Hot Air Balloon – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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What do you think first when you see a balloon? A colorful piece of rubber that is filled with air, a necessary part of any celebration, for grown-up and especially for kids – a balloon.

We would guess that you think of joy, happiness, maybe for some enthusiasm, and lightness even.

But, just like any other object, this one also has its symbolic meaning and another side that needs to be mentioned.

Some say that a balloon can be a symbol of arrogance and vanity and can be an object that refers to those who fly high and generally have complexes of higher value. It speaks of the people who want to be higher than everyone else…

May this as it be, dreams that have the main motive a balloon can come to you, and an alternate version is the one where you see a Hot Air Balloon – a light aircraft that works on hot air or a gas that is lighter than air?

Such a way of fun transpiration is known for a longer time, and nowadays, people like to use it as a fun way of ride.

What does it mean when you have such a dream, and how could its interpretation help you in real life, even if you have never ride a hot air balloon?

You can find the answer here; just try to recollect as much of the details of a dream as you can.

Meaning and symbolism

A general interpretation of this dream says that when you just see Hot air balloon, not ride in it, it comes to you as a symbol that you are in such a stage in life, where you are constantly regretting the missed opportunities.

These possibilities cannot be returned to you, but there is no such logic in think about them. It is advised to move on.

This dream also shows that you continually have the impression that you are not living life to the fullest and that you are not giving your maximum. You often wonder if you should have taken another position, job, or finished another school, maybe even choose other friends. You only see your weaknesses and personally want you could be in someone else’s shoes – you spend more time having such thoughts than working on any type of improvement. You do zero actions to change your position to be happy with life.

Maybe, when things are looked real, you act unwillingly and disinterestedly, which can negatively influence all phases in your life.

In a version of a dream where you are in a Hot air balloon, flying, enjoying the ride, and you are very high in the sky, you cannot even see the ground, in that case, such a dream shows that in reality, maybe, you are still afraid that it will burst at any moment and you will not end up on the ground, it means that you will soon be traveling to some unknown and distant lands.

Also, this dream can describe the characteristics of you – it shows that you like to take risks and get involved in various, even dangerous situations. Having sometimes risks in life can be a good thing, but sometimes it is better to stay on the ground.

If in a dream, and this version belongs to those that can be a bit scary, it is when you see that you are falling while riding in a hot air balloon.

Such a dream, in reality, shows that you are a person with immodest desires and ambitions, that you are eager for position and power, but that it can cost you dearly, and therefore, wiser to gather yourself and get down on the ground.

Think of the destination where such a life is taking you. Is it really something you enjoy?

Decoding the Dream about Hot Air Balloon 

These dreams are, as we have said, not very common. In fact, they are very rare, but we are certain that you will remember them if you had a chance.

They can be scary, even if the flight with Hot air Balloon supposed to be a fun activity, you are still flying and can go high, and it is scary for some people.

So, this dream can come to you as a symbol that you will go on a mission, trip, or anything that will move you from the place you are currently in and move to somewhere unexpected. You will be permitted to go overseas for a longer period and perhaps to remain there. You may find a steady job and a character with whom you will want to have a relationship, maybe even raise a family if things get really serious.

At first, you will be harmed by loneliness, but soon you will get used to life in the more real life that you have now, while you are living somewhere else.

We must mention a version of a dream where you see someone else flying in a hot air balloon, and in that case, such a dream shows that you now have an opportunity and will to overcome all obstacles and achieve many goals.

However, you need to keep in mind the many stressful conditions that will follow this action, and there is nothing you can do to avoid it; they have their purpose, and it is in the first place for you to learn.

Such a dream also shows that you will have falls, and the good news is that you will not lose anything because it, in fact, this dream comes as a confirmation to remain strong and not to lose persistence.

If you are attempting to fly with the hot air balloon, but you cannot do it, and you are constantly on the ground, attempting, but the hot air balloon just does not want to go up, such a dream speaks of an emotional part of life, or even sexual.

This dream, in fact, shows that you have set extremely great and unreliable ideas and will find it very hard to accomplish them.

You will have to deal with some unexpected circumstances and prepare a few steps in advance so that you do not fall even more into a problem.

Maybe, and this is also plausible in some cases, those extremely great and unreliable ideas are related to your lover or that you have imagined having, but it exists only in your mind.

It is advised that in the upcoming period, be as calm as you can, as you will encounter various critiques from people from your direct surroundings, which will generate additional stress.

This dream comes to you. Just when you want to find support from your environment, you desire to be supported and encouraged, but they are not giving you what you want, and this causes you stress.

However, you will not permit this to affect your plan to accomplish everything you have wanted to do.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

We must add one more important thing that is relevant for the proper understanding of this dream, even balloons as a motive in dreams are relatively rare, they are the dominant symbol, and to be understood, they are very specific.

In some cases, dreams of them are connected to dissatisfaction or sadness in love, or some unfulfilled goals or ambitions, and life disadvantages and failures.

However, the symbolism of balloons in dreams can be positive, all depending on the situation and the very way in which a person sees or experiences balloons in a dream in his subconscious.

As we have said, in a version of a dream where you just see a hot air balloon, not flying with it, such a dream in real life, shows that you disapprove some lightly and carelessly missed possibilities, which were given to you on a plate and which were a sure path to victory.

According to some other interpretations of this dream, you are very negative and unfulfilled in your current life, and you glance at everything in dark color.

It shows that you want to move to that dark place, in search of something cheerful and more enjoyable.

But, for now, you just look at it from a distance, staying safely on the ground.

In some other cases, this dream comes to you for the purpose of understanding actions, not just yours but also the ones that belong to others that are close to you.

Maybe in the previous period, you have a problem comprehending it, and now is the time to understand what it is all about.

In the end, if you are able to do it, in that case, you have a lot to be happy about. You are looking forward to some small victories, some small steps that you will be able to make.

Be happy and freely speak to your loved ones about things that make you feel good. Their support will come to you at the right moment.