Angel Number 729 – Meaning and Symbolism

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The guardian angels are always watching our back and making sure that we are safe.

Their power and guidance is what we can often sense around us, especially if we open our soul to the spiritual realm.

Angel numbers can often appear in the most unusual places and we can notice them because they are going to attract our attention with their vibrancies.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the angel number 729 and see what kind of message is hidden behind this angel number.

Angel Number 729 – Interesting information

Angel number 729 is telling you to embrace life and to lower all the boundaries that have been holding you back.

What could be better than feeling completely free?

Doing what we want, not thinking, having no obligation, but only following your own heart. Enjoy life to the fullest.

The whole advertising industry builds on this longing, because the desire for freedom is deeply rooted in us humans.

But is that even real? Is it really possible to live that way or is it just an illusion? What are the steps to a true freedom?

Freedom is the ability to do, think, feel or say what you want – without compulsion, without restriction.

A few everyday examples: The freedom to quit the job, to leave the partner, to express the opinion of someone, to live out the profession that one really wants or to live in a place where longing draws one.

However, we are always fooled that we absolutely have to be free. We should become as independent as possible from the others and move through the world almost weightless and without ballast.

Ideally as a self-employed person, so that we do not have to let anyone say anything to us and are always our own boss. Absolutely free of obligations and decisions.

Are not we always involved in a social context? Is true freedom about recognizing my own limitations? All motivational trainers and coaches play with the yearning of man.

Then they trumpet out: “Everyone can achieve absolute freedom. Completely free and detached from everything. You can do anything you want. ”

But here we fall into a complete illusion. Because, freedom is like bliss, ecstasy or joy, an entertaining temporary state we are in. A state of being for a little while. It is not a natural permanent state.

Ultimately, all states are short-lived – life is full of change. The change is an everlasting process. We cannot hold on to a condition, to a feeling – whether positive or negative.

Of course, the first step is to become aware of the inner attitudes, patterns, and fears that block and prevent the state of freedom. Yet freedom cannot and will not be a permanent guest in our inner home.

External freedom exists when we can freely fulfill all wishes and dreams in the outside world. Home, car, vacation, jewelry, food, free shopping and luxury items. Going on a journey – fulfilling every wish on the material level.

Inner freedom is, if we allow the people in the outside, to judge us, to think about us or to say what they want and we will not do it right away.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 729 is a mix of angel numbers 7, 2 and 9.

Angel number 7 links us to spirituality and makes us more spiritually awake.

This is when we realize how important it is to be more in touch with the spiritual world and less tied to the joy of material things. Angel number is a symbol of relationships and reconnecting with the people we lost along the way.

This angel number is going to get us back to the people we lost along the way that didn’t deserve this to happen to them.

Angel number 9 is h number of Karma and this angel number is telling us to behave kindly if we want to be treated the same in return.

We can only receive back, in this world, what we put out to the world so you better start behaving nicely if you want to be treated nicely.

Number 729 in Love

Angel number 729 is not going to affect your emotional life too much, since this angel number is referring more to the work and family life that is burdening us.

Relationships that are stable are going to continue being like that, while those who are unstable might end.

Those who are on the search for the perfect person might decide to open up more and become much more interested in other people.

Start loving yourself and everything else is going to fall into place no matter how little or how much you believe in the power of the angel numbers.

Facts about Number 729

The year 729 was filed with many important events and births and deaths of many famous people.


Angel number 729 is urging you to embrace life and to enjoy it to the fullest. You only get one chance to make the world into something worth living, so don’t miss out on this opportunity by settling for less.

Open your heart for the messages of your guardian angels and let them help you achieve success.

This angel number is going to bring you happiness and love and support that you needed all along.

Therefore, believe in everything you do and allow your guardian angels help you become a much better person overall.