4040 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Belief in angels and especially in guardian angels could be traced far back into the past.

In modern day, all sorts of belief amalgams occur, combining eastern spiritualisms, religious beliefs, even certain practices.

This is not entirely a new phenomenon; for example, historical sources provide us with evidences that many of those accused of witchcraft, black magic, sorcery and such were, in fact, pious Christians, though their methods were out of the church practice.

Belief in guardian angels does not necessarily bind anyone to a particular religious circle or a system, if we speak in terms of globalized society and of secularized world.

Angels are supernatural entities that could be found in various religious systems, from Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Kabbalah and many of minor alternative paths. Angels could be found literally everywhere.

In spiritualistic systems, there are usually entities we could identify with angels as seen in Christianity, for example. Angels are most commonly referred to as messengers of the Deity, messengers of the Highest Principle, God, depending on your personal beliefs.

Angels are considered good and friendly spirits, although sometimes they may appear as simply doing the divine work, without being especially sympathetic towards human beings.

Whether angels have feelings and free will, whether they could do only good or sin and stray from God has been an ongoing question.

Some people are convinced that angels act solely on behalf of God, without choosing anything on their own, while others believe it was, indeed, angels’ choice to follow God’s ways. If we look into the Bible, we will find that it was not exactly said so.

It would be much more appealing to think of angels as ethereal entities that have their own will; therefore, they must be good natured, living spirits who chose to follow divine paths on their own accord.

While it was not explicitly said that they have or not have free will, the story about rebel angels, as interpreted by the Christian Church, if we take Christianity as a source belief, actually proves they can chose to follow or to oppose the Deity.

Guardian Angels

Angelology is a branch of theology that deals with hierarchy and nature of angels and their offices. There were nine orders of angels, according to Pseudo Dionysius, each of specific features.

The highest ranked angels would be archangels, usually referring to the seven highest ones. They appear in both official sources, in apocrypha and elsewhere. Some of the most ‘famous’ archangels, to say, are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel.

Even the fallen angel, (wrongly) understood to be Lucifer from the Old Testament, in his later ‘career’ known by another title, is often believed to have been an archangel, meaning one of the most powerful and the wisest of them all.

Other frequently mentioned angelic classes are that of cherubim and seraphim. What about guardian angels? Do they make a specific class?

According to beliefs, guardian angels could come from any order. Any human being could have their personal guardian angels, regardless of their spiritual beliefs. Guardian angels are angels who watch over your life and offer you their unconditional love, support and guidance throughout your life.

It is not clear if every person must have a guardian angel, though the most widespread belief tells each one has his or her celestial guardians.

In any case, belief in guardian angels may help one overcome difficult situations in life and make one feel not alone in this world, as often all kinds of unusual phenomena may prove some higher forces save one from danger or show them signs of guidance and support.

Guardian angels do not affect us directly. It is not their task to do things in our place or make decisions in our name.

Their office is that of a messenger, guide and a guardian. Guardian angels may have their free will and they love us unconditionally; however, they are, in a way, bound to the higher Principle’s ways.

They do not interfere with our lives in a way one would see directly. They send us hidden messages and symbolic signs instead. Such messages should encourage us to find our own strength.

Guardian Angel Messages

Guardian angels may send us different kinds of messages, usually in form of some symbols, symbolical occurrences or strange, but harmless phenomena (such as, for example, flickering lights in the house, strangely behaving electronic devices, some sounds, smells et cetera).

They send us signs, without materializing in front of us. These messages are meant to make us believe in ourselves, believing in angelic support.

They are friendly and caring spirits, but angels know it would be useless to act in our place.

We have to value ourselves and to recognize what our own potentials are, what are our advantages and our flaws.

Angels want us to value our own strength and use our energy in order to follow the path of goodness and live our earthly lives the best we can. There is a great value in angelic messages.

Angel Numbers

Angels would usually act through channels we could easily recognize. Numbers are a powerful channel, in this regard.

