1129 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel, a messenger, a herald, is a term referring to ethereal and eternal beings present in the three Abrahamic religions. The term angel literally means ‘a messenger’.

We are familiar with the concept of angels through these three religious systems.

However, angels are present in art, literature and elsewhere, and the belief in angels sometimes combined with alternative belief systems, even with astrology and, as here, numerology.

They are non-physical beings, spirits of Heaven, created by God. Angels are selfless beings that look upon us, humans, and our world. They love us and bring us the voice of heaven.

Angels are often depicted as beautiful human beings, with wings. Depictions vary from lovely cherubim to mighty warrior angels.

However, all of them are considered good, pure and heavenly.

Angelic is a synonym for many good things. We often use this term when referring to a person that is kind and selfless, helping others out of pure goodness, without asking anything in return. Those were people of angel hearts.

Angels are beings of pure ethereal essence; they have no bodies as we have, although they could use a physical form.

There are angelic orders and the hierarchy of angels; you are probably familiar with seraphim, cherubim and archangels, some of which known by names.

However, angels we are interested here into could come from any angelic order. They are guardian angels.

Belief in guardian angels is old; it is said that each person has a heavenly guardian by their side.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are not some specific type of angels or an order of angels. They are personal angels, guardians that accompany human beings throughout their lifetime.

Guardian angels whisper into our soul, they offer us guidance, love and support, asking nothing in return. It is their mission; angels want us to be happy and they rejoice in our joy and happiness.

Angels would never force you to believe into anything, but they will try to reinforce our faith or help us find it.

Guardian angels are always there, listening, even if you never address them or even think about them.

They communicate with us all the time, although most people are not aware of such an interaction. Guardian angels usually work through symbolic channels.

They dwell in realms higher than our earthly world, so we cannot see them; we cannot comprehend the pure essence of an angelic spirit. It is similar to our soul. Can you see your soul or touch it?

Guardian angels do not assist us in a direct manner, but they send us signs of love, of support, of encouragement and of grace.

Angelic Messages

Angelic messages could be anything a guardian angel chooses to send you.

Angels know us and they would carefully choose something they know you would recognize.

True, angelic messages are sometimes strange or puzzling, but you have to know that none of the angelic messages is ever meant to harm you.

Flickering lights, pleasant, though inexplicable sounds, they could be signs of angelic presence.

Sometimes, angelic messages come in a different for and have to be first recognized and then deciphered.

Symbols, words and numbers often carry deeper meanings, if sent by angles.

Your intuition is likely to tell you if a symbol was a sign from an angel; if not, angels would find a way to make the message reach you.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Certain types of messages are extremely powerful, because not only that they carry meanings, but also energy.

Such messages are energy of cosmos, concentrated. Angel numbers belong to this type of angelic messages.

Each number possesses specific vibrations and specific meaning associated with it. Angels could choose any number to send you.

Single-digit numbers are very direct, in both energy and meaning, although there could always be different sides of the coin, depending on what is to be emphasized.

Multi-digit numbers, especially four-digit numbers like this one are very complex, in energy and in meaning. These numbers have many layers and are usually a mirror for the receiver.

Angel Number 1129

Numbers such as this one tell much about the personality of the person who receives it, because they are complex and have more than one level of meaning.

Actually, these numbers tell about who you are at this very moment.

Oddly enough, many people are not aware of that, so they feel lost, insecure and lack self-belief. Let us see into this number.

It is a composition of more than one digit. Although not eye catching on the first look, a number as many others, this number will give you precious information.

If you keep seeing it for some time, in unusual places, in dreams and elsewhere, it is very likely an angel number, a message from guardian angels.

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Angel Number 1129 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1129 is composed of numbers 1, repeating, 2 and 9. Each of these numbers will be important for the overall message. On a second layer, we have numbers 11 and 29, that is, 2 and 2!

Summing digits to one-digit is a common practice. This tells a lot!

Number 2 has great power in this combination. The sum of all digits is 4.

Number 1 represents energy, action, force, ambition, optimism, courage, self-leadership, progress, positivity, instincts, fame and creating your own reality.

Number 2 is associated with relationships, peace, harmony, balance, diplomacy, creating bonds, connections, support, sociability, understanding, partnership, and rhythm. Being so strong here tells something.

Since it dominates this composition, it means that relationships and bonds mean very much to you, all sorts of. It means that you have a sense for justice, tolerance, you know how to approach to people, you are familiar with sharing, you trust people and vice versa.

However, if the energy was corrupted, number 2 could resonate with energy of dependence, fear of being alone, stagnation, and fear of the unknown.

Number 9 is a highly spiritual one and associated with a bigger plan.

It resonates with energies of universal energy; it is the number of forgiveness, sacrifice, humanitarianism, altruism, higher purpose and purpose of the soul. It is the number of spiritual journey, karma and spiritual awakening.

Number 4 is associated with organization, realistic views, tradition, order, dignity, honor, justice, discipline.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1129

Angel number 1129 has a very powerful vibration associated with the social, with people, with connections.

You are a person with strong personality; number 1 is emphasized and it speaks about your willingness to build up your own word.

However, you rely much on people around you, in good terms. You trust people; on the other hand, you have a great intuition.

You are spiritually deep, so people with ill intentions are not likely to succeed in deceiving you. You are noble and with high morals; you will never fall low and seek revenge or deal with such people.

However, you are very likely know as a good, moral, just and fair person, who is also kind, helpful, supportive, so those with ill intentions readily avoid you.

You have a great sense for organization and working with people. You are the one to take care of your family and home, as well.

In addition, home, family tradition and traditional values mean to you a lot; you are determined to keep them alive.

At the same time, you have the need to contribute to humanity on a bigger plan, not materially, but spiritually and morally.

While all of this is great and it does make you an admirable person, you probably neglect your actual needs at times, convinced that it is, indeed, your sole purpose to support others.

Even at your work, you are the one who believes that he or she is responsible for everything.

You should turn to your inner self and see what you truly desire, something that is only your own.

Angel Number 1129 and Love

While number 1129 generally vibrates with positive energy when it comes to love, compassion, sharing, caring and harmony, there could be a problem of the sort mentioned above.

Trying to support others, out of purely noble intentions, may leave you romantically unfulfilled, if you neglect that part of your life for the sake of benefit for all else. However, that does not have to be the case.

If you already have a loving partner, your angels bless you. This angel number confirms your love for one another, your ability to understand and accept one another.

If not so, this angel number reminds you of what kind of a relationship you wish for, one full of understanding, compassion, mutual support, in both good and bad times, a balanced, steady relationship.