1125 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Beautiful, ethereal beings, beings made of light and love, they are known as angels.

Angels have been the subject of many beliefs and prayers, throughout religions and systems of beliefs of the world, and individual or local beliefs.

Angels are said to be immortal, non-physical, created by God. Angels do not have the power of creation themselves.

Angels are messengers, messengers of God, heralds of good news, sometimes of warnings.

They are capable of traveling through space and time with fewer limitations than we, humans, travel, although still limited by the rules of the universe, of time flow and motion.

They are higher beings than humans are, it has been said, for they are pure and closer to the Most Divine.

These spirits love humanity and watch over our world; their mission is to guide us towards the light.

Angels are present in all of Abrahamic religions; each of these could be seen through the angelology prism.

Angelology is the study of angels, their orders and nature; each religion has its own angelology. However, we are not interested in angelic ranks here.

Angels are godly spirits, though, as Christianity teaches, they have free will.

Some of the angels have defied God, if you remember that story; the third part of the heavenly host abandoned pure and good plains of Heaven, for their own reasons.

Angels we will be talking about are angels of Heaven, obedient to heavenly laws, out of their pure, good will.

Guardian Angels

Each human individual has a guardian angel, religious sources say.

According to some, we have more than one angelic guardian or our only guardian calls in other angels.

Sometimes angels come and go and different angels guide us throughout different stages of life.

No matter what point of view you find pleasing, guardian angels always care about you.

They are good and loving heavenly guides; we call them guardians, but they will not protect us from all evil. Their mission is far better than that.

The very belief in guardian angels saves us from evil, in a way.

What angels do is that they offer guidance; they encourage us to follow our own path, to find our ways in life.

Guardian angels do not come from any specific order nor is their guardianship a rank, but an office. Angels from any of the orders could be guardian angels.

Your guardian watches over your life all the time, even if you were completely unaware of that. What is more, angels communicate with us, more often than we know.

Angelic Messages

How do angels communicate with human beings?

Oddly enough, the interaction with angels is pretty constant, although we do not possess the capacity to be directly involved into it nor would our angels communicate directly.

They work through symbols, messages, different channels and mediums. If you think it is too complicated, let us reassure you of that.

Angels send us messages in form of omens and different signs.

They do so, because the purpose of an angelic message is to make you aware of the very power of faith and, even more importantly, your own qualities.

Qualities of a human being are many and, sadly, we are often unaware of what we can do; what good we can do; hence, angelic messages.

Messages from Heaven come in various shapes; it could be a white feather landed in front of your feet, it could be a magnetically attractive symbol, a word, number, even something other human being has said to you.

Some of the messages require deeper analyzes. Angelic numbers are a particularly interesting form of angelic messages.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers are powerful and amazing, at the same time.

Numerical sequences have always been considered might; numbers are said to possess the energy of cosmos. In fact, numbers are the energy of cosmos.

All that we see and do, we could express in numerical form. Isn’t it amazing? Angels would always carefully choose numbers to send you.

Guardian angels choose meaningful numbers; any number could be angelic. However, not all numbers are angelic messages all the time.

Each number means something and each has specific vibration.

Angels choose numbers by both criteria and send them to you, as guidance, a blessing, a reflection or all together.

Angel Number 1125

Angel number 1125 is quite an interesting composition.

With strong emphasis on numbers 1 and 2, it is clear that the person with this number invests a lot into him or herself, but also into relations with other people.

This is a four-digit number, obviously and, thus, it has many layers.

This type of angelic numbers is usually reflective and meant to remind you of certain things.

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Angel Number 1125 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1125 consists of numbers 1, 2 and 5 on the first level.

On the second, we look on it as on two numbers, 11 and 25, which leaves us with number 2 and 7, since summing to one digit is a regular practice in numerology.

The third or the base level is the sum of all digits and it equals 9. Now we shall see what each of these means.

Number 1 is associated with fresh start, beginnings, ambition, personal goals, energy and raw force, action, glory, victory, drive and courage.

This number is associated with pride and arrogance, weakness of will and insecurity, if differently directed vibration.

Number 2 represents relationships, connections, balance, diplomacy, love, kindness and care.

Number 5 is an individualistic number, associated with versatility, personal freedom, the unconventional, visionary, cleverness, imagination, life choices, experience and learning from it.

Number 7 is a spiritual number, associated also with philosophy, the introverted, knowledge, seeking for answers, persistence, chastity, silence, stoicism and refinement.

Number 9, the number of higher wisdom and karma is definitely a spiritually powerful one. It also represents forgiveness, humanitarianism, altruism, selflessness, higher purpose, soul purpose, empathy, compassion. This is the number ‘above’ self, so to say.

All these numbers are incredibly powerful and loaded with meanings.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1125

As a complex and reflective number, 1125 tells so much about you as a person.

People with this angel number are deep, enthusiastic about philosophy, spirituality, religion, interested into higher and deeper, the immaterial.

They tend to be dreamers and idealists, but they do not lack earthly experience and they see to combine all of it.

They use these deep insights, intuition and faith in order to make this world a better place, for all, for the dearest ones and finally, for themselves.

They are active and imaginative, so they know how to keep touch with reality, while at the same time, they dream big.

However, they are not materialistic and their earthly experience relies on bonds, bonds with people.

These individuals equally care about themselves and others; they know that they cannot help anyone, if they were unable to help themselves.

For this reason, they work on their skills and personality.

There is a slight risk of Ego taking over and making them desire the reward and acknowledgment for their good deeds, but, generally, there is not much risk.

It could happen that you grow too proud of yourself for things you have achieved, for the sake of others. It is a strange position, because it does not actually make you feel good. Just see into it and you will easily bring it back into balance.

The other thing is that you tend to be idealistic to the point that negativity would leave you disappointed and broken.

You are a strong person and there is no doubt you will get yourself together and move forward, because you are, indeed, an optimist.

However, be a bit more of a realist. In addition, you should pay attention to the material, for practical purposes only. It should never be your primary focus, just do not deny the importance of it.

Angel Number 1125 and Love

Very emotional, compassionate and yet strong-willed, self confident and brave, these people have an aura that blows one’s mind.

They are kind, loving partners, good parents, supportive children and understanding friends.

Love is high in their eyes and love is so much more than bodily pleasure, although they value both.

Angel number 1125 speaks about your kind and caring soul and your openness for sharing love.

That is just amazing. When it comes to love, be it romantic or family love, or love for things that inspire you and drive you, this angel number is a good omen.

Your guardian angels bless you and reinforce the flow of universal love within your being.