12:12 – Meaning

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You have just took a glance at the corner of your laptop screen, only to check out if the time has come to finish with your work and take a break or turn to something else and here they were, mirror hours, 12:12.

Does it happen often to you? Do you keep seeing mirror hours all the time or digits in such a sequence in any other form? Have you ever wondered if there is something more to it than simply being coincidental?

Safe to say, mirror numbers could be seen only on digital displays, but their meaning is the same as that of seeing matching clock hands. In addition, you could see the same digits in other form, in other places.

For example, 1212 corresponds to the meaning of 12:12 as seen in mirror hours’ interpretation, of which we will talk into detail. Why this happens in the first place? Repetitive patterns of certain phenomena have always intrigued people and made us wonder if some higher forces are on the run.

Our fast lifestyle, often labeled ‘instant’, the real, now-happening vision of digitalized era is not that deprived of mysterious and spiritual, as one might think in the first place. Perhaps in our thoughts we have distanced ourselves from spirits of the universe.

Nevertheless, they are there, trying to reach us all the way. There have always been opposed or, at least, different opinions on spiritual as a whole; you are free to take any point of view, of course.

Regardless of it, energies that are out of our comprehension capacities work in this world. At least, many mysterious and hard to explain phenomena testify it was so. How many times have happened that something draws you attention and you have no logical explanation to it?

For example, flickering lights in your home, while everything with electricity is perfectly fine.

Another good example is seeing the same object, a motif, a character, an animal or whatever else many times in a row, over a fairly short period. You could see it in your waking life, dream about it, think about it unintentionally, hearing about it and so on.

Mirror hours and repetitive number sequences fall in the category of such mysterious and possibly meaningful category.

The truth is, we have no real answers on why does this happen, but there have always been many attempts to do so. Here we talk mostly about spiritual aspect of such a phenomenon and its effect upon the life of an individual.

Let us see what is so interesting about time and numbers; we live by them both and experience it all the time.

Counting Time

When did people start counting time? Well, in the very far past, it seems that people rather measured time than counting it. The division of time into years and then months and days, as well as division of the day into hours, took place in ancient times.

The first guideline to counting and measuring time were as they still are stars and planets. We have been looking into the skies since ever and we will continue looking, even if we reach outer, other worlds.

Take a little break and think about your day. You will soon realize that everything comes in numbers and, for the greatest part, time units expressed by numbers: hours of sleep, time to get up, hours of work, days of vacation, time to finish this or that, appointment at certain hour, numbers of pages in the book, dial numbers and so on and on.

How, for the world’s sake we have come to that? Well, we needed some organization!

Sky patterns, constellations, planetary movement and all related to it have been helping us adapt to our environment, in the first place. Seasonal phenomena, cycles of nature and all of that made us create schemes that would help us live by these ‘rules’.

The earliest calendars come from very ancient days. Some of the most important early calendars were Babylonian and Chinese. As for measuring time of the day, there were many ideas and inventions throughout history.

Some of the oldest ‘clocks’ were invented in China, although those did not really count time as in 24 hours system we use today and live by. These were oil lamps; reservoirs could be used to express and mark certain amount of time passed.

The same was with Chinese candle clocks, which are sometimes ascribed as an invention to Alfred the Great. Candle clocks could only mark the time that has passed, not the time of the day.

One of the first astronomical clocks was an Egyptian invention and it did divide day into hours and could tell about the time of the day. There were also water clocks and other attempts of creating a reliable device for counting time.

One of the most impressive examples of mechanical clocks we still use today, although not toe such a great extent, is definitely the Astronomical clock in Old Town Prague. This medieval device still goes on smoothly with its job.

Mirrored Hours

After millennia and centuries of trying to organize our time, we ended up with our super small and cool digital clocks. They are virtually everywhere.

You could wear a digital watch, but you also have a digital display clock gadget on your phone, tablet, personal computer and all sorts of machines made for other purposes than showing time.

Time is short and time is money, in globalized society, so we have become more obsessed by it.

Mirror hours show there was still some mystery in the air, though. Mirror hours appear like this. 01:01, 02:02, 03:03…23:23, 00:00. You could see them exclusively on digital time displays.

However, beliefs and superstitions about it is basically the same with that about seeing matching clock hands (when minutes and hours hands are one atop the other). In addition, it has to appear coincidental, although it is not.

You could stare into the screen and wait to see it, but those matching digits would never be mysterious and meaningful mirrored hours. It has to show up all of a sudden. Okay, but what does it mean, anyway?

There are several prevailing opinions on mirror hours; the most intriguing and appealing is that about spiritual influence over our lives, that of protective spirits and guardian angels.

However, Carl Gustav Jung offered an interesting point of view that could also be applied to mirror hours’ phenomenon. It is his idea of synchronicity that could explain mirror hours, still keeping their mysterious touch.

According to this idea, events and phenomena that appear to have nothing to do one with another, but happen simultaneously, make perfect sense once you draw the line between them.

The point is that in collective unconscious we have archetypes that actually make the basis for such meaningful connections.

Well, we could indeed connect all sorts of things, but mirror numbers embody synchronicity in their very appearance and then also accentuate the meaning if you associate them with something you are currently experience.

An attractive idea, for sure. We enjoy giving meanings to things.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

What does it mean to see mirror numbers? Well, many would instantly tell you it means someone was thinking or talking about you; that is the most widespread superstition about mirror hours, as well as about matching clock hands. Alternative explanation are so-called love hours.

