439 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Our Universe is made out of polarities; everything in nature has its own opposite. And there is a reason for it – everything in it has its opposite because one cannot exist without the other, how can we know what is the day if we have never seen the dark?

So, the same polarities are seen in both us as human beings, and in the waste Universe – and ultimately, it all comes down to the ratio of Light and Darkness in the Universe and in us.

Now, what we should learn is that we should have these opposites in balance – Angelical numbers ultimately determine that ratio in us, how much we have “illuminated” all our souls and our lives in general, and how many dark parts we still have.

As you enter into the Angel numerology, you learn more and more about the elimination of the darkness and living more and more in Light.

Today our lighting message is Angel number 439, and the Light is the wisdom that comes from it.

439 Angel Number-Interesting Information

Just to know that the Divine spark is somewhere inside of you, you have already stepped into the Light, and Angel number 439 comes as the manifestation of the Light.

You have already raised your vibration significantly, and the total computation of Light outweighed the dark part.

Just the fact that Angels have approached you, that they have to contact you, and that they have sent you this message proves that Light is inside of you.

Now, you can start building your life from this point – instead of feeding negative feelings or negative thoughts about ourselves and others opt for a more positive approach in life.

It is like a seed of Light has planted inside of you, and now you can take care of it so that it flourishes into something that will take an entire field.

Soon you will be the witness of how new opportunities are emerging in your life and how the energy field that you have built just from one seed is expanding.

Quite quickly, without any logical explanation, and have in mind that so many times we spoke how you do not have to understand it with logic but with your heart, to know what is right for you.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 439 carries, just like all Angel messages, the ounce of cosmic energy, that has a profound effect on the subconscious of the person who receives it; and we must say that for some it can be very difficult to endure, but Angels suggest that you are quite able to do so and that the stability of your mind is firm. Even if you cannot see that it is, Angels know.

Ultimately, the body and mind cannot withstand the amount of Light in relation to their own darkness from within, so you are enduring the pain that may come from the inside, like attacks, strokes, but these are what are called growing pains.

The best way for you to understand it through the birth of a child, where the mother has so much pain, but after that, she becomes even stronger then she was before.

The same case is when you are letting the birth of the Light inside of you.

A combination of these numerals that are a part of this numerical message 4-3-9 is positioned in such a way so that they require the maintenance of the balance between the spiritual and the material, and all other opposites that may exist inside of you.

If this message finds its place in your life, find a way to increase the importance of spiritual values that come from these vibrations.

Angel number 439 reminds you not to be connected overly on material values, which are in danger of losing the character and mission of learning and soul.

It is truly relevant to make different priorities and to start from some inner, non-material blessings, and then every manifestation that follows is very welcome, but it cannot be a priority.

439 Angel Number in Love

Those who do not know anything about this, do not work for themselves and have a higher quotient of Darkness than Light, for whatever the reason, go through a much more intense process of purification that is now taking place.

Why is this happening? Because of the negative focus, they do not focus on the good, and simply they are not able to do things out of Love as the primary place where the growth starts.

Now, if you remind yourself of a seed that we spoke about in some of the previous sections, you will know that the Divine Love that is subject here is the water that is used to plant that seed so that it can grow big.

This is one lesson that is brought to you by message 439, but there is one more additional part.

Namely, as this cosmic healing energy enters your world, without exception, it begins to purge those dark parts of us, whether it be a physical illness or mental (psychological) and emotional distress.

Only that you can and will feel is pure emotions, and just as the water that is in the ocean, it also has amazing power and strength.

Facts about 439 Angel Number

As we have pointed out, Angel number 439 is made out of vibrational fields 4, 3, and 9.

They are not the same, but each and every part works to contribute its own traits so that this message in totality makes an impact on your life.

Here the energy of the number 4 provides the confirmation to the stability of your mind; number 3 is that connection to the Divinity that we mentioned before (the part where you are awakening the Light inside of you).

But, the main star in this message belongs to the numeral 9 – it is connected to the power of creation and ambition, uncontaminated sources, determination, and resolution for achievement in any part of your life.

It is there to remind you that you create your own new reality, and you need to maintain or built new beliefs.

Such a message denotes a chance to change your world and the world of others; it puts a bigger emphasis on the guidance of the Angelical beings while you instinctively stream on your course and purpose of the soul.

You can, during that time, enjoy the supervision and compensation that may be required to provide you with the unities and Universal Power.


There is a one saying that goes something like this – all of us who feed the darkness inside of them will be consumed by it. And all those who feed the Light will be a part of it.

That is the ultimate and simplest answer for all of us – and this wisdom certainly comes from the numerical sequence 439.

With this message 439, you finally experience that we have waited so long for the Light to overcome darkness, primarily in each of us individually and then collectively.

In the end, let us speak some more about the period after you have accepted this wisdom in your life.

Angelical beings are saying that during these moments, your soul is choosing to undergo the Divine transformation process, even if you are not physically present on Earth when this was happening. It takes place in someplace that is not confined to the material realm.

Angels have something else to say to you, and try to do what you feel is right – it is essential to believe in yourself and know that you have enough power to make a difference and a shift in the progress of the world, make your life successful.

Stop being so afraid and suspicious of new beginnings in your life (4- gives you stability, 3 provides you with a clear idea of what is your soul purpose, and 9 denotes that ending or a beginning that comes right after the realization what is your mission).

But you must understand that these changes will provide new opportunities, value, and energy to your dreams and life purpose and that it does not mean that you will do it for sure.

Also, how your journey will look like, also no one knows.

Be guided by the Light, make the decisions from the heart, and you will find a way!