Angel Number 999 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Listening to advice from others is sometimes easy and sometimes very hard, but listening to the messages of your guardian angels should be a priority. Our guardian angels only want what is best for us and they would never put us up to something that is not good for us.

Angel numbers have remained a mystery that is not easy to understand but they are certainly there to help and guide us. The powerful energy of the angel number can simply lure you in and make you notice this angel numbers even when they are hidden. Simply noticing these numbers is not enough, therefore you must listen to the vibrancies that have lured you to the number.

Angel numbers are only sent to us when we need help and guidance, and since that doesn’t happen that often, angel numbers don’t appear frequently in our lives. We should be grateful for their assistance when they do come up and carefully learn the lessons that our guardian angels are sending us.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the power of the angel number 999 and how this angel number influences our lives.

Angel Number 999 – Interesting information

Angel number 999 is all about moving on and finding a different path in life. We’ve all been there at least once and we know how (sometimes) it’s hard to break out of a habit. The end of a relationship triggers many painful emotions, especially when the partner decides to quit: in this case it is the sense of refusal to take the upper hand. It does not matter if things were not going well for a while or if we were caught by surprise: the ending hurts and burns for a long time. But only if we do not know how to handle it.

By refusal we mean the feeling of being no longer desired, estimated and necessary in the eyes of the former partner. A horrendous emotional twist that leads us to feel anger, shame, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt. They are followed closely by: vulnerability, zero self-confidence and unleashed victim inside us. If there is a betrayal then add further rage, resentment and loss of confidence for a really explosive mix of negativity.

In short, a truly dangerous debacle from which it is imperative to recover ASAP. But how to do that? The first step is to change the point of view of rejection: we must stop identifying with it and feeling the cause of everything. And to be able to redefine the rejection, preventing him from injuring us, we must commit ourselves to put these 5 tricks into practice:

It is almost impossible not to refuse feelings inside you. It is burning; it makes us feel defeated and inadequate: we wonder if we have not done enough or what we have done wrong to let him go away or even replace us with another woman. We must learn to accept that it does not all depend on us. Often it simply happens that the other person is not able to give or do enough compared to what is supposed to keep the relationship alive.

Unfortunately, it happens that we fall in love with people who are not able to fully reciprocate or who are totally absorbed in their own internal struggles. We are all human, we are all wrong; none of us is impeccable in relationships. In any case, we must never take the blame for everything.

There is a school of thought (decidedly spiritual) that sees people next to us as lessons. We do not meet anyone by chance; we are all in relation to foster our growth and deepen our connection with ourselves and the universe / the others. Even love stories are instruments of growth, but when we have learned everything from the other person; they end up giving space to the next experiences that will form us. Very beautiful and romantic vision, of course, but the pain makes itself felt: the only way to make it more bearable is to analyze it to understand what lesson we have learned.

Only in this way will we be able to overcome it. Think of the result: we are going out much stronger and we know what to look for in the next relationship.

Someone leaves us = adieu happy ending, very sad final welcome because we feel rejected and guilty. And if we gave a twist to that final? Changing perspective is the key: we analyze in an objective way what has happened and we will see that the point of view changes. Can’t you endure certain behaviors? Have you changed for the better and your ex-partners could not stand it? Did you refuse to change to please them?

Think carefully. Maybe the sad epilogue is resized and transformed into “it’s over because we were incompatible and now I do not have to waste time in a dead story”. Or in “it’s over because he really did not love me and now I can find someone who does.” A reversal of perspective that makes us feel fewer victims and that makes us see the positive side of the thing, reminding us that our life can only improve.

The feeling of rejection is fueled by the very romantic idea that two people “complete” each other. Are we incomplete because he does not want us anymore? Do we no longer have a specific role in the world without the other? No, no and definitely not! Losing the partner hurts and the pain of loss is real, but increases to bomb and prolongs uselessly when we believe we have been rejected by the “other half of ourselves”.

So we convince ourselves that nothing makes more sense. To contract, the truth is another thing and we must learn it at any cost: we are already complete ourselves, we can be happy and have a purpose even without another person.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 999 symbolizes a new beginning and dealing with loss and refusal. Angel number 9 is very powerful and it is going to give you exactly what you have been lacking for the entire time and that is determination and strength.

