Angel Number 558 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers all carry a special message behind their numbers and every message makes us feel better, because of the fact that our guardian angels are there for us.

Whenever angel numbers come into our lives, their energies help us realize the mistakes we have been making and give us hope for a better tomorrow.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the meaning of the angel number 558 and how the energy of this powerful number can help us.

Angel Number 558 – Interesting information

Angel number 558 teaches us how to become better human beings, by letting go of negative feelings such as envy and jealousy.

Above all, we first envy people whom we think are similar to us. As a bookseller we are probably not jealous of a successful footballer and vice versa.

In this example, the distance is just so big that it would seem rather absurd to feel envy on us.

We should realize that envy is in most cases limited to a specific area. Are we jealous of the work colleagues, this is limited to a professional level.

If we are jealous of the appearance of another person, we only think of superficialities. But do we necessarily want to exchange our family and friends with them? Probably not.

Writing down things that differentiate us from the person helps us to create distance and to realize that we are not so similar and that a direct comparison makes no sense. This can relate to both occupational differences and life in general.

Nobody can do everything. One day we are jealous of the tireless organizational talent of a friend, the other day we wish to be as relaxed as another. It’s very difficult to combine the two together, but sometimes we want to do everything.

Maybe we are also in the perfect midfield between serenity and organizational talent and we are not so aware. There are certainly many things that others appreciate about us that we take for granted.

It is important to be aware of one’s abilities so as not to feel inferior to others.

If you find it difficult to find your own strengths, it helps to ask good friends or family members what they value in you. So we fall for ourselves faster things that we like us.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 558 is a combination of angel numbers 5 and 8.

Angel numbers have a more powerful effect on our lives when they repeat themselves more than once in a number sequence.

Angel number 5 is a symbol of knowledge and being able to get to know yourself as a person.

Since angel number 5 is repeated two times in this angel number sequence, this means the effect of the angel number 5 is much stronger.

Angel number 8 is a symbol of prosperity but also personal power. Whenever this angel number comes into your life, there is a strong spiritual energy in your surroundings. Use the strength that is being sent to you by your guardian angels and apply it in your life.

Facts about Number 558

The number 558 can be linked to the year558 in which many important events took place and also the sum of numbers in number 558 is 9.

This number symbolizes spiritual energy and power.

Number 558 in Love

Angel number 558 symbolizes jealousy and fighting against negative feelings inside us. These feelings simply ruin our relationships with other people and make us bitter.

Being aware of one’s emotions and not merely stamping them off as trivial emotional outbursts or even suppressing them can be conducive to any situation in life. To question oneself is really always the only way to get on the road to recovery.

Certainly there are occasionally situations in which feelings of jealousy come true. However, first thinking about it was just an additional burden and, for example, will not make a scam worse.

However, envy and jealousy are in most cases purely a matter of opinion and look quite different from the perspective of another person. Only we feel just like that and no one else feels the same way as us at this moment.

We must acknowledge our jealousy or envy and ask where they come from. Only then can we tackle the root of the problem.

Independence is a very important feature both in a relationship and in a professional context. It ensures that we are good enough for ourselves and do not constantly compare ourselves with others or define ourselves through the affection of our partner.

There is nothing wrong with being dependent on someone, especially in friendships and love relationships, in certain situations. After all, we are also there for beloved people when they need us.

However, depending too much on their behavior, this influences our mood and we relate every emotion and change to ourselves. In extreme cases, this can even make us an egoist and we no longer realize when we should perhaps step back,

This is actually very similar with work colleagues: if we are jealous, we begrudge others their success, for which they might have to work hard themselves.

We refer it to us that the colleague is more successful than us. Maybe we even accuse him of feeling better. He probably does not care about what we do.

Frequent attacks of envy or jealousy are a sign that it is time to work on yourself. There are hints for being dissatisfied with oneself and not finding your own way of life as good as you might think.

To solve this problem, it is important to strengthen one’s self-esteem and to ask what changes in life could rid one of these feelings of envy and jealousy.

Has the last few years fallen by the wayside? Is there anything else that we want to achieve in the next few years? It’s more important to look after yourself and set your own goals than to always look for what others do better.

A to-do list can help you to realize your own goals and make a plan to work them off. With each newly achieved goal, it should be so small, changed their own mood. A touch of pride and contentment comes over us and we forget the jealousy of others for at least a while.

Whoever is satisfied with himself in the end has no reason to be jealous of others.

Also in a relationship, it is important always to have your own wishes and goals in mind, not just those that are related to the partner.

Each of us is an individual person who cannot leave contentment to others. Be it trying out a new sport or getting to know some new people. Not for everything you need the partner on the side.


Angel number 558 is a powerful number and receiving energies from the spirituality is the greatest gift we can receive.

If you decide to implement the messages of your angel numbers in your life, then you are going to feel instant surge of positivity and blessed feelings into your world.

Be prepared to accept this energy with open arms, so that you can experience the full beauty of spiritual power.