Angel Number 838 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers are powerful numbers that can truly transform your life and help you turn it around for 180 degrees.

The power of angel numbers is so strong and their vibrancies are going to lure you close inside and help you make a true change regarding all the problems you have in your life.

The energies of angel numbers can sometimes be so strong and clear, that we don’t need any further explanation of what we have to do next.

In today’s text, we are going to talk about the angel number 838 and see how this angel number changes our life.

Angel Number 838 – Interesting information

Angel number 838 is going to help you battle against loneliness and feeling abandoned. Those who are lonely feel empty, desperate, excluded, unloved and abandoned. Loneliness is a deeply unpleasant feeling that most people have come to know. It is a feeling of absolute emptiness and desperation. Those affected do not feel that they belong; they do not want to, they are excluded from the community, they are different, unloved and abandoned.

In times of upheaval, we often get this feeling. If we have just moved, made a class or job change, or are ready for another start. Because then we lose our habitual environment, the people we know, the familiar environment, not infrequently our physical or emotional home.

But loneliness can also take possession of us in the familiar environment. And if we do nothing to overcome loneliness, it can become chronic and ill. It causes us to withdraw more and more and sooner or later resign to ourselves.

Loneliness is, therefore, an important alarm signal, indicating that needs are no longer met. It is up to us to take the time to find out what is missing to overcome loneliness.

But loneliness does not necessarily have anything to do with being alone. Many people believe that one can only be lonely when one is alone, e.g. has no partner or good friend by his side. But that’s not right. I can be alone and very satisfied. Not all singles yearn for a new partnership.

Many also enjoy the new freedoms and the sense of being responsible for themselves. Some are thriving and have great fun to spend time with them. Still, others do not need a large circle of friends and frequent meetings, but like to be alone and have their rest.

So being alone does not mean that you feel lonely. As well as being surrounded by people, I still feel lonely. Independence of whether I have a partner by my side or just present my birthday cake to ten friends. I can blow out the candles, watch them celebrate and still feel completely abandoned.

Loneliness does not depend on whether others like you or seek contact with you. It depends on what you think about yourself and your fellow human beings.

Whether you feel lonely or not depends essentially on your attitude. People who are lonely do not think they are friendly. You have a lot of negative thoughts about yourself. The causes of loneliness are therefore largely in low self-esteem:

If you do not like yourself and believe that you have nothing to give; you artificially differentiate yourself from others. You make yourself “different”, “not good enough” etc.

This is often accompanied by a great fear of rejection and the inability to be alone with you.

Of course, if you do not come out of it, are afraid to speak to people or just answer questions, you will have a hard time making contacts. Extreme shyness thus plays loneliness in the cards. Because all too easily thoughts are formed like “nobody likes me” and “everybody thinks I am weird.”

In some cases, your loneliness may be favored by too high expectations. We all just want to enjoy the radiant package: a friend who satisfies all our (emotional) needs, or better yet, a partner who does.

But this person does not exist. Instead, we find ourselves with a friend we can walk with, a friend we talk to about our love life, and a friend who shares our love for action movies. Most of the time there is one or the other need for which no one person can find us and we could once again demonize the whole bunch of “alleged” friends.

If you want to overcome loneliness you have to learn how to be more open and how to have fun even though you don’t feel like it. Small steps are the ones you need to take, so take them as soon as possible.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 838 combines the powerful numbers 8 and 3. These two numbers are going to give you the necessary freedom and internal power to overcome every possible obstacle on your way.

The number 8 is the number of hard work and being dedicated to your goal. The power of this number is going to allow you to achieve the necessary energy and power to become even more confident.

Angel number 8 is the number that appears in our lives only when we are lacking the necessary motivation to be more productive and to finish the work we have started. Angel number 8 appears two times in this number sequence, so the power of number 8 is doubled in this case.

Angel number 3 is the number of spirituality and being in sync with the spiritual realm. This angel number is going to come into your world when your guardian angels notice that you are lacking the necessary faith to achieve success and happiness.

Angel number 3 in combination with angel number 8 is going to allow you to become stronger and more comfortable in your own skin.

Number 838 in Love

Angel number 838 is the number of patience and forgiveness in love. Are you patient or do you want everything in your life from now on? Can you wait, if it takes a little longer? Are you staying calm when you have to wait? Can you handle it when things do not go the way you expect them to? Here you will learn how to learn patience and why it helps you.

Patience is the ability to wait. It means that you do not need your chocolate bar right now but can do without a day/week/ year to satisfy your needs. But is patience even worth learning? I tell you all the time that you should live in the here and now and it is better to enjoy the chocolate bar right, right? In itself.

But we do not always get our chocolate bar the same. Some situations make us patient, whether we like it or not. For example, when we stand in the supermarket at the cash register in an eternally long queue and have to wait for the cancellation as well as the exchange, the cashier change and the opening of the new rolls of money, when we work on longer projects that last for months or years and the goal is inaccessible far away.

When we finally want to do something, but things just do not develop as fast as we would like. If the train is late again because it’s drizzling and we suddenly have to spend 45 minutes on the platform in the rain. When we are literally overflowing with great ideas that we want to put into action, but that we have to finish something else before that

When we are ill and see life passing us by while waiting to work, run, dance etc. In these situations, it is convenient not just to relax and spin, but to keep calm, to be patient and calm. It is, therefore, appropriate to learn patience. But why is that so damn hard?

Probably because we have forgotten how to be patient. Why wait too? Nowadays, I get almost everything I want, right now and the same. Most things are not more than a mouse click away. I still remember how I used to go to the library for school lectures and asked for my book of wishes. And when that was granted, I had to wait. Today I learn everything I want to know within milliseconds from the internet.

I get every food in the supermarket every season. And if, after closing time at home, I remember that I forgot the milk that does not mean that there are no pancakes today. I just order the milk online and have it delivered to my house one hour later. Why learn patience when I’m used to getting everything right now?

And because it works on the milk, I expect it to work that way in every other part of my life. Everything must be available at all times. Everything has to be easy. Should be easy. I want to lose 10 kilos in 3 days. But by no means am I ready to work for half a year. And then the thing with the success.

From the student directly to the million dollar business. Even guilty, if you still put on long training and hard work. But just as it is promised a million times, it is not. There is no such thing as success overnight. Just as little as the miracle pill that will make you lose 10 kilos in 3 days.

Because many things that have value take their time. Good things sometimes just want to have a while. So what to do? You can throw the gun in the dust and turn to something else because your first idea did not pay for itself after a few days

And here it becomes clear why the patient has the advantage: He does not give up even in the face of difficulties and problems and does not lose sight of his goals. But what happens when you are impatient? You do not just give up faster. You also put more pressure on you before.

You make yourself the stress and constant tension. And this pressure feeds on your physical and mental condition.

To be constantly irritated and to quarrel with you and your life also means that you can concentrate badly and make mistakes more easily. And then you’re going to blame yourself and get annoyed again that things are not running at your discretion and putting you under more pressure. And so the spiral keeps turning.

Facts about Number 838

The year 838 was marked by many famous events such as the battle of Dazimon, Siege of Amorium, Battle of Hingston Down and the conspiracy of the General Ujayf ibn Anbasa.


Angel number 838 is the number of beating loneliness and being in sync with the spiritual realm. Number 8 is going to motivate you to become even more successful and achieve everything you ever wanted.

Listen to your guardian angels and motivate yourself to reach the stars.