Angel Number 1939 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers give us a sense of security and an assurance that our guardian angels re watching over us.

Their energy is present and can be seen through these numbers that pop up in our lives whenever we believe that there is no hope.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the meaning of the angel number 1939 and how this angel number affects our actions and thoughts.

Angel Number 1939 – Interesting information

Angel number 1939 is going to introduce you to the meaning of luck and happiness. There is no set definition for “luck”. Everyone feels different, everyone thinks differently, and everyone has their own way of experiencing and feeling happiness.

Happiness can be the absence of grief, but also the fulfillment of desires and dreams. For some it is the greatest luck to see their own children grow up, others are happy to go through life without major catastrophes.

Others, luckily, need one kick after the other.

When asked about what makes them happy, however, people in many studies always say the same thing: love, health and contentment.

But what exactly does that mean? And what does that mean for you? There are three categories of happiness: chance happiness, happiness of well-being and happiness of abundance.

The happiness of abundance is experienced, who manages to accept not only the heights but also the depths of life, i.e. to take his life “completely”.

Random luck is what falls to us without our own help. Something we cannot control or determine, but what happens when it pleases “fate” (whoever it is). What we can do is to be open to the gifts of life, to be mindful and to access when there is a chance (chance).

Transferred to our dreams, these are the things we may have long desired, but for which we have done nothing else and then just at some point “by itself” have set.

Since the sense of self-efficacy is missing and we have not created the fulfillment of our dream, the happiness is often rather short and not so intense.

The happiness of wellbeing is what we enjoy in the short term as we fulfill our smaller dreams. Try on the magical dress from the shop window and experience that it fits and makes us look like a princess. If we can then buy it, happiness is perfect for a few hours or days. Until we realize that cleaning costs a fortune every time.

Or the sports car, on which one may have saved many years. Now the time has finally come and the feeling of well-being over weeks may even last weeks.

Until then probably the first unexpectedly expensive repairs put a sudden end to our luck. Or we become unhappy, because we have a great car, but now already on the following model squint, which we cannot afford at the moment.

All around luck means the happiness of everyday life in which we feel well, are healthy, have success and fun, realize our smaller and fulfilling dreams, just do and experience everything that brings us into a good “happy” mood. It’s not about the big, but about the little luck.

The “problem” is: the well-being happiness usually does not last long. The dreamlike night with your loved one, the enjoyable afternoon in the sauna, the immersion into the world of music, the mastering of a challenge and the associated feeling of happiness, everything passes. And for your next vacation planning: Psychologists have found out that it is not the time of the vacation itself that makes us feel happy, but the anticipation of it. The feeling of happiness before it is more intense and often lasts much longer than the joy of the journey itself.

But life is not just about chance or wellness. It is not, as some say, about maximizing happiness and avoiding pain.

It is not about having more and more of the good and as little as possible of the unpleasant and bad to have or experience.

Every joy, every happiness can only be felt and perceived, even if it’s opposite, the misfortune, or at least the absence of happiness is experienced and accepted. Where there is light, there must also be shade and whoever wants to reach the summit must also cross valleys.

In the third type of happiness there is no fear of the shadow or the deep valley, but grief and pain are experienced and accepted as part of the whole. Not everything can be pleasurable and painless at any time. Even the pain can have meaning if we consciously perceive and integrate its meaning.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1939 combines the energies of the angel numbers 1, 3 and 9.

These angel numbers are all meant to teach us something and guide us into the right direction. When we listen to our guardian angles, there are endless possibilities to achieve anything we ever wanted.

The amount of happiness and joy we can offer to ourselves will be amazing, so just keep your heart open for these chances.

The angel number 3 symbolizes spirituality and being connected to your guardian angels.

This angel number is basically telling out that your guardian angels are watching and that they are expecting you to succeed.

Angel number 9 is a symbol of Karma, so be careful how you act and what you do. Sometimes we do and say things we don’t mean, and the consequences come later on.

Facts about Number 1939

The number 1939 is not a prime number. In the year 1939 many important events took place that changed the course of history.

Number 1939 in Love

The angel number 1939 focuses on the happiness inside you and not on any specific problem you might have.

Therefore, once you find happiness in yourself all the other problems, including love issues, will solve themselves.


Angel number 1939 is going to help you achieve the ultimate level of personal happiness.

To maintain the highest possible level of happiness, it is therefore advisable to take many short breaks and plan them with as much preparation as possible.

Related to your dreams this means: Not only the fulfillment of your dreams, but above all the way there, triggers the good feeling. And ensures a happy life.