1035 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Faithful believe that no human being roams this world alone.

There were forces we cannot see, energies that remain hidden from our eyes, yet, throughout our lifetimes, they watch over us and make sure everything was fine.

There were moments in your life when you probably thought that you were alone in the world and that there were no way you would find your path.

If it did not, then you must be a lucky person! However, there have probably been certain moments in which you have felt truly blessed, fortunate. Each human life was unique, indeed.

However, in each and every life there were probably moments in which we felt as touched by a gentle guiding hand from above.

Some people try to explain everything by using their ratio; others would take everything as a miracle or a curse.

Perhaps, something in between would work the best for most of us. No way we could explain the world using only logic.

On the other side, explaining everything by chance of forces beyond our reasoning would give us not a piece of certainty. We have a bit of both in us.

One does not have to exclude the other one, even though people are prone to thinking in extremes and oppositions.

Belief in angels and guardian angels is very old. We usually associate it with Abrahamic religions.

The term angel originates from Hebrew word for ‘a messenger’, translated into Greek angelos, Latinized as angelus. In modern day, you will find terms such as angelic reiki, angelic numerology and other interesting combinations.

Guardian Angels

We will not enter theological debates, but we will talk about angels in the most common terms, as people generally think of them.

You are free to imagine angels as you wish! It is said that angels were heavenly spirits, created by the ultimate divine power, God.

Angels are limited by space and time to certain point, although their essence was ethereal, like our souls.

Angelic spirits could use physical form, if the like, but even if they do so, they would never present to us in their full splendor, because we cannot comprehend it.

Besides, angels would rarely even do something like that, although sacred texts tell about angelic appearance. Guardian angels usually work through messages and different mediums.

Guardian angels are not an angelic order or a class. Any angel could be a guardian; it has nothing to do with angelic hierarchy and ranks, it is an angelic office.

Guardian angels are assigned to each human being; each person has their own personal guardian angel. One could pray to angels or not, they will still be there.

Their task is to offer us divine love, guidance and support, not to save us from all evils or act in our place.

Angels would generally leave us on our own, because their intention was for us to realize how capable we were ourselves, how much potential and goodness we have inside.

They will only send us messages to remind us of such things.

Angelic Messages

Angels send us powerful messages that were meant to encourage us to believe in ourselves, in the first place.

Angels would sometimes send us simple signs of their presence, in order to assure us we were not alone.

Sometimes it could be a feather, a sound, a white dove, an animal, a symbol or whatever else. You will know when you see it.

Other times, they send us more complex messages; ones that require a careful analysis, such as angel numbers.

Such messages usually tell us much about ourselves as unique personalities, about our attitude towards the world and about what we should possibly change in it.

Such messages could correspond with particular situation in life.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers are numerical sequences sent to us by guardian angels.

You will that an angel number was in question. If you keep seeing the same number all over again.

Sometimes, your inner voice would awaken the feeling about certain number you saw.

It could be any number, but you will definitely know if it was an angelic one, considering these signs.

Angel Number 1035

Angel number 1035 is a complex, multi digit number, so we will analyze all its segments.

Multi digit numbers usually tell much about the person to which they were sent.

These messages point out someone’s weaknesses and strengths, they serve as a reminder, encouragement and a guidebook.

Let us see into layers of angel number 1035.

Angel Number 1035 Composition meaning

Angel number 1035 consists of number 1, 0, 3 and 5. This is the obvious first level of this angelic message and we will interpret each one of these numbers, according to (angelic) numerology.

On the second level, a four-digit number is usually analyzed as two numbers; here we have 10 and 53. The sum of their digits equals 1, again, and 8.

Finally, the sum of all digits equals 9, which is a base level of this angelic number, so to say. What do we have here?

Number 1 represents beginnings and endings, glory, fame, ambition, strength, drive, motivation, authority and leadership, but also aggression, forcefulness, lack of strong will and narrow-mindedness.

It is a kind of ‘all and nothing’ principle, since it deals with where you start and where you end up.

Zero represents fullness and nothingness, opportunities, potentials, the ultimate source of everything, the infinity itself. It emphasizes the vibration of other numbers.

Number 3 is for youthfulness and curiosity, adventurousness, eagerness for travel, fun, play and joys of life.

This is the number of communication, sociability, humor and manifestation.

Number 5 represents creativity and uniqueness, individualism, freedom, versatility, life choices, the visionary, opportunity, invention, influence.

Eight stands for wealth and prosperity, provision, pragmatism, patience, stability and steadiness, self-sufficiency and self-reliance, amongst other things.

Nine represents spiritual journey, karma, humanitarianism, altruism, empathy, ideals, duty, high perspectives.

Meaning and symbolism of Angel Number 1035

When you look at these meanings, you clearly see a person who is of a very strong personality, with a visionary mind, with potentials to achieve amazing things in life, for him or herself and the humanity.

If your angels have sent this number to you, they believe in your qualities and they want you to believe into them, as well.

They want you to follow your goals and work on them.

You probably do not lack strength, patience, self-confidence, creativity, enthusiasm, even material ground.

However, it could be that you were so focused on your grandiose ideals and goals that you have forgot about people who were closest to you.

Sometimes angels show us a number that emphasizes all our qualities, in order to help us realize what we miss out.

Here, it is obvious that closer bonds with people lack. You are probably very humanitarian and a kind person, but you should not overlook dear people, because you see yourself as a savior of humanity.

If your situation was exactly the opposite and you do not feel self-confident and assured of your potentials, the message suggest the road of humanitarianism and compassion as a way to regain your self-respect and self-love.

Angel Number 1035 and Love

On a romantic level, angel number 1035 possibly reflects your preoccupation with great and admirable goals. If you feel ok with that, go for it.

However, if it leaves you with the feeling of lacking something, even if you have achieved much in life, on your spiritual level and in terms of certain material goals, if you have satisfied your thirst for adventure and fun, maybe it was time to settle down with someone and grow from that point in a new and wonderful way.