7878 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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We have all been in desperate situations where we felt there’s no way out of our problems, when the solutions appeared in the last moment and everything was fine again.

We are all protected and taken care of by the Universe and our guardian angels, but we are not aware of that; at least most people are not aware.

They are involved in our lives watching over us and knowing all our problems and matters we are dealing with. They don’t usually interfere, and let us find our way out of our issues, sometimes giving us a hint in the circumstances we are experiencing leading us to the answers.

In some cases, when the circumstances demand active intervention, our guardian angels are sending us signs which carry a message within, specially created to fit our current needs.

For people who don’t believe in angels, or cannot accept their existence as real, this might seem impossible and unrealistic. The main reason is the fact that these are beings from other dimensions and they aren’t visible in our reality.

Most people believe only in things they can see and the idea of invisible beings constantly being in their vicinity seems impossible and for many people scary to think.

These are the reasons why our guardian angels often have a hard time delivering their messages.

Most people discount their signs as irrelevant and coincidental. Those people, who are spiritually evolved and know about the way they communicate, notice their signs almost immediately, but for others that takes time, and in some cases, the message fails to reach them.

For this reason, it is important to remain open and receptive to be able to recognize the signs that are sent to you by the Universe and your guardian angels and try to apply them in your life.

Because they are invisible, the angels use non-verbal type of communication.

They use different signs for delivering their messages, like numbers, feathers, words, hours, sentences, songs, animals, birds, etc. They repeat them as long as it takes us to notice them and wonder about their meaning.

The message isn’t clear at once and it takes time to decipher it and apply it to your life circumstances.

Their commonly used signs are angel numbers. Numbers all have a special meaning, and by combining different numbers, or even using one single digit, the angels can send us the message they desire and reflects our current needs.

They keep repeating the same number until we can see it everywhere we look.

This is when we realize that seeing this number is not a coincidence and we begin to look for its meaning; something you are probably doing now.

If you are seeing the angel number 7878 for some time, or some of its varieties, like 78, 787, 878, etc. this is the right text to find out more about its meaning and be able to apply the angelic message to your life.

Angel Number 7878 – Interesting Information

The angel number 7878 can have various meanings depending on the circumstances in the person’s life.

The main themes of this angel numbers are increase, abundance, progress, achievements, giving and receiving, teaching, learning, spirituality, financial security, independence, intuition, inner guidance, creativity, etc.

The angels send you a message informing you of the expansion you will soon experience in some areas of your life, usually in the areas of your finances, creativity and spirituality.

It is up to you to decipher what your guardian angels are trying to tell you by sending this angel number or some of its varieties into your life. 

Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 7878 is a powerful combination of energies of the numbers 7, 8 and the number 3. This number can symbolize many different things.

The most common meaning of the angel number 7878 is related to the person’s financial situation.

This angel number often appears during a period of financial struggle to inform the person that these struggles will soon be over and that their income will start to increase very soon.

It could also announce some new opportunities for earning additional income and increasing the person’s financial stability.

The person who sees this number probably desires to establish and maintain their financial security and puts a lot of effort to accomplish that.

This number is a sign of increase of the person’s abundance and it usually indicates gains, fortunate opportunities and all other activities which can increase the person’s finances.

This angel number is all about growth and abundance and provides it in all areas it refers to.

The person needs to decide according to their life circumstances what this number could be referring to.

If, for example, the person is struggling with their financial situation, the 7878 angel number could indicate this situation improving soon.

For some, the abundance could be related to increase in their knowledge, especially their spiritual knowledge.

If the person wants to work on developing their spirituality and spiritual knowledge, the number 7878 could be a sign that their knowledge will increase. In some cases, the increase will refer to increasing and developing of the person’s creative talents and abilities.

The angel number 7878 is sometimes a sign indicating that the person might start using their knowledge and abilities to teach others. They can teach about spirituality or help others using their spiritual gifts.

People who have creative abilities and talents, could decide to use this knowledge and transfer it to others through teaching. They could teach some creative crafts, or some similar skills.

In some cases, the 7878 angel number could indicate needing to be patient while trying to earn enough money and manifest abundance in your life.

The angels are asking you to maintain your optimism and trust that you will soon reap the fruits of your past efforts. You need to be patient and determined to accomplish your goals.

For some, this angel number indicates finally being able to provide a lifestyle you desire because you manifested the abundance you wanted.

This could mean finally gaining the independence and freedom to do what you desire without being reproached by anyone for spending money you don’t have.

Sometimes, this angel number could indicate finally being able to find enough time to spend around friends, or simply socializing because you successfully manifested enough money to be able to relax and enjoy life for a change.

Number 7878 in Love

The angel number 7878 could in some cases be related to love matters.

For some, this number could indicate finally being able to devote more time to their partner because they were able to provide enough financial security and abundance that enables them not to be so consumed and occupied with work.

This is a good sign for people who have been experiencing conflicts with their partners because they were constantly busy with work.

This angel number finally announces taking some time off and beginning to nurture your relationship more.

It is a sign of improving of your relationship and increase of love between you and your partner. 

Facts about Number 7878

The number 7878 is a combination of numbers 7, 8 and the number 3.

The number 3 is the sum of the digits in this number (7 + 8 + 7 + 8 = 30 = 3 + 0 = 3) which is why the energy of this number is incorporated in the overall energy of the number 7878.

The numbers 7 and 8 appear twice, and their energy is doubled.

The number 7 symbolizes inner guidance, inner wisdom, intuition, spirituality, spiritual knowledge, gaining spiritual knowledge, teaching, learning, studying, mysticism, psychic gifts, developing own spirituality, good fortune, etc.

The number 8 symbolizes patience, giving and receiving, the laws of karma, the laws of cause and effect, inner wisdom, manifesting wealth, authority, focus, determination, practicality, financial security, etc.

The number 3 symbolizes individuality, growth, expansion, creativity, independence, abundance, increase, enthusiasm, talents, gifts, skills, freedom, self-expression, sociability, communication, etc.


The angel number 7878 is a good sign from your guardian angels and the Universe. It is an indication of expansion and increase.

You might expect growth and expansion in different areas of your life, and overall improvement of your life’s conditions.

This number indicates the manifestation of wealth and abundance. Those of you who were struggling to pay their bills will finally be able to relax and live a more pleasurable lifestyle.

The angels are confirming that your financial situation is about to change for the better, and they ask you not to be worried anymore.

You might expect some fortunate opportunities to increase your incomes and improve your financial stability.

For some of you, this angel number will indicate increase and development of your spirituality and spiritual knowledge.

You might even begin teaching others about your spiritual insights.

For other, the angel number 7878 could be a sign of developing their creativity and even sharing their knowledge about the subject with others who are interested to learn and expand their creativity.

The angels are asking patience and determination. Your goals are within your reach, and you don’t want to block them from coming by worrying unnecessary and having negative thoughts.