Angel Number 939 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers have been a mystery that has been following people the longest time. Their appearance in our life is something we cannot control or ask for, so they are very important and valuable when they do appear unannounced.

When you notice an angel number somewhere around you, be sure that the message hidden behind it is meant exactly for you and nobody else.

You should use it and apply it on a problem you are currently facing because it could help you resolve it.

In today’s text we will discuss the secret symbolism of the angel number 939 and see how this angel number affects our lives.

Angel Number 939 – Interesting information

Angel number 939 is putting the focus on social interactions and welcoming new people in your life. Have you just moved to another city? Or do you live in one place for years, but the social contacts are getting less and less frequent? Others are moving away, having too many obligations or are you just single again?

When we were in education or still studying, it was somehow totally easy to get to know new people. There you were still at ease, not yet so caught up in his life patterns, but simply open to what was coming. But now we work, many have family or the family is even out of the house.

In any case, you are not traveling as much as you used to, you have little time or even a lot, for example, when you retire. And everyone has their own habits that make it difficult to break out in order to make new acquaintances. Or you just do not know how exactly you should tackle this.

If you find yourself in it again, these practical ideas on how to make new people could be helpful. Surely you know that new people do not just ring the doorbell. We have to get out sooner or later making new contacts. Often it’s not that easy, but the following tips are a great way to jump-start.

The easiest way to get to know new people is the Internet. And there in particular the social networks. Even if you may have doubts about using social networks, they are a huge benefit when it comes to getting to know each other. You do not have to have a full profile there either. It’s just about using the platform to get in touch. Of course you have to be careful here – as everywhere on the Internet.

But usually you just meet a lot of like-minded people. And if you live more rural, just take the next bigger city in sight and see what there is there.

I have also joined several such groups and have met really great new people through the meetings (in large groups and in the public space), with whom I now personally meet. Enter keywords such as “cooking and getting to know each other” or “hiking and solo travelers”. Just try it out and see what you think is sympathetic and could be suitable for you.

Do you know that you always wanted to do something? Learn guitar or a language or paint.  Then this could be the right time to try it out. See where courses are offered in the relevant area. In folk high schools, family education centers and music schools. In this way, you always meet people who like the same as you like. You almost hit two birds with one stone: you do something that you wanted to do for a long time, and you learn also know new people.

For example, I met a woman in the gym, with whom I now meet once a week. And earlier I met other theater enthusiasts through a VHS theater class and we tried to start our own theater group. And at the language school there were occasional Spanish festivals in the evening where I came across many like-minded people. Your guardian angels are pushing you towards new people and new experiences so be open to whatever comes along.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 939 unites energies of angel numbers 9 and 3. Both numbers are hiding powerful messages and each message can help you overcome current issues that you are facing.

Angel number 9 usually represents determination and decision making, but in this case it motivates us and gives us strength to achieve success in social interactions. A lot of quality people are going to walk into our lives and make a complete change in your world.

Angel number 9 is going to remind you about the importance of confidence and believing in yourself when you are out in the world and searching for new companions.

Angel number 3 symbolizes spirituality and believing in yourself. The power of angel number 3 is helpful because it allows us to reconnect with the spiritual side of ourselves and understand what we are feeling.

Number 3 is a very strong number and it gives us faith in the spiritual realm.

Number 939 in Love

Angel number 939 is inviting new people into your love life as well and also there to motivate you to become more confident. Are you sure of yourself as you would like to be? Most people would answer no to this question, only a few would say yes. But is it really like that? First of all a general premise: forget the concept for which security, attitude to command and even public speaking are skills with which we were born and we cannot improve.

‘Some were born like this and others did not because nature wanted it so’ is among the most false statements of this world! There are also several researches showing that being shy and foresight was the normal nature of man. In fact in the past, we talk about prehistoric times; people had to be foresight and to avoid risks to have more chances of survival.

But guess what? Our DNA is not updated. So this necessity in today’s society, in which fortunately one does not risk life every day as it happened before, no longer exists. As a result, being shy does not lead to concrete benefits. What we had to fear in the past is not what we have to fear today. Let’s go to the practice. How to become more confident and get what you want

Think of this example. If we put our hand in the fire and associate that action and those elements with something negative, a mechanism will be established in our brain for which we will not repeat that experience. This is a de facto survival mechanism. But this mechanism of survival sometimes works against us, and it makes us focus on fears rather than on goals and our dreams.

The focal point is therefore to understand that our brain, at least in part, is predisposed to work against us and wants to keep negative thoughts at a certain level. Think about it. What would you do if you realized that thoughts are just … thoughts? Would you behave differently right? Well from now on have this awareness.

There are a lot of people you can ask. “What do you want to do? What would you like to be from life? “. And the answer of many, perhaps of the vast majority of people is “I? I do not know!”. Knowing what you want is the absolute key. Everything else is what should lead you to where you would like to arrive.

I repeat it, because this concept is very important: everything else is what should lead you to where you would like to arrive. Start your day by thinking about what you look good and how grateful you should be. So many people live below the poverty line and some of them never stop being grateful. Even if you have little they should be an example for you.

There is indeed something special in the comfort zone, which is that area where you feel comfortable and know perfectly. The peculiarity is that if we take a step out of it every day, it continues to expand. If instead we remain inside, it tends to shrink and therefore to restrict ourselves and our personality. If you think about it we all have experiences for which we did something that terrified us and then realized that it was nothing so scary after all.

This attitude can vary from the simplest things, like approaching a woman or keeping a conversation with strangers, to something more complex like bungee jumping. It is up to you therefore the choice of how to improve under this point of view.

Facts about Number 939

Number 939 marks the number of different perfume scents in Paris and also a year in which many famous people were born or died, that completely changed the course of history.


Angel number 939 is giving you an opportunity to turn your life around and make better decisions in the future.

This angel number is also the number of being in touch with the spiritual side of you and listening to the messages behind the angel numbers. Your guardian angels only want what is best for you, so make sure you listen to their messages and implement them in your life.