7979 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The angels are our gift from the Universe and god. Our guardian angels are watching over us and are there to deliver us messages from the divine in order to help us overcome the issues we have and enable us to accomplish our goals.

Many people have difficulties accepting their existence, especially because they are beings that belong to other realms of existence and cannot be seen by ordinary humans. Most people are prone to believing only in matters that can be seen and the idea of something that cannot be seen existing is unacceptable for them.

Only people with heightened sensitivity and spirituality are able to accept them as fact without needing a confirmation first.

Some specially chosen people have had encounters with angels throughout human history, and many of these encounters are evidenced in the Bible and other religious texts.

Even people who are religious accept the fact of their existence as a part of their faith, but they don’t really feel that they exist. Regardless of that, the angels keep doing their mission in our lives without caring whether we believe in them or not.

These facts make it hard for the angels to communicate and deliver us their messages. They obviously cannot talk to us, and they use signs for their non-verbal type of communication with us.

Their signs are carefully chosen to give us answers to our most important questions.

The angels know everything about our lives and our needs which is why they know when to react and send us their help. They don’t force their advice upon us, and instead give us a chance to choose whether we will follow their guidance or not.

They make sure we notice their sign, but they don’t interfere in the part when we decide if we will use their message at all.

Their signs don’t carry an obvious message and the message needs to be deciphered according to the person’s life circumstances. People who are accustomed to deciphering their messages and following their guidance obviously have an easier job.

Those who are not experienced need to put in some effort to first realize that they have been contacted by their guardian angels, and then decipher their message.

The signs the angels are sending to us vary from person to person. It all depends what the recipient needs the most in the moment. Their messages can be advice, support, encouragement, help, warnings, reminders, etc.

They use signs like repetitive hours and numbers, feathers, animals, birds, songs, names, words, etc. They repeat them until the person notices them and realizes that they are not coincidence.

Numbers are very convenient as a sign because they have a meaning each. These meanings are used as messages to us.

If you currently see the angel number 7979 or its varieties like 79, 797, 979, etc. everywhere, this text is a good start to look for the possible meanings this angel number has for your life.

Angel Number 7979 – Interesting Information

If you keep seeing the angel number 7979, that means that your guardian angels are trying to reach you to deliver some message regarding something in your life at this moment.

The angel number 7979 often speaks about some important life changes you could soon experience.

The angels reassure you that there’s no need to worry because the changes that are expecting you will be for your highest good.

The changes might be an announcement of a new phase beginning in your life, after an old one has ended.

The 7979 angel number could be a sign of endings that you might experience, but they will only clear the path for something new to enter.

The angels want you to openly receive these changes and adapt to them quickly. You will have their support during the period of adaptation.

Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 7979 carries a message related to spirituality and spiritual evolving, independence, gaining knowledge, personal freedom, developing your spirituality and spiritual gifts, development of your psychic powers, communication, sociability, changes, adventures, service to humanity, etc.

Depending on the circumstances in your life, the angel number 7979 could have various meanings for you.

The 7979 angel number might be a sign of the need to make some changes in your life or some areas of your life.

The changes might be related to leaving your old way of living and beginning a path of pursuing your spirituality and spiritual development. You might begin expanding your spiritual knowledge or teaching others about the insights you already have.

This angel number might be a calling from your inner being or the Universe to begin serving humanity as a lightworker. You might discover some hidden abilities, like psychic powers and healing abilities, and begin using them to help others and humanity in general.

Often this angel number will indicate discovering that your true soul’s path is to help and serve others using your natural sense of kindness, generosity, and selflessness.

Maybe you will realize that your life’s purpose is to make people happy and their lives better. The 7979 angel number often carries a message of self-sacrifice for the benefit of others.

The angels support you in using your natural abilities and gifts to make people happy and ease their problems and sufferings. They encourage you to make good deeds.

Sometimes this might include starting a new career as a humanitarian for some humanitarian organization.

The Universe will know how to appreciate your selflessness and helping others without expecting any reward in return.

Sometimes, the 7979 angel number could indicate the person experiencing mystical experiences that will broaden their understanding of the Universe and change their personality completely.

They might develop some abilities which might give them insights into other realities and knowledge they didn’t have before.

The 7979 angel number often is a sign of developing the person’s intuition and inner guidance. The person might begin to rely on their inner guidance more.

The angel number 7979 in many cases announces upcoming changes. You don’t need to worry because the angels will lead you through these changes and help you adapt to them with ease.

The changes you will experience will benefit your life and change you for the better.

They will clear the space for new things to enter. The changes might happen despite your reluctance to make them. In that happens, you will only need to accept them. Later you will realize that they were the best possible thing.

Sometimes, the changes you might experience will be related to some endings in your life.

They might indicate the end of some phase and the circumstances which need to occur to enable us to move to another phase.

We might experience different events which will lead us to cross from one phase to another. We can rely on the angels help during this entire time.

The angels remind us to appreciate all the blessings we have in life, people and things, and whenever we have the chance to express our gratitude to the Universe and the people who deserve that. 

Number 7979 in Love

The angel number 7979 can also be related to our love life. It might be a sign of unexpected relationship changes and even their endings.

The initiative for the change might come from the person seeing this angel number, or it might come from the other partner. In some cases, the Universe orchestrates the change because of the necessary endings that need to happen.

Even though they might be surprising for one or both partners, the change has a beneficial role for both partners.

In many cases, seeing this number corresponds to the person realizing that they are not satisfied with their relationship anymore and they either need to make some changes or leave the relationship completely.

Whatever happens in the end will be the best outcome for both partners. 

Facts about Number 7979

The angel number 7979 combines the influence of the numbers 7, 9 and the number 5 which is the sum of its digits (7 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 32 = 3 + 2 = 5).

The numbers 7 and 9 appear twice and that is why their influence is amplified.

The number 7 symbolizes inner wisdom, intuition, spirituality, mysticism, psychic gift, spiritual evolving, empathy, learning, study, teaching, etc.

The number 9 symbolizes healing powers, service to humanity, helping people, lightworking, lightworkers, humanitarianism, humanitarians, psychic gifts, karma, philanthropy, etc.

The number 5 symbolizes unexpected changes, planned changes, making important life-changing decisions and choices, freedom, resourcefulness, adaptability, creativity, independence, individuality, etc.


There’s no need to worry if you keep seeing the angel number 7979 frequently.

This number is an announcement of change that is entering your life soon, but the changes will be beneficial for your life. They will bring you closer to your soul’s desires.

The 7979 angel number might indicate the start of a new path in your life where you begin a new career as a spiritual teacher and a lightworker, developing your special gifts and abilities to help people.

It might also mark the beginning of humanitarian work and involvement in some humanitarian organization.

You might realize that you are ready to devote your entire life to selflessly serving others and you’ll receive a reward from the Universe for that.