01:11 – Meaning

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The phenomenon of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence was first noticed and described by the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. They noticed some events happening without any apparent connectivity and still appearing connected and related with a joint meaning.

We all experience synchronicity and the only difference between us is whether we choose to acknowledge experiencing it or not.

Seeing repetitive signs and symbols represent a synchronicity orchestrated by the Universe and our guardian angels. They make us see repetitive signs sometimes in unbelievable situations and they do it as often as it is possible to make us aware of their significance for our lives.

Many people don’t believe in signs from the Universe and beings from other realms invisible to the eye, whose role is to guide and protect us.

They might experience synchronicities and signs that are screaming to grab their attention and yet willingly choose to ignore them.

It is their choice and the Universe and our guardian angels respect it as our will to choose what we do and don’t do.

Unfortunately, by choosing to ignore the message that is trying to reach us, many people miss some great opportunities to make their lives better or solve some big issues they are encountering.

Numbers and hours are one of the common signs the Universe and the angels use when they desire to contact us. It is the easiest way to convey a message because each number has a specific meaning that can be used as a message for our specific situation.

These numbers or hours appear in our life when they need to convey us a message or advice, or support and guidance.

They often use mirror hours which are made of mirroring numbers of the specific hour and minutes they keep showing us. They keep making us see them frequently until we become aware that it isn’t happening by chance.

If you have recently been seeing a lot of triple mirror hour 01:11 you will soon find out about the meaning of these events.

01:11 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

The triple mirror hour 01:11 is a powerful message from the Universe who wants to communicate to you. You are probably seeing this hour frequently if not daily and you have begun wondering about its meaning.

The triple mirror hour 01:11 is a warning sign and a reminder to watch carefully your thoughts.

The angels and the Universe have a message for you to think only about the things you desire to manifest into your reality and avoid those who attract negativity into your life.

You are in a stage of life where your thoughts are manifesting fast into reality which is why it is essential to make the most of it and manifest your desires rather than your fears and other negative thoughts.

When the triple mirror hour 01:11 starts appearing in your life it is a sign that you will be presented with many opportunities you can choose from.

It might be something you have been waiting for a long time and you should be prepared to seize this opportunity before someone else does.

You might become aware of something you desire although you weren’t consciously aware of it. You will be given the chance to manifest that desire into reality with the help of the Universe and your angelic guardians.

What Does 01:11 Mean Spiritually?

The mirror hour 01:11 resonates with the angel Elemiah, the angel of success and protection. This angel encourages you to continue with your activities towards achieving your goals because it is likely that you will soon succeed in making them your reality.

This angel can help you develop your integrity, individuality, authenticity, or discover your true life’s calling. He can also help you in the studies of esoteric sciences, the occult and developing divinatory abilities.

The guardian angel Elemiah will help you endure on the path of manifesting your dreams.

He will give you the strength to take action and help you in making important decisions. He will help you on the path of fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Elemiah can also help you accomplish some professional goals and desires you have. If you are having problems with choosing the right career for your abilities and affinities he will help you decide where to go.

He will help you boost your optimism and maintain it while encountering obstacles and difficulties when you begin taking actions towards achieving your goals. He will help you to overcome the difficulties and maintain your peace and stability.

Sometimes this mirror hour is an indication that you are being surrounded by people who don’t have good intentions towards you and plan to deceive or betray you. Elemiah will help you discover these people and neutralize their actions.

If you have been betrayed before by someone this guardian angel could help you make peace with these people and release the resentment and anger you feel. He will help you release the accumulated negativity so it won’t burden your progress.

Elemiah can also help you protect yourself against evil actions and thoughts of people who desire to harm you.

He will help you maintain your energy high and endure until you finally manifest your desires into reality and avoid negative situations and people who can prevent you from finally succeeding in your efforts.

01:11 in Astrology and Numerology

The mirror hour 01:11 is a combination of the numbers 0, 1, 111, and 3 and their energy. These numbers have a powerful energy and they carry a powerful message for you as well. The number 3 is a sum of these digits (0 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 3).

In astrology, the number 0 is the number of the Planet Pluto and the sign of Scorpio. The number 1 is the number of Leo and the Sun. The number 3 is the number of Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius.

The number 0 symbolizes infinity, eternity, wholeness, openness, God, Universe, divinity, spirituality and spiritual evolving, new beginnings and endings, change of cycles, opportunities, chances, potential, etc.

The number 1 is a sign of new beginnings, leadership, ambition, initiative, individuality, progress, independence, strength, power, achievements, success, freedom, adventure, new beginnings, assertiveness, motivation, creativity and creation of your reality, spontaneity, self-expression, confidence, egotism, etc.

The number 111 is a powerful number and symbolizes manifestation of thoughts and ideas into reality. This number is a combination of energies of the number 1 and Master Number 11.

Number 11 is a number calling us to connect to our higher self and discover our soul’s purpose. It resonates with the idea of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

This number is a reminder of our guardian angels to be constantly aware of our thoughts and ideas because we can manifest unwanted things into our lives.

The number 111 asks us to reconsider all our thoughts and beliefs and get rid of all the negative and destructive ones because they might subconsciously be attracting unwanted events and situations into our lives.

The number 111 is a calling to surround yourself with optimism and optimistic people and think only happy thoughts about things you desire in your life. Your ideas and thoughts are becoming real and therefore you should be careful about their content.

Now is the time to start fulfilling all your desires because during this period your thoughts are manifesting into reality almost instantaneously.

The number 111 is an excellent sign for manifestation but also a warning to pay a lot of attention to your thoughts. When you begin seeing this number often it is a sure sign that you will attract anything you think about the most into your reality.

You need to rely on your intuition and inner voice to guide you towards your desires and goals.

Look within to discover what it is that you truly desire. It is a sign that your guardian angels are with you and are guiding your path.

The number 3 is a number of freedom, adventure, growth, expansion, energy, creativity, talents, spontaneity, assistance, self-expression, communication, determination, skills, manifestation, encouragement, and the Ascended Masters.

As a combined energy of all these energies, the triple mirror hour 01:11 is a sign of manifestation and the need to control your thoughts.

It is asking you to be aware of what you are thinking and ensure that you only think about things you desire to happen opposing to the things you are afraid of happening. It is an announcement of a period in your life when things are manifesting very fast due to the heightened level of your spirituality and awareness.

Because of that, your guardian angels are advising you to be alert about your thoughts and prevent the negative ones to appear.

Also, get rid of everything negative from your life which could provoke negative thoughts. You should use this period of opportunity to finally manifest all your desires.

What to Do If You See 01:11?

When the triple mirror hour 01:11 starts appearing frequently in your life, you shouldn’t be afraid. Instead, you should be happy because the gate of opportunities is beginning to open.

You should use this opportunity wisely because if you are not careful you could attract unwanted things and events into your life instead of the ones you desire to happen.

Be careful and think only about the things you desire. Remove all negative thoughts, things and people from your life because they tend to attract negativity into your existence.

Think about the things you want and expect them to manifest into your life. Expect wonderful things and that is what you will begin to experience.

This mirror hour is a sign of wonderful opportunities that are coming into your life. You need to be alert and ready to recognize and use them the best way possible. 

Quick Summary

The triple mirror hour 01:11 is a great sign from the Universe and your guardian angels.

Be happy and optimistic because the time has come for your manifestations to appear in your reality.