Dream of Fish Tank – Meaning and Interpretation

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Fan or not fan of the fish, they are truly beings that are worth seeing, maybe you have even had an aquarium with fish at your home, and enjoyed the view of the gorgeous water world.

It is a wonderful sight that brings peace.

Numerous fish tank attractions could be found all over the world, where you can enjoy quite a calming sight with the chance to see some types of fish that you would never see in life.

Water and fish of various colors, shapes, and sizes.

A fish tank can also appear as a motive in a dream, and it has its meaning.

It is not a very common motive, but it can appear from time to time.

Dreaming about Fish in General

Let us speak of fish and water, as the two really relevant motives in any symbolism.

In a most general way, fish could be taken as a motive, that as a symbol represents you and your family.

One more significant meaning regarding fish is the one where it is the symbol of well-being and progress. This meaning was abundantly recognized in Japanese culture and Feng Shui.

Water is a symbol of well-being also.

It can alternatively be the symbol of destruction, it has a dual nature.

Right away, generally, if you had a dream about fish in some water, then it is a good sign, for sure.

If you dream of fish, then such a dream generally brings positive outcomes.

It can refer to love or financial progress, but also every other.

There will be a period of harmony in your family.

There is a possibility, and this is just an alternative, that this dream indicates that there will be a period ahead of you in which you will have to deal with minor difficulties to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Fish that are just swimming in dreams, suggest an optimistic meaning and indicate a stable life and favorable upcoming events.

It can be about love or your finances.

Also, this dream can represent your insatiable desire for knowledge and indicate a change of profession, or continuation of education, swimming is a metaphor for moving and therefore progressing.

Restless waters and aggressive fish in dreams could point out your subconscious, where you can find the fear of loss.

These dreams with a similar theme can show that you have been living a life where you are torn between the past and the future and that you have been devoting little time to what is happening right now.

It is one thing to choose to work on yourself, but as you make amends for the past, and focus on the future, it can feel like the life you’re living now is slipping out of your hands.

It matters also in which way you are “swimming”, and whether are you doing it in the right direction.

Dream of Fish Tank – Meaning and Interpretation 

A dream where you see the fish can go even deeper, but it is relevant to what way you have seen it. For example, some people dream about fish tanks. And here it is worth looking into as many details as possible – is it new? What size is it? How many fish are in it?

All of these are details that will help you interpret that dream.

If you are just looking in a dream at a fish tank and enjoying what you see, then such a dream can make you peaceful, and it can be the message that all that occurs in your life is going according to plan.

Your life is nice as a bright tank full of multicolored fish.

But, in a version of a dream where you see some kind of damage on a fish tank, and it seems like they will fall out of it, then such a dream could be a symbol of a loss or an accident that awaits you soon.

If in a dream you are feeding all those different fish in the tank, then such a dream shows that you are no longer interested in working a job that is invariant and monotonous.

The fact is that the monotony can be reflected in your life, in the form of a monotonous job, but the fact is that such a job does not suit you, and deep inside you know it.

And, the happy circumstance in all of this is that this is a passing period and that all will return to its initial state very fast.

If you, in a dream, are cleaning the fish tank, and there are no fish there, it is just an empty fish tank, then such a dream shows that you are in a place of a life where you are finally ready to clean yourself from any negativity.

We know that every cleaning frees us from negative things, so in a dream, cleaning the fish tank means cleansing your emotional, and spiritual space.

Such a dream may symbolize a better place than before and the fact that now you are coping with challenges more easily.

You are more aware of yourself and the new opportunities that come your way.

Also, this dream could represent that you are now finally in a place where you feel in command of your life and your thoughts. You are close to reaching your terminus.

If the fish tank in your dream is filled with too many fish, then such a dream speaks of a problem you may be having, but that solution is not possible.

It is, but only by creating additional problems with other people.

Try to find a balanced solution and minimize the casualties.

If the fish in the fish tank are calm and swim harmoniously, just like some gorgeous choreography, it means that you are curious and that you want to try many new and different things in life than those you are used to.

Observing the behavior of others and celebrating those same people, you learn immensely.

If you observe the behavior of others and learn from it, it will help you to perhaps recognize certain characteristics in yourself, which you did not even know you owned, and which can help you to maintain a balance.

If in a fish tank you see all fish that are dead, then such a dream speaks of possible quarrels and disagreements in your surroundings.

A dream that has such a scenario invites you to arm yourself with patience and stability because dynamic family or partner relationships will follow.

Additionally, if some fish are still wiggling, but it looks like they are dead, then such a dream says you need to pull yourself together and think about the problems in your life with a calm mind.

The size of a fish tank can also speak a lot when appears in dreams – if the tank was very small, then such a dream indicates safety.

It means that you must have that small circle of friends that you trust immensely and want to get as closer as you can.

