you become a spiritual being.

1004 Angel Number in Love

Communication with people can be burdensome, we all know that that, and in this sense, there are so many different opinions and energy actions that are pulling you toward different paths.

When it comes to communication that occurs due to the influence of the Ego (which is currently the most common case and the thing that separates you further from love), then there are many problems, and one of them is the inability to reach the spiritual connections.

But, there is some good news, Angel number 1004 is there to assist you in this process, depriving you of your build-up ego.

You must know that every kind of thinking, emotional and verbal expression carries an energetic effect in the background.

If you want to draw Divine energy (love) into your life, you must wake up that spark in your life, and this is not an easy task, because humans are our mirrors.

In this reality, we have chosen to know ourselves through the projection of our aspects of the environment.

The people around you who are close to you are a reflection of yourself. Relationships with people also teach us life lessons.

Facts about 1004 Angel Number

Number 1 in this message shows on the new connections that may exist for you in the future, and it brings comforted and justified actions, along with the enjoyment.

Two numbers zero may show on the normal cosmic process where we learn how to be connected without harming one another.

Now let’s learn about it and learn how to refine such energy bonds.

And number 4 is the one that acts as a corrective tool to break all unnecessary. along with the different lessons, in different ways and at different speeds.

In its totality, you will be able to learn everything they need and decides to “let go” of the other, who will need a long time to learn their lessons.

We can go even further, here you get an impulse of creativity and new ideas, and it is no wonder if you have a feeling that you will take such an action to move mountains.

In some way, there is no way that you will fail especially because there can is double zero – gives a true development of a spiritual mission.

And everything you desire is not possible without the realization in so-called real, everyday life.

Here we are talking about the ending vibration that belongs to the number 4.

It gives the final touch; you can look at its impact as your steady walk on a path of your choice, that is filled with aims and eagerness that is in this case, connected to the spiritual life, the one in which you have left your egoistic intentions and moved into something completely different.

So, the fact is that when you know all, there is to about the numerical divine sequence 1004 you know that from now you will be lead by the trustworthiness and honor.

Additionally, this is one message that could be observed through the sum vibration force that in this case, belongs to the number 5!

It is the one that gives all that all of these three previous vibrations do not have, just like curiosity, spiritual expansion and directness toward passion copulated with confidence.

In a total vibration, knowing 1004 and 5, we come to the conclusion that in this Spiritual message sent from the higher realm just for you, have all energies that are necessary to move you and encourage you to come back to your true nature, build it on a stable foundations and filled it with a spiritual mater.


Roaring within yourself, thinking about others, analyzing their actions, also draws in much of your energy as well as the energy of those people (it all depends on the correlations at stake), and it also empowers your Ego, which needs to self-justify.

If you have a need to talk, but you are not finding a good company to listen to you, this is the message that comes into your life, with it, and you draw specific energy to you.

On the other hand, your energy will start circulates when you just think about the greatness and the possibilities in your life.

As a piece of final advice that comes from the numerical sequence 1004 is something far more concrete (number 4 is often connected to the terms build, concrete results and firmness), Angels are telling you that you are bound to do something big without anyone suffering, your family or colleagues or your health. Remember the words that we have spoken in other sections.

Now, the period that is in front of you is the one where you can realize big plans even if they are not too realistic, but they will work somehow, magically.

Do your best to show initiative, be what you are; don’t act what you think the environment expects you to be.

You cannot escape from yourself and your temperament, and it is ok, but you can learn to grow and to become better, and to learn from your experiences, as maybe the most relevant part of your spiritual journey.