1029 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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For eons and ages, people have been discussing, debating, renouncing or embracing all kinds of beliefs and systems of beliefs, religions and gods, hidden forces and spirits higher than us, but they have never found the exact truth.

Perhaps this kind of mysticism is what makes our world go round, since we always strive to reach higher knowledge, higher levels of consciousness and so on.

Our scientific endeavors are amazing and we have discovered so much about the world by using a scientific approach.

However, there are always phenomena and events and occurrences science cannot explain.

In fact, it sometimes appears that science and the spiritual could even go hand in hand.

We would love to know if there was a higher force organizing this world.

Some people are convinced there was and their faith is strong; others are reluctant to accept something like that as a fact, but it seems that all people wonder the same.

Some people claim they got signs from above, guidance and protection.

Angels and angelic guidance are related to all these questions. The belief in angels could be found throughout the antiquity, throughout history, to modern days.

Believing in angels does not necessarily exclude or include other beliefs in their strict form.

At last, we are free to choose to believe or not, or to want to believe.

Guardian Angels

Talking about angels, it has been said that there were many of them and that they have hierarchy and orders.

Guardian angels could come from any angelic order; they are not some separate class of angels, to say.

It was an angelic office to be a guardian to a human being. According to beliefs in guardian angels, each human being has a guardian.

Depending on the source, it is said that an individual has one or two or more guardian angels.

In Christianity, it is said that the angel was assigned to you as your personal guardian the day you were baptized and, thus, spiritually born.

This angel would remain by your side to the end of your life, watching over you, supporting you in the time of need, guiding you.

Some sources say guardian angels could come and go, depending on the type of support you need. In any case, you are never alone; guardian angels are there for you.

Even in the times you feel as all hope was gone, guardian angels care about you and they would offer you their guidance. You could pray to your guardian angel to hear you.

However, even people who do not pray or do not even believe in guardian angels were said to have their celestial guardians.

Whatever the case, guardian angels communicate with us through different mediums.

They are immaterial and they would use a physical form and appear in front of our eyes in extremely rare situation and only to certain chosen people.

Angelic Messages

In general, angels do not interfere with our lives directly. They work through angelic messages that are hidden, but not impossible to reach, notice, recognize and interpret.

Angels want us to recognize their messages and learn something from them. Angelic messages are always sent to us out of good and pure intentions.

Even if they appear odd, they should never scare you.

Angelic messages come through various channels and in different form.

Sometimes they are flickering lights, pleasant, indescribable and pleasant smells that come out of nowhere, strange noise, symbols, numbers, letters, specific colors, even.

Those with good intuition and spiritually inclined would probably recognize it easier.

However, angels would repeat their signs, so that you could get it.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

One of the forms in which angelic messages appear are numerical sequences, angel numbers.

Any number could be an angelic message, but there are ways to distinguish those from ‘common’ numbers.

If you keep seeing the same numerical sequence or a number all over again, in strange places, including even dreams or hearing them in a conversation, it could be an angel number.

If a number you keep seeing makes you wonder about it, but you cannot even explