Fried Chicken – Dream Meaning

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As all of us know, a motive in a dream could be virtually anything, and symbolism goes in circles, from the most general to the most specific.

It is good to know as many meanings as you can, because, at times we cannot remember the details of a dream.

For example, there are dreams about the family, and also there are dreams that are so specific and deal with family members, and accurately with for example a concrete child you have in real life.

Following the same analogy, we can dream about something so general, like example food, and in the same way, we could have a dream about something so specific like a chocolate cake that our granny used to make.

We can even recall the taste and smell of it. And then it truly has an interesting meaning.

Here, we will take a look at the meaning of one specific food – fried chicken, a favorite for many.

Dreams about the Food in General

First of all, dreams where the central motive is food, are very common.

They are symbols of prosperity, fortune, happiness, and plenty, in the majority of cases, or the lack of it.

When a person has a dream about a certain food, or generally about food, then dreams apply to the same or the lack of it.

Have in mind that food in a dream world is the symbol of many different things, depending on the food, the manner of its preparation, and many other aspects that are surrounding the dream.

Some say that just looking at the food in dreams symbolizes material and expressive nutrition and power.

Various types of food illustrate a broad range of meanings.

There is a general meaning that fruits as a motive in a dream are the representation of sensuality, while vegetables guide healthy goals in reality.

Also, it is believed that meat symbolizes animal lust and that frozen food indicates people’s stern feelings.

Fried Chicken – Dream Meaning

Here we will take a look at one very specific dream, the one where the central motive is one very distinctive comfort food – fried chicken.

For the majority of people, except for maybe those who are vegans, fried chicken provokes truly positive emotions and is associated with pleasure, amazing feelings, and comfort.

In a version of a dream where you see beautifully fried chicken, that is gorgeously plated, then such a dream could mean that you will find a large income.

If you taste the chicken and it tastes great, just like you love it, then such a dream could indicate that you will have that income from a job you love and do well.

If the fried chicken is not as tasty as it should be, then such an income comes from dishonest deeds.

If you have a dream about fried chicken and on it, there are still some unfried parts and even blood, then such a dream prepares you for the conflict.

Such a dream indicates being prepared for a conflict with the person about whom you spread rumors and spoke unflatteringly.

It seems like you are going to be punished for your deeds.

In a dream where you are frying the chicken, this dream then suggests that you have departed from the family.

It shows that you have moved away from your relatives, forgotten about your family, and behaved selfishly, to say the least.

You feel guilty about it, and want to make things better, but fear that it is maybe too late.

This dream indicates the decision you must take – you must choose your free time and relax with your loved ones, talk and take care of family matters, maybe you will learn something important for yourself and become a better person.

If the chicken cannot be fried, and as long as you are trying it stays “alive” and raw, such a dream may indicate that, in waking life, you should be more careful with your messages, since you are becoming known for your love for speaking of others.

This dream indicates that you adore gossiping without thinking and offending others.

Such behavior can return to you just like a boomerang, and you will become a victim of gossip, and you will not like it at all.

If you dream of eating and preparing hot fried chicken, the one kind that is spicy and tasty, then, in reality, you are the type of person who trusts people too much, but this could be the symbol of a loss for you.

Such a dream shows that your actions often result in the loss of a significant amount of money or even a loss of trust which is much worse. Some things cannot be repaired.

If you in a dream are catching the chicken and then are preparing it for the fry, such a dream shows that in reality, you will be given the

trustworthy assignment and you want to do it with all of your heart, but you cannot deal with it.

It shows that you are not able to cope with it.

But, if others still make you do it (in a dream to kill and fry the chicken), then such a dream could come as an indication of bad things to come.

This is not a very good sign. Beware of provocation and gossip, both personally and professionally.

If in a dream you see a fried chicken that is eaten in such a loud manner, with a lot of sounds and noises, then such a dream announces that in near future, you will be invited to a party, and you can have a good time in the company of friends.

Also, such a dream can represent success in the workplace and the respect of colleagues.

If you are hiding the fried chicken from others somewhere in your home, like in closets or on the bed, in that case this dream depicts the person who has such a dream.

It shows its personality – he or she is someone who is very thrifty and tries to save money, although some others may consider this behavior greedy.

Or these actions are over the top, and they can be at times.

Stealing fried chicken from someone is a dangerous signal that comes from the dream world.

In reality, it may be that your colleagues or competitor can trip you up at the most unsuitable moment.

Eating fried chicken from a bucket is a dream that announces that you will receive important information. Possibly regarding business.

Feeding others with fried chicken is a dream that shows your behavior in reality.

You are the type of person who easily offends an innocent person with your own words.

The warning here comes from the idea to be more careful with rumors.

Some people have a dream that they are eating just the crust from the fried chicken.

It is not weird, it is a plausible motive in a dream.

This dream speaks of the need for freedom and financial independence, that you crave in life.

Advice for all those who had this Dream

As we have said most commonly, dreams of fried chicken are associated with positive feelings, sentiments of comfort, and relief.

All of us, adults and kids love this food, and as such we could all have dreams about them.

So, if you were among those who had such a dream, their meanings are considered both positive and negative.

Some say that there is nothing positive in such dreams and that all of you who had such a dream must pay attention to the situation in which quarrels and confrontations are possible.

It is even possible that you will enter into a conflict with your lover, for example in a version of a dream where the chicken is not fried completely.

But, we have found good news amidst all of this – when you had a dream about the most delicious fried chicken that you ever tasted, then, in reality, the family will be safe and good things are meant for all of your love, and when things are not working out, you will provide comfort for all of them.

Eating fried chicken with satisfaction, the person who has such a dream could achieve a high position, and thanks to this, he will significantly improve his financial situation.

So, in the case, where the fried chicken is eaten, and it is tasty, then such a dream symbolizes good luck in business, profit, or gifts.

We must add this aspect also, it truly matters who had a dream about fried chicken.

If it is a woman, then such a dream shows that a love affair is waiting for her in reality. It does not mean that she has ever wanted it, but there is something that she looks for.

If a man had such a dream, then he can anticipate respect at work and happiness in business. He will get what he has been wanting for a long time.