331 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Our energy is constantly changing, through our various internal states, external factors, star movements, and changes in the cosmos – this is just one more proof that everything in nature is connected, and that even the smallest movement in the Earth can affect some cosmic event.

During energy changes, vibrational frequencies also change – and the true alteration of our lives can begin.

That is why it is important for a person to try to strive for the greatest ideal, and that is balance, that is, achieving a balance between the frequency of his body and the frequencies of the planet Earth.

Angelical beings direct our lives to the highest altitudes of our existence, and to make contact with us.

They send us numerical sequences for a better understanding of their intentions.

Today our focus is directed on the numerical sequence 331.

331 Angel Number – Interesting information

Now you understand that Angelical sequence comes into your life, to boost your spirituality, and know that is not something that can occur in a second.

It’s a process. And that process is called the Spiritual process only because of one single thing. It takes place deep inside you, and it is connected to the most subtle part of you.

All Angelical numbers and this one also speaks to this part of your life; it comes as an expression of the deepest core.

If you have been lately anxious, melancholic, you suffered or felt exhausted or lonely, and a guardian angel will help you overcome these problems.

This is also one of the reasons why you have been a recipient of 331, and why it has come to you in the form of a dream -in any other way, you will not be able to see it.

Angel number 331 comes into your life to help you understand the process of a spiritual awakening – 33 comes as a depiction of spirituality and the eternal connection to the Divine Realm and number 1 represents the awakening process.

Such awakening is a “matter of the spirit,” connected with what we would call development, merging, union with the spirit, but even then, we do not know what that means.

Your job is now present to discover what does it mean – your job is to enjoy that magnificent journey, and it is a part of the soul purpose that the High Dimension has for you.

Meaning and Symbolism

What does this number mean, you must wonder, and our guess is (soon you will see why it is so) that this message has come to you while you were either daydreaming or sleeping firmly, for some in the form of a vision.

It means so many things; it represents the process of awakening, but it also shows that you are obligated to be aware of the impact that your environment has on you.

Beware of the people you choose to be in your immediate environment – at times, such an environment can distract you from such a process of awakening.

Be careful, but not scared – they can be a source of unrest and disappointment in your life.

You need to be surrounded by people who appreciate you and your efforts to make them happy.

Now, when it comes to the symbolical value of message 331, it is described in one word – the mirror.

Such a message comes to you like the mirrored clock that reminds you to appreciate and respect others more, and you cannot start that process without respecting yourself first. This is why it is called the mirror.

In its totality, such a message from the Divinity reminds your that when you find the environment that boosts your growth, to be on good terms with others and to treat everyone with respect and to value them.

As a mirror, it will return to you in the same capacity, just like everything else in the Universe that comes back to you when you send it in some form.

331 Angel Number in Love

If you send Love and Gratitude into the Universe, then you have every right to expect that the same amount comes back to you, the only thing we do not know is the form it will come back to you.

So, message 331 is there to help you see that you must change if you want to experience such energy – personal changes can be a sign of growth, but also of weakening energy.

In the case of this message, it is surely such process – the Divine Love produces a change in life.

There are many situations that will not change until we take the first step (therefore the numeral 1 comes to you that is also responsible for the weapon to fight the ego).

The ego holds us tight and doesn’t allow us to move, so we squirm helplessly like a child. We are not even aware of how much we are harming ourselves.

Taking the first step does not mean giving up, but making progress. Let’s go, let’s take the first step (the vibrational power of 1), the Angels are following you (33); do not be scared to take it.

Also, a message from the Divine carries friendly and even romantic energy. The constitution of this numerical information direct you to the process of awakening and proves that Angel will help you with it gain insight into the future, through some experiences that you will have the first time in life, and through them, you will grow even further.

How will you know that you are an altered person?

One of the first changes is this – you will enhance natural and intuitive skills. It is possible that you will get visions through dreams or that you will connect in some other way – the number 331 will appear in your dreams for sure.

You will connect with yourself and other dimensions. That way, you will get the information and be certain that from now, you spend time and energy to spread Love.

Facts about 331 Angel Number

Once again, we emphasize that Angel number 331 mirrors your reality, but it gives you the opportunity to reach the new beginning if the image in a mirror does not satisfy you in any way.

Think about this idea: 33 is the vibration that connects you to the other dimensions, do not hesitate to express gratitude for what others do to you, words, gestures, or otherwise.

In a sense, attempt to give what you want to receive, and if you are touched by the hand of God, try to spread it to the chosen environment. It is necessarily important, don’t forget that.

If you are not happy with the expression that you see in a mirror, take a look at the number 1 – an expression of your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Only jealous and complacent people have a problem in not expressing gratitude to others.

Change what you give others – congratulate to everyone on the success, just the way you would like those others to congratulate you when you succeed.

This can be applied for every situation in life, but with Divine number 33, not any of them will be less than spiritual.

One more aspect is worth mentioning – the sum vibration. Here it is 7, the number that inspires you to become happy, joyful, and optimistic, as numeral 7 has this entire trait in its core.

For those who were prone to deception or living in a dream world, it will now land. You will get rid of bad habits and traits, like stubbornness.

Your guardian angels will help you to develop mental skills, so you can help yourself and others and be supportive of them.

This number indicates that your problems are over or at least that your perception of problems as such is over.

Now it will be easy for you to reveal the secrets of the Universe – open up because stability and peace will enter your life.

You will restore balance to life, and maintain harmony in all your existing relationships.


It seems like you are able now, in these few minutes that you have been reading this article dedicated to Angel number 331, to see how changed the person you have become.

So, it seems that some of the symptoms from this list can be completely avoided because you can consider that they are simply a consequence of your lifestyle.

You are more spiritual, and your awakening has begun – your body tries for a reason to get rid of everything that is superfluous, in order to find a higher frequency of vibration that will allow it to resonate with the frequency of vibration of the entire Universe?

Do not forget the part of the mirror aspect; to know what you give to others, it comes back to you in some shape or form.

Yes, now you know that Angel number 331 is a reminder to appreciate and respect others and to be grateful for everything they do for you.

Never take people for granted. This is especially true for family members and friends whoever that may be for you; there is no right or wrong answer.

In the end, and seen from whatever side as 33+1, or as vibrational power from numeral 7, as the sum vibration, the message from the Angelical realm inspires communication and socialization with others.

It warns you to pay attention to which you are communicating with and share your time. You need to make sure first whether these people are worth your effort, time, and attention.

Angelical beings are saying to you, too, if nothing more to be optimistic and always imagine a positive outcome.

Get rid of negative people and forget the past so you can welcome the future – those who are worthy will stay, and those who belong to the past are going to stay there.

Angel number 331 is bringing joy and happiness in your life – does the world looks different already? It does, and have in mind that the Universe is like a mirror – what you give returns to you.