Wheelchair – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Wheelchairs are used by people who cannot walk for whatever reason – we all know what it is, a chair with wheels that are used by the people who are disabled so they can move.

These people may be sick, old, or have a disadvantage because they rely on wheelchairs to go anywhere they need, to live to a certain extent a “normal” life.

As such, they could be a symbol of movement with the help, assistance, support, etc., all that falls under that category, and we believe it has a similar meaning when wheelchairs appear as a dream motive (although they do not appear so often, they are certainly dreams to remember).

If you have such a dream, do not think that it brings some kind of a negative prophecy, that something tragic will occur in your life very soon.

On the contrary, it could speak of so many other things that wait from you in the future, and it may show how your soul is generous and how there are numerous other ways you can enhance your loving nature.

Meaning and Symbolism

As we know that the dream appears in our subconscious mind when we are sleeping, as an event or an idea, with one or more central motives.

Wheelchairs are not the common motive, but if you had one, you should know that in general, such a dream represents the feeling and sensations of addiction and helplessness.

It is the representation of such feelings that appear in our daily lives – since we are not able to deal with them in a mature way, such sensations come out to the surface through this dream.

But, this dream does not carry a bad symbolical value, as you may think in the first moment.

Although sometimes they are a sign of happiness and give hope to an individual during difficult times.

Just like in real life, they may come to you as something that is a direct consequence of a negative or unfortunate event, but in fact, they are making life a better and more comfortable place.

If you had a dream that you are sitting alone in wheelchairs, even if in reality you are not disabled, such a dream might come as an indication that you are currently helpless and lose essential things in life. You should be careful and take precautions to stop the loss.

When you dream of being pushed in wheelchairs, such a dream means that you rely a lot on others.

Pushing a wheelchair in your sleep means that you need the help of others, so you should share your problems with the people around you so that they can support you.

In a version of a dream where wheelchairs you are in are going too fast, or they are out of control, you need to seek help because you may be facing problems that require the assistance of other people.

Now, if someone else is in wheelchairs, it is the dream that shows a good side of you. You are a very emphatic person you care for people a lot and offer a lot of empathy you have towards others.

This is particularly true for those who are in problems, living poorly, disabled, discriminated, etc.

Decoding the Dream about the Wheelchair 

We must add one more critical aspect for the better understanding of a dream about wheelchairs, approaching this motive as a symbol of the expression of your current feelings that may be hidden at the moment.

Maybe this is the dream that comes to you so that you express those feelings in a healthier way.

For example, you may feel that you cannot do things on your own, so you need the help of others. You may also feel that you rely so much on others, so you should find a way to do it yourself.

It is relevant to speak of the look of wheelchairs in the dream -are they old, new, or regular, etc.

In a version of a dream where they are old, such a dream is the symbol of a very good relationship with the people around you.

If the wheelchairs in your dream are modern, top-quality wheelchairs, such a dream suggests that someone will provide you with a project that will give you guidelines for achieving your goals.

If in a dream, there is no one in wheelchairs, it is the dream that implies something else, it speaks of bad behavior, and you should be careful in your ways and change to avoid trouble

. It acts as a warning that guides you on treating the people you love and who fit into society.

If you are, for example, building wheelchairs in a dream, it means a new beginning in your plans.

Such a dream symbolizes competition.

Therefore, you should put more effort into your projects to come out as winners.

Driving someone in wheelchairs is a sign of bad luck and a life full of problems.

If you are enjoying the ride, such a dream suggests that you will have a little luck, and the problems will be less serious, and you will overcome them.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

As you were able to see for yourself, this motive in a dream is not tragic, and do not observe it in such a light.

Even if you struggle to find a solution to your problems, you will not succeed. You should stop or give up and wait for another opportunity.

Yes, in some cases, this is the dream which symbolizes helplessness, so they need help to overcome their problems. They may be as helpless as street children who need the help of others.

If these people get out of wheelchairs, it is a sign of empowerment, and they will soon overcome their problems.

Knowing the person who is in wheelchairs can speak a lot about your relationship with that person, and this dream could indicate that there are some problems in a relationship. They will fall into quarrels and disagreements, and the man will be forced to do whatever the girl wants to please her and keep their relationship.

Here, wheelchairs show how you are obliged to fulfill someone else needs and take care not to lose that someone.

In other cases, this dream indicates that you are very generous and that all of your hard work will pay off. Someone important will soon reward you.

Now, if someone else is in wheelchairs, it is the dream that shows a good side of you. You are a very emphatic person you care for people a lot and show a lot of empathy you have towards others.

This is particularly true for those who are in problems, living poorly, disabled, discriminated, etc.

Helping a person with wheelchairs to cross the road, or just pushing them where they need to be, assisting them in any way, means that you will help people succeed in their plans. You are in their lives, the one element that makes a difference on will they succeed or not; you are the most important element in their journey, and take your role very seriously and with a lot of responsibility. Your task is to find out who is that person in need and what your mission is regarding his or her life.

In short, the majority of dreams where the central them are wheelchairs are common to people who use wheelchairs because they are a reflection of their daily life activities.

It is the same analogy when doctors dream of surgeries or a pilot have dreams about flying…. You know what we mean, but this is not the only case.

All people can have a dream about wheelchairs, in one version or the other.

Most of them have a negative effect and indicate helplessness and dependence, or they show fear from it, or in some cases, they show our strength to be there for someone who is helpless and dependent.

In the end, we must say that these dreams, in whatever form they come to us, teach us to be aware of the poor in society and always be ready to help them. We should also learn to seek help whenever we are in trouble.

And, in other direction, to ask for help and not being too proud to take the offered help.

If you have lost the essentials in life, it is very plausible to have this dream.