Angel Number 2123 – Meaning and Symbolism

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In order to improve our lives we should always be on the watch for small signs from our guardian angels.

Their goal is to motivate us and make us see mistakes that we have been making.

Through small signs such as angel numbers, our guardian angels want us to experience the beauty of life and what we can achieve.

Angel Number 2123 – Interesting information

Angel number 2123 is telling you that our guardian angels are watching over us. Normally, angels are not “seen”, but in critical situations, their presence can become obvious.

When the car skids on the highway, but everything goes well, many report that it touched a light or a warm breath.

For those concerned an indication that their guardian angel has interfered. Even mothers often feel that a guardian angel protects their children.

They then report such a hunch that they should now quickly look after the children. And indeed, often there was not much missing and the baby would have drunk of the vinegar cleaner.

Although they are portrayed in films, in photographs, on paintings in various shapes, usually as a person with wings, but in reality, guardian angels make themselves felt more in the form of a thought or impulse of our heart or as a random perception.

The above-mentioned warm breath or even a sudden cold breeze – that can be an angel.

Many who had experiences report a warm or cold breath. If you feel such a breath, be especially attentive.

Maybe your angel would like to tell you something at the moment (that does not always have to do with dangers).

Have you ever experienced that you were somewhere where there was nothing special to smell, but suddenly you noticed that incredible smell? Many spirituals believe that this has to do with angels. Did the smell remind you of something (or someone)? Maybe that was the intention of the angel …

Suddenly the one inner voice says that you should do or not do something specific? Entirely out of context, suddenly comes the saving thought? Maybe someone speaks to you, who has a different perspective?

An incredible number of people reporting on fateful angel encounter consistently report on light. Do you sometimes see a light or a reflection that you cannot correctly classify? Sounds clichéd? Perhaps. But noticeably many people who believe in the presence of angels also discover feathers in their environment.

Where are you from? Do you have very lively, sometimes almost divining dreams? Angels often seek the connection to us about our dreams – because then we are the most relaxed and open.

You do not even have to remember your dream the next day – but you sense that there was something. You may be closer to a solution or feel comforted.

We are not talking about morbid paranoia here. This is a good feeling. The feeling that there is someone, even if you do not see him looking after you.

You feel good about it. If you are alone in a room, but you feel there is someone else there – and you feel good about it – then that can be a good sign.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 2123 mixes the energies of angel numbers 2, 1 and 3.

The angel number 3 is crucial here because it is telling us to believe in our guardian angels and to accept their grace whenever they make themselves present to us.

The numbers 1 and 2 focus on us and the relationships we have with other people.

These numbers motivate us to believe in what we can achieve and to always strive towards something better.

Number 2123 in Love

Angel number 2123 is telling us to be more confident and to stop relying too much on others.

Sometimes it is good to be more self-reliant. Such a mentality is also called self-efficacy in psychology.

Often it is the fear of mistakes that prevents people from daring to do anything or tackle their real desires.

In principle, do not see mistakes as a personal failure, but as a valuable source of feedback for what you need to work on and where you should improve.

Understanding mistakes as development steps and learning opportunities is an important source for building self-confidence.

Almost all people are strongly programmed to first of all see our weaknesses and shortcomings. Sit down in a quiet moment and make a conscious note of your strengths.

Be inspired by the following questions: What am I good at? What is easy for me? What am I kidding? What do I know well? Where do I go? What are my professional skills? What do people appreciate about me? You will be surprised how much strength comes to light in such an analysis.


It is in our nature that we automatically compare ourselves with others, an ancient principle that has its origins in a time when the instantaneous classification of a stranger into “friend or foe” could ensure survival.

Today, this principle often plays a joke on us; when we go through life with the thought pattern “On the other bank the meadows are greener!” This “Who has done what I would like!” May at first look like that, but it directs our gaze directly to our (supposed) weaknesses.

Instead of spurring it on and saying, “If that manages, then I can do it!” We often tend to stay in our comfortable zone and be content with less than we can.

So we will not develop self-confidence and never know how good we could be, an insight that not a few people regret at the end of their lives.