According to this superstitious belief, each mirror hour has something to do with love life of one who sees them; each mirror hour has specific meaning.

Those with a spiritual touch in their attitude towards the world and its phenomena, tend to believe mirror hours are spiritual messages, sent to us by protective spirits of people who are no longer with us or from our heavenly guardians, guardian angels.

According to this belief, spirits of people who are gone would like to show us they care about us and that they want us to move on with our lives.

Each mirror number bears specific meaning that could serve us as a guideline. It is similar with guardian angels. Those immaterial, protective spirits see only to work in our favor, in terms of helping us do the best we can in our individual lives.

They do not interfere directly nor do they change our destiny. However, they send us messages of guidance, love, support, encouragement and warning.

In order to understand what specific mirror numbers mean, such as, for example that of 12:12, you should see into numerology and specifically, angelic numerology. Astrology and other alternative and related approaches could be of great help.

Symbolism of certain numbers, as see through the prisms of different cultural, religious and spiritual concepts could be of great help.

12:12 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror number 12:12 could definitely be an interesting message intended especially for you.

The number 12:12 has to do with good will and helping others, but not at the cost of oneself well-being. This mirror number suggest you should do your best to be a good person, in terms of having tolerance and understanding towards others, while it also means you should be very self-aware and you should value yourself.

This mirror number is a lesson of assertive lifestyle, of being capable of accepting people around you the way they are, but it does not mean you should simply be kind to everyone, all the way.

The kindness is a great value, but if it was true. In order to be true, it has to be balanced. It all means one should first find his or hers inner peace. Once you are in balance within yourself, you could also help others.

The secret of this mirror number lies in digits it was made of, numbers 1 and 2. These are the first two numbers in a row, if you do not count zero. There you have it; the combination could be understood as seeing yourself within the world and vice versa.

Numbers 1 and 2 in a sequence reflect yourself value and the value you ascribe to the world. Let us explore this more closely, through spiritual prism.

What Does 12*12 Mean Spiritually?

Number 12*12 is a sequence of two extremely powerful spiritual numbers. The energy of number 1 is oriented towards yourself, your character, personality, attitude and all, while number two stands for pairs, for stability, for communication, bonds, relations and all sorts of necessary dualities in this life.

Therefore, this sequence was sent to you to remind you of the importance of finding the balance in all of that.

Number 1 stands for ambition, power, leadership creativity courage, bravery, being the first and the best, being brave, having great confidence and self-respect. Number one stands for glory, success, pursuit of life goals, but it, of course, does not have to be understood as an extreme. Extremes undoubtedly lead to corruption.

The negative side of number 1 vibration comes in the form of arrogance, cruelty, unscrupulousness, merciless, egocentrism and such.

Number two, on the other side, makes a safe base for ambitious number 1. It reminds of the importance of bonds and relations, of love, nurture, care and protection.

Number 2 resonates with awareness of the importance of sharing, giving and receiving, tolerance and understanding. This number brings you down to earth and helps your grandiose ideas take its most valuable form.

Seen together, numbers 1 and 2 in this repetitive sequence accentuate all these meanings.

Your guardian angels want you to take it as a reminder. Perhaps you became too self-centered and you neglect people and relationships you have, thinking you do not need them, perhaps. Remember there were times when you needed others love, since it is just a perfect natural thing.

Sharing and love are in our nature, just as self-reliance, self-confidence and even certain amount of egocentrism are. The key is to find a balance between the two. Be kind to others; help if needed.

At the same time, do not let anyone exploit your good intentions and good will.

Assertiveness could be learned through experience and with just a little bit of will that come after self-awareness.

1212 in Astrology and Numerology

In astrology and numerology number 1212 is a doubled sequence of number 12 that has always been a symbolically interesting one. There are numerous intriguing examples one might find inspirational.

For example, there were twelve main deities in the Greek pantheon.

The Bible tells that Jacob had twelve children, which would be interesting to those faithful, in the first place. There were, of course, twelve apostles.

Our year is divided into twelve months and a day has two times 12 hours. Perhaps the secret of this continuing presence of the number 12 throughout history, mythology, religion and more has to do with meanings of these two first numbers we have already mentioned.

It is also interesting to see it as a sum. Number 1 and 2 give numerical 3 and doubled, they give 6.

Number 3 is an especially interesting number that fits well with meanings of 1 and 2 here. It represents joy, creativity, humor, artistic tendencies, friendliness, great imagination and kindness above all. It is the number of youthful adventurousness, self-expression and searching for freedom.

Number 6 kind of encircles all of the above, except perhaps for the strongly individualistic part of vibration of the number 1. It stands for balance, domesticity, justice, peace, reliability, talents, idealism etc.

What to Do If you see 12:12?

Now when you know all of this, we believe seeing 12:12 got another dimension. However, there are layers and layers of meanings, especially when you take into consideration your own life circumstances and background.

If you have seen it, be sure there were energies that send you this number for a reason.

Seek for numerological interpretations on numbers and see how they synchronize with your own life or current phase you are going through.

Quick Summary

Mirror number 12:12 and its ‘derivatives’ in other forms all have basic message of self-awareness and self-value accompanied by understanding others, sharing love and being kind and compassionate.

The ‘moral’ of this number is to find the balance between your own needs and desires and that of the people around you. Only then, you could fully enjoy all that the life has to offer.