Safety and comfort zone is what define you.

It is plausible that all you want to do in life, is to feel safe – soon a person will appear who will help you feel safe even more, a lover that suits you perfectly.

It will participate, successfully in resolving conflicts in your life; those you cannot deal with by yourself.

But, if the fish tank in a dream is way too small, that fish cannot even swim, they are stuck together, then such a dream may represent your sense of being disabled and trapped.

It can also refer to your thoughts that you are not good enough.

If the fish tank is enormous, and all the big fish are freely swimming, even the larger ones, and it looks like its own ocean, then dreaming about this shows that the suitable period is coming, all to renew old and build new connections in life.

This dream also indicates that a period of prosperity and wealth is coming, both materially and spiritually.

It shows that numerous problems and concerns in your family will be finally solved. You will be able to lead yourself and those you love towards a new and brighter future.

You will remind yourself that you are ready to face challenges and obstacles that are most definitely on your way, as a necessary part of the journey.

One fascinating version of this dream is the one in which you see that you are in a fish tank, and you are swimming with fish, alongside them, as a human, but also as one of them.

In this case, it may be that you are surrounded by many people, but many of them are fake friends, and because of the work, and your naivety you do not see it.

Try to look at things from a different point of view, so that things become more objective.

And another bizarre twist of this dream is the one where you are the fish in the tank, then such a dream symbolizes that you are not able to free yourself from all those restrictions of the past that you bear with you.

If in a dream you see a fish tank that is filled with water, and there are no fish inside, then such a dream comes as a warning to be careful with the people you trust. This could be a bad sign.

Be aware of who you spend time with and how those people affect you and your life.

The majority of them just hide their true “colors”.

This dream can indicate that people you don’t expect could hurt you.

Don’t let yourself or your loved ones lose faith. It is enough just to review your decisions, and your choices, and evaluate whether the things in your connections are the things you should offer yourself to and the things you should combat for.

If you are in a dream and you are attempting to take out fish from the tank, then it shows that you are ready to be patient and wait for good things to come to you, but you are also prepared for certain shortcuts if needed.

A version of a dream where you are changing the water in the fish tank, then it symbolizes that bettering of your life could not ever be done without change, which can be unpleasant at times.

Not all change has to be for the better, but change is good, great stuff. Transformations remind us that we can always do better and do more. Expect success in your work.

If the fish tank from your dream is brand new, and clean and things look magical, then such a dream indicates new troubles in life.

There will be changes that you are not happy with.

A threat will follow that all the invested effort will go to waste.

The dream warns you that you need to analyze your attitudes and actions to avoid even more damage.

Advice for all those who had this Dream

The main thing that you should pay attention to when it comes to this dream is this – the object of a fish tank.

A fish tank, by the nature of this scene, where fish are not free in fact, but in an environment that mimics their natural habitat, can represent that you feel trapped in your surroundings and even in your skin.

Life could be difficult for you at times, and you hardly manage to be independent.

You need to find a way to articulate your emotions and your thoughts and to become free.

To be in control of any situation, you need to be fully aware of the circumstances, otherwise, you see just one direction, and it is not enough.

And every time you feel the weight of life, remember that after a difficult period, there always comes a more promising one towards which we have been swimming and striving.

Consider the fish tank can be a metaphorical content of your thoughts, emotions, people, and events. See it as a different picture of what is happening in your life.

As all living things need care, so you need to take care of yourself and keep your space uncluttered and under control.

Take care of your physical and mental health, it does not need to be too small or too big.

If you are at the very beginning of a new job or relationship – you need to take care of yourself and your relationships with others.

Change your thoughts and attitudes about yourself, if you feel that you do not belong there and that the fish tank is not the place to be.

You are surrounded by people who love you and who appreciate what you do for them.

Try to overcome yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Acquire some new knowledge, and work on inner states. Accept your emotions.

You will have the opportunity to work on your relationship with your loved ones. If there are any problems in your family dynamics, you need to work on them and make an effort.

We have said that the size of the fish tank is important.

A large tank and many fish – that tank is the representation of all the relationships you have in life. With all the emotions within all your relationships, you need to deal with them and deal with them in the right way.

Also, these dreams can sometimes represent unpleasant situations at work, especially in relationships with work colleagues or financial failures. Live now. Be present.

Understandably, you feel a lot of fears about your future, but they also need to be dealt with calmly. If you do the opposite, it can lead to even greater consequences.

If you are sensitive to life and social changes, your panics, and your anxieties can put you in an even more sensitive situation.

Be guided by intelligence and common sense, and do not be shy to take on the role of a leader.

If you find yourself in a situation that is not to your liking, try to find the most adequate way to resolve such a situation for the benefit of you and the people around you.

Do it in a way that all side effects are minimized.