1028 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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There has always been something more to life than this earthly, material world. Sometimes it appears as if all creatures but human beings know it.

Many would say we have grown distant from nature, but also from the heavenly, higher realms.

Sometimes nature speaks the language of the cosmos, other times, we have a little help of our heavenly guides to regain our hopes and realize that we were not alone.

Belief in guardian spirits could be traced far back into the past.

There have been spirits protecting rivers and lakes, or crops or trees, or wells or homes and building, spirits to protect children, a lady, a lonely knight on the road.

Although this could sound a bit too poetic to our modern ears, many people still believe there were heavenly forces caring about our well-being and us.

Angels would never give up on humankind and human world. Angelic beings are to be found in various belief systems; we usually associate them with Abrahamic religions.

Angels are believed to be ethereal spirits created by the deity, God, the messengers of the divine voice. The terms angel, Greek angelos, means ‘a messenger’.

Heavenly angels are good, loving spirits that care about humankind and about each one of us.

The question of their free will has been debated all over again; the sources telling about the rebellion that took place in heaven, before there was our world, suggests angels do have free will.

Those who, out of their own will, have decided to follow the law of heaven are considered our guardians.

Guardian Angels

Now, guardian angels do not make a specific angelic order, such as seraphim, cherubim or others. They simply take up the duty of a guardian; it was their office.

Their mission is to care about one particular human being, to offer him or her guidance, love and support.

Guardian angels do not act in our place or tell us what to do.

Their way of helping us is more subtle and, as such, far more effective, although we may feel, at times, as all forces of heavens have abandoned us.

Angels do not prevent bad things from happening to us; they would extremely rarely take physical form and walk this earth.

There were only very rare individuals who have talked to an angel directly.

Angels help us find the inner strength; they make us believe in ourselves and in the goodness of the heavenly laws.

Angels are kind and caring spirits and their goal is to make you recognize your own strengths, to improve your downsides and become a better person.

Angelic guides help you realize what to do in order to become one.

Angelic Messages

They do so by sending us hidden messages; signs along the road.

These messages could come in any form, as a letter, a symbol, a sound, a number or a word, certain phenomenon or event.

For example, some people always stumble upon playing cards, finding them in unexpected places.

Others see flickering lights or they hear certain sounds. Some would see a white dove returning to the same place or whatever else.

Angelic messages are coded, so to say, but not impossible to decode and, of course, they could be recognized.

Some people recognize them intuitively; others need repetitive occurrences.

In most of the cases, people recognize something as an angelic message, if a sign keeps appearing repetitively. Angel numbers are one form of angelic messages.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers are especially powerful and complex angelic messages, by which your guardian angels want to communicate a strong meaning.

Angel numbers could be any numbers; it does not actually matter if those were symmetrical and eye-catching or numbers appearing random and insignificant.

If your angels have chosen a number for you, it carries strong message.

You will know that it was an angelic number, if it keeps occurring in your daily life, in places you do not actually expect to see any number or one particular type of number (in terms of its composition and number of many digits, for instance).

If your intuition was brilliant, you may feel a bit strange upon seeing a specific number so you would want to find out what lies behind it.

Angel Number 1028

Angelic number 1028 appears a number as any other. However, if it was an angel number, it hides specific meanings, intended for you to interpret it and take the lesson out of it.

This is a four-digit number, so its meaning has more layers and it is best understood if analyzed systematically.

Let us try to do that and bring the meaning of angel number 1028 message into light.

Angel Number 1028 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1028 is a complex message, which we will analyze on more than one level. First, it consists of four different digits, numbers 1, 0, 2 and 8.

Each of these numbers has special vibration and meanings, which together constitute the whole message.

Next, we could divide it into halves, since this was an even-digits number.

That way, we get numbers 10 and 28; when we sum their digits separately, we get number 1, two times, since both equal 10.

The sum of 1 and 0 is 1, obviously, so the vibration of number 1 in this angelic message is quite strong.

The sum of all the digits equals 2, when we sum them up until we get a one-digit number.

Therefore, the numbers we are to discuss are the basic constitutive segments, first mentioned. Number 1 is the beginning of the sequence and strong on more than one level.

Number one stands for personal strength, personal will, ambition, motivation, action, drive, instinctive reacting and intuition. It represents success, achievements, masculine attributes, glory and victory.

Number represents beginnings, a start, and the endings, the goal achieved, but not what lies in between.

On its negative side its stands for arrogance, aggression, dominance, forcefulness.

Number 0 represents infinity, the circling energy, everything and nothing, the fullness and the emptiness; it represents all the possibilities and opportunities.

It is also said that number zero amplifies the energy and the effect of the number it stands by in a numerical sequence.

It could also represent the lack of empathy and compassion, with insecurity and weak will, with narrow-mindedness and all the manifestation of corrupted qualities attributed to number 1 in general.

Number 2 resonates with quite different energies and it stands for diplomacy, partnership, deals, relationships, connections, sociability, contacts, harmony, peace and balance.

Number 8 stands for material stability, but also for persistence, patience and authority. It is the number of wealth, bases, fortune, abundance, growth and steadiness.

This number stands for pragmatic mind, effective and executive attitude and problem solving skills, for organization and trustworthiness.

Number 1 is the most emphasized here, for a reason.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1028

Angel number 1028 is a message that is most concerned with the individuals’ sense of self.

It is a message that should make you think through your views on the world, the people in the world and around you, but most importantly, views on yourself.

No doubt, you spend much time focused on yourself, but you possibly doing it in a counterproductive way.

Your angelic guardians want you to rethink your attitudes; they want you to think through it and see where you are and how you actually feel about it.

You probably dream big and have very high expectations of yourself; you possibly think others expect much of you, because you, in a way, put yourself above them, as you are meant to achieve more than they do.

This angelic number has to do with your perception of success, self-realization and achievement. You possibly focus on wrong paths of achievement or wrong sets of values.

Numerical sequence 1028 could represent your road to achieving fulfillment, the one you do not realize in reality.

One represents yourself and your ambitions, zero are your opportunities, but number 2 represents connections and relationships.

It means that you should actually include people in your life, more than before. Sometimes we are surrounded by people, but we actually form no bonds nor do we rely on others.

You have to be more empathetic, perhaps, more kind and open towards people.

If you are not used to it, try, it will not harm you; it will, in fact, make you stronger.

It all leads to stability and growth expressed in number 8 that also gives you enough stability in the process.

Angel Number 1028 and Love

When it comes to love, angel number 1028 once again suggests that you should come down to earth and stop putting yourself above others.

People usually do that out of insecurity; they close their gates and build up iron walls, not letting anyone near.

There is a possibility that you actually lack a kind, caring romantic partner, a soul mate.

First, you have to let them approach you.