Numbers, according to numerology, are constitutive particles of this universe we live in.

They vibrate with cosmic energies; they embody and represent such energies. Each number has specific ‘tone’, specific energy it emits and carries specific symbolism. Angels would carefully choose numbers to send you.

If it happens that you keep seeing the same number, be it one digit number or a complex sequence, it could be an angelic message. Repeating numerical sequences that occur over a period in all sorts of, sometimes unusual places could be messages from angels.

There is no need to worry, but to look up for the meaning of those numbers. Angels would never send you anything that could have an ill effect on you.

Angel Number 4040 – Interesting Information

What if your guardian angels send you number 4040? Let us first analyze its structure and provide interesting information on the number itself. Angel number 4040 consist of two digits, 4 and 0.

You could also look at it as a number 40 two times in a row. In each case, its constitutive digits play major roles. Zero us one of the most symbolically strong number, since it represents both all and nothing.

Energies of zero are immeasurable, as it represents infinity, everlasting energy of the universe, but also cyclic phenomena of energy, nothingness, beginnings and endings as parts of a never-ending energy and so many more. In combination with other digits, zero acts as an amplifier; it makes vibrations of numbers it stands along even stronger.

Number 4 is one that represents organization, stability, strictness, seriousness, self-discipline, morality, wisdom, practicality, constructiveness, maintenance. In this combination, zero amplifies these vibrations.

Let us see what then the angelic message of 4040 means.

There is a good reason why would your caring guardians choose to send you exactly this number.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 4040 is a message that tells about the importance of setting realistic goals.

Sometimes we get overly idealistic and tend to forget about the importance of every small step we have to make in order to achieve something great.

When faced with reality, we happen to feel discouraged and disappointed, underestimating our own little achievements, sometimes even considering them failures.

This message comes to you as a reminder that the life goes on, regardless of what you do; life, in itself, carries the energy of the Infinite. However, what you should do is to take out the best from your own life.

It is about finding balance between unrealistic dreams and realistic goals. In this combination, the factor of organization, seriousness and pragmatism is emphasized.

It suggests you have probably let yourself be a bit too loose on important things. The message does not mean you should just bring down all of your fantasies and ideals, like a sand castle.

The key is finding a balance between reality, expectations, your own capacities and your potentials. You should value each step of the way and act like an adult.

Number 4040 in Love

Angel number 4040 does not have specifically romantic meaning regarding love life.

It rather ells about one’s conventional and conservative nature or another’s firm and strict convictions about love life expectations in general. It suggests you are person who knows exactly what you want from love aspect of your life.

You are probably a traditionalist regarding love and family life, but you may also be the opposite.

In any case, if this number occurs in your life, it always tells about very strictly set expectations.

However, it is something you should probably be more flexible about. Here zero prevails in its own essence. Love is immeasurable and eternal; let people get closer, let them open up to you.

Maybe you will find love in places you have never expected to. Love is not about lists of rules.

Facts About Number 4040

Apart from strong energy of numbers 4 and 0, number 4040 also resonates with the energy of number 8. Number eight gives this message a specific undertone.

It also emphasizes the importance of practicality, self-determination, organization, responsibility and stability in life.

In addition, number 8 represents sociability, prosperity, provision, giving and receiving, truthfulness, abundance and materialism.

In this combo, it suggests you should pursue your goals with a clear conscience and mind.

Number 8, just like 4, resonates with energies planning, order, justice and integrity. This number, as a whole does not carry in itself much flexibility, suggesting you have been, perhaps, too flexible about very serious things so far.

It also suggests that your attitude towards pursing goals and facing failures along the way may have been immature.


Number 4040 says it all. It is a very strict, stable and serious number that, at the same time, carries within the energy of infinity and cyclic energies.

It comes as a wakeup call from an immature state of being.

One should always be careful with such a strong message, since the point is not to go to the other extreme.

However, since your guardian angels have sent you this numbers, be assured they believe in your abilities and in your capacity to reason both sides and find your perfect balance.