Angel number 9 repeats itself three times in this number sequence which makes it even more powerful. The more the number repeats itself in a number sequence the more powerful the message behind the angel number is.

Angel number 9 symbolizes making decisions and being secure in the choices you make no matter how difficult it seems. Our guardian angels are going to help us become more confident and decisive in everything we do. The power of angel number 9 can truly transform your life but only if you are ready to make that huge leap forward and disregard the entire negative voices inside your head.

In order to get your life in the balanced position it was in before, you need to pay attention to the messages behind each individual number and also the message behind the angel number sequence. This is the only way to get a clear meaning and symbolism behind each angel number that appears in your life.

Number 999 in Love

Angel number 999 is going to make you more confident in love as well as in life. Every relationship has its ups and downs. This is normal and completely understandable in all the challenges that life has to offer.

Do you have the feeling that you are in a real crisis with your partner? Maybe everyday life has stifled your past passion for each other? Disputes are on the agenda or there was a breach of trust? If you want to save your relationship, your guardian angels can help you do that. They are designed to help you reunite with your partner, revive the butterflies in the stomach, and create a togetherness that will make you both happy again.

The first and most important – though sometimes the hardest – step to save your relationship is to talk to each other. You cannot work on issues with your partner unless you openly and honestly address them to find solutions together. In this step, it is crucial that you decide together to work actively on your relationship rather than just listing difficulties.

It is also crucial not to accuse and denounce, but to deal with each other sensitively. The wording has a huge impact on how criticism is received. Try to avoid generalizations as well. Between “Never do you X, I always have to Y …” and “I would like more support from you at X and Y”, is a very big difference. Our second example offers a more solid, harmonious entry into a clarifying conversation and less induces the partner to go straight into the defensive.

Also, try to respond calmly to the criticisms your partner gives you and to reflect on yourself. Accept the worries, criticisms and desires of each other. Try to put yourself in touch with each other and work on yourself and your relationship. It can only last if you communicate honestly, openly and respectfully.

Often it is the little quirks of everyday life that turn out to be big stones on the common path to a happy future. They grow into problems that do not necessarily exist if you sometimes show more understanding to the partner and try a little more.

Your partner is often unhappy, because you help too little in the household and he or she does not follow it with everything? Then find a ritual that can be easily integrated into your everyday life. For example, rooms immediately after coming home from work all surfaces free of dishes, technology, magazines and whatever else lies around. Sort things neatly in their right place. The apartment looks much tidier and you can easily make an important contribution to the pleasant coexistence.

Even small rituals in everyday life, which have been lost after many years of being together, should always be maintained. Even if it may sound banal, but a “nice that you’re there” or a “take care of you” as well as the nightly goodnight kiss give each day a sense of security and contribute much to the harmony with each other.

Does it bother you that your partner is often jealous when traveling alone with your friends? Then ask yourself why this might be and find ways to take your or her worries away from your partner. How good that we have smartphones! So you can occasionally send her or him some nice words, a voice message or photos and show, “I think of you, you are important to me, even if we spend time apart.” And this time you spend separately is extremely important! Because this way you can enjoy the time you are together again much more actively, whereby we have reached directly the goal we desired.

Are you often stressed out in everyday life and do you only speak at the dinner table about the problems at work or the upcoming parents’ evening at school? Then there is a regular evening in the week when you are just there for each other and do something nice together, for example, a romantic dinner or a movie. The trick: what you undertake, you always think about it alternately, so that you are always in turn thinking about something special. At the Date Night then all worries and problems stay at home, because it is only about you two. You will notice that you will be looking forward to this evening every week. And the tension and the surprise effect will be it again

Facts about Number 999

Number 999 is an odd and composite number that has two prime numbers that are multiplied together.

This number is also a deficient number and also in Binary code it is written as 1111100111.


Angel number 999 is special because it offers us an opportunity to become more confident and stop doubting the decisions we make regularly. Your guardian angels have probably noticed that you are having troubles with defining goals in your life and deciding on what you exactly want in life.

This angel number is going to guide you through every step of the way, so you don’t have to be worried about making the necessary change.

This is only going to bring you good things and make you feel like you have finally found a place where you belong.

Angel number 999 is the number that can guide you to a new era in your life and help you get plenty of new opportunities to overcome everything that has been holding you back in the past period.