Angel Number 1202 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Being contacted by the guardian angels is something that we should respect and be proud of. Rarely do we get an opportunity like that, to see clear signs that someone above is looking after us and helping us make the most of life.

When you notice angel numbers around you, you can be sure that there are plenty of things in your life that need to be taken care of.

For starters you should look deep inside of you and see what is truly bothering you and why you can’t reach the desired level of success.

Today, we are going to talk about the angel number 1202 and see what lies behind this number’s symbolism.

Angel Number 1202 – Interesting information

Angel number 1202 is the number of confidence and self-esteem. When this angel number comes into your life, you need to start working harder on your confidence and stop taking yourself for granted.

Self-confidence is one of those concepts that accompany us through life every day. And the sad reality is that most people suffer from problems with their own self-esteem.

While others seem to have gotten too much of it and their success has come down to them, be it professionally or privately, more and more Germans are struggling with a lack of self-confidence. No wonder then that we are developing more and more into a narcissistic society.

But here comes the good news: while we have no idea how much self-confidence is given to us in our childhood, we can act at any time. Because self-confidence can develop, and not only passively, but you can actively learn and strengthen it. We will tell you in today’s article.

The word self-confidence actually speaks for itself: it’s about being aware of you. Often we do not know ourselves as well as we might think. Our thoughts, emotions and actions have become automated over the years, we no longer reflect and often do not even know if we are happy or what makes us happy or could make us happy.

Instead, we live in a self-confirming cycle of self-doubt, fears and negative experiences that further reinforces our negative thoughts.

A self-confident person, however, can reflect and actively control himself as a person as well as his experiences, ways of thinking and emotions. So he has a realistic as possible self-image. From this he makes important decisions for his life, leaves behind things that make him unhappy, and searches specifically for a job, hobbies or even people in his life, which are good for him.

Self-confident people therefore radiate a deep contentment with themselves and their lives, which is almost attractive to other, insecure people. That’s why self-confident people often effortlessly “attract” their professional and personal success.

Although the terms self-confidence and self-esteem are often used as synonyms, they have different meanings in principle. Self-confidence is only an aspect of confidence. Those who are aware of themselves can also perceive their strengths and weaknesses more clearly. Self-confident people know what they can do and where the limits lie. This will give them greater confidence in their abilities and more confidence. A very important feature in the profession.

Self-confidence and self-confidence are very important ingredients for a happy and fulfilling life, both at home and at work. Many people, however, put on an artificially bloated self-esteem, or mechanisms to pretend this. No wonder, then, that many of the self-confident young managers will sooner or later stumble. For behind the seemingly so confident façade is often concealed an insecure and often narcissistic character.

By contrast, people with feelings of inferiority are also attracted by magic: disappointments. How is your boss to trust you with a task if you do not do it yourself? False modesty is therefore out of place in the job as well as excessive self-assurance. Self-confidence is, as so often in life, about finding the right measure.

While some people inherently have a healthy self-esteem, there is a lot of work ahead of many others. But where do these different starting conditions come from? The answer to this question, as usual in psychology, is childhood. Early childhood experiences form the basis for a person’s later healthy or lacking self-confidence.

Based on this, the experiences during childhood, adolescence and also in adulthood can consolidate this cornerstone or gradually undermine self-esteem.

So much for the theory. Unfortunately, in practice this is anything but easy. Because your thoughts and emotions are deeply rooted and you have to force your brain to reorient the neuronal connections. In this short video, the mechanism is explained very simply and understandably.

Meaning and Symbolism

Number 1202 has two number 2’s which means that the symbolism of number 2 is multiplied in this number sequence. Number 2 symbolizes your interactions with other people and how you handle stressful situations when others are involved.

Angel number 2 is going to give you support and make you think twice about every word you say and every action you take towards other people.

Angel number 1 is the number of new beginnings, which means you will have to change a little in order to accomplish your goals.

Angel number 0 is the symbol of possibilities and eternity. What this angel number allows you is the opportunity to accomplish everything or nothing. Everything depends on your efforts and desires.

Number 1202 in Love

Angel number 1202 is going to make you work harder on your relationships with everyone in your life. Since one does everything for its health, eats fully and eats healthy, does Pilates and Yoga, buys only in the bio store and still sits every evening deeply sad there. Simply because something does not work in their relationship.

And even though you feed and move in an exemplary way, you are basically feeling like a dying soul. One does not understand oneself and with the partner anyway no more. It’s like speaking Italian, but the partner understands only Chinese. Somehow you seem to be moving on completely different levels – at least mentally. A normal communication is hardly possible, the trust is dwindling more and more, and yet one does not want to have it true that the relationship is at an end.

Is she really the one? Is this the end? How many people break off one relationship quickly, just to experience the same problem in the next relationship? That cannot be coincidence. That cannot always be just the partner’s problem.

So what always remains the same when you change the apartment, the place of residence, the job, the partner? Right. Oneself. No matter where we go or with whom we go, you always take yourself! Could it therefore not be that we – in case of problems in the relationship – should first look at ourselves before blaming the partner for all mishaps and failures? After all, we still have the ability to change ourselves, not the other.

So, if you do not feel like moving from one partner to another, without anything going to change, if you’re tired of experiencing the same fiasco, the same disappointment, with each partner, you save your relationship and yourself – now!

Do it like Jodie Walman or at least something like that. Jody’s relationship was down – and so was she. For five months she spent every evening crying on the bedside rug. Not that anything bad happened that would make her cry. It was rather the feeling that something was not right at all.

Finally, the moment came when she decided to pack her bags and leave. But then she went to Mr. Google again to look for solutions to relationship issues, or perhaps just to get confirmation that her decision to leave was right. And indeed: Many so-called therapists congratulated her on this step, but also wished her much strength for the coming phase of pain, which inevitably occurs when grief over the lost love falls upon one.

Once you master the art of introspection and you find the problem is within you, your guardian angels are going to show you the path.

Facts about Number 1202

Number 1202 is written in Binary code as 10101001010 and in Roman numbers it is written as MCCII.

Year 1202 was marked with plenty of events that completely changed the course of history and influence the world we know today.


Angel number 1202 symbolizes confidence, self-esteem and being in sync with people in your life. His angel number is going to make you work harder on yourself, and through that you will become a much better match for others as well.

So, open up your soul and let these angel number vibrancies enter your life.