Angel Number 7777 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Scientists suspect that the special status of the seven is based, among other things, on astronomical phenomena. In antiquity, the planets and stars, which are clearly visible to the naked eye, were thought to be dwellings of the gods. And there were seven: Sun and Moon, with the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Even Judaism and Islam know seven heavens. Also in the history of Christianity, the number appears again and again: The Lord’s Prayer contains seven requests. We know seven virtues and just as many deadly sins.

Another explanation of the widespread phenomenon concerns our perception. The human skull is equipped with – yes, you read correctly – seven openings: two ears (hearing), two nostrils (smelling), two eyes (seeing) and one mouth (tasting). So these organs of perception are in a sense our gateway to the world.

Psychology knows another variant of the special position of the seven: Over 300 years ago, the British enlightener John Locke examined the comprehension of adults and discovered the so-called seven phenomenons, the sevens phenomenon. He found in his studies that almost all participants could remember after the brief sight of several objects up to seven objects. Chinese numerical symbolism grants the seven such great power that it influences the development of the woman: at the age of seven, the milk teeth come, at seven, they are lost. With two times seven years one is sexually mature, with seven times seven years infertile.

Astrology, mathematics and mysticism are all well and good – but does the Seven also play a role in our daily lives? The author Penny McLean firmly believes that our lives are embedded in a cosmic overall happenings and a fateful seven- Annual rhythm follows.

Then she came rather by accident, as she tells. “When I was in my mid-30s, I met people I had not seen for ages, but other relationships were breaking up, and I figured out, realizing that the reunion or separation of my life was 14 and 21 years apart.”

The same applies to the numerology expert’s professional career, which was once celebrated worldwide as a singer of the Silver Convention group and turned to esotericism seven years later. Since then she is convinced of the magic number energy. And we know how we can use the experiences we make in seven-year steps.

Angel Number 7777 – Interesting Information

Lacking, reserved, confident, steadfast, analytical, mysterious, and great inner wisdom are the basic traits that are attributed to the symbolism of the number seven. In it we see sublime areas of existence, firm faith, but also secrecy, good intuition and almost everyday pursuit of those most cordial answers to ultimate philosophical questions.

Unlike the previous six numbers that represent the disruptions and worries of everyday, worldly life, with a seventh we enter into a special, completely new dimension, which serves just as a bridge between the so-called “lower” and “higher” world. She is a real little researcher who came to this world to perfect her knowledge in the field of life on earth.

Although sometimes it can act too seriously, distanced and cold, the week is actually just great in concealing things, keeping secrets, analyzing and collecting all the information that can help it to understand not only life, but also the world around you. It is true that this is an eternal skeptic, a person who is always ready to express his views, but who also behaves as though none of the others needed it. It is mysterious both in terms of its thoughts and its own feelings, so people from its immediate surroundings can be seen as a flipchart that searches for everything for fault, error, and imperfection.

The fact is that a week in a way is a true loner who rather only sees others without any particular desire to engage in conversation or some specific activity, but that certainly does not mean that she does not like people. On the contrary! Her biggest problem lies in the fact that she cannot stand or understand at a certain moment, so she often follows the feeling that she is different and out of all possible events around her. Even when she is lonely, she cannot search for society or ask for something from others.

Another problem facing almost all weeks is the constant avoidance of conflict – as soon as a week he felt that with someone there was a problem that could escalate into something more, she would rather retreat into her world surrounded by the real little Chinese wall. That’s why it’s so difficult for the environment to understand its extremely complicated nature, and for a week it often feels hurt and omitted, although it almost never shows. It can be said with full entitlement that, in moments when it is felt to be rejected, the week in turn rejects others. Such a vicious circle cannot be good in the long run, so it is of utmost importance that each week learns in the course of time how to trust more people and function within the group. Only a deep faith can save this number and fill the emptiness they so often feel in their hearts. And only when he learns to share all his wisdom and all his miraculous experiences with others – only then will he find peace and tranquility for which he searches so much.

The life lesson that the number seven brings with it is: I dedicate my life to the search for truth in the desire to eternally radiate this truth! Although at first glance may seem strange, the perfectionism that this number constantly searches for in its surroundings is in itself in itself!

On the other hand, she must keep in mind that all these characteristics are extremely undesirable when it comes to relationships with other people! That’s why it’s recommended for weeks to avoid self-pity and not to overwhelm the feelings and thoughts of other people, especially their potential emotional partners, but rather to let go of the moment and get the best out of it.

The symbol of the week is a combination of squares and triangles, the corresponding Uranus planet, and the colors highlight in particular pearl white, purple and red. Her precious stones and minerals are pink quartz and ahat, and correspond with flowers to poppy, sunflower and sunflower.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 7777 is a very positive number that holds a lot of significance and symbolism inside it. This angel number consists of several number sequences and each sequence is there to send us a specific message that we need to implement on our lives.

Angel number 7 is a symbol of divine purpose and goals we set up. This angel number is telling us that with faith in ourselves and in our guardian angels we can make significant moves forward, closer to our goals. This angel number has the power to push into the right direction, only if we let it.

Angel number 77 symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. It pushes us to limits of our own mind and forces us to see the world in different light. Sometimes all we need in life is for someone to open up our eyes, so we can get a better understanding of our situation. Your guardian angels might even send you a special person into your life, who will make your points of view much more objective.

Angel number 777 is the number that tells you that you are on the right path in life. This angel number is only a confirmation of all your efforts. No matter how scared you were about the path you were on, you can now be sure that it is blessed by the guardian angles.

Number 7777 in Love

Angel number 7777 is just there to bless you and to tell you and your partner that you two are meant for each other. This angel number will enter your life to reassure you that every step you take now is going to lead you closer to your dreams.

Be sure that your partner is the right one and you two can be sure of a beautiful future ahead of you. Those who are single can expect great changes to happen to them pretty soon. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to meet someone who will change your life.

Facts about Number 7777

About the week is often spoken of as a lucky number and she is saturating it. The meaning of the number seven means that you are on the right track and that you continue to walk the path you went to. As with the previous numbers, which is several weeks in a row, there is an increasingly pronounced message and its importance.

Number seven can be seen in other places, such as 7 days a week, 7 colors in the long range, 7 energy centers and many others.


In summary, number 7 and in this case multiplied 4 times, is an extremely happy number. This angel number is there to send you its blessings from the guardian angels and to tap you on the shoulder for all the effort you have put in. Your dreams are so close to being fulfilled that you can almost invasion your life in the close future.

All the hard work you have put in is going to pay off and every hour you spent wishing for the pain to be over will be paid double. It is time to sit back and relax when this angel number comes to your life, because the true relaxation and enjoying is just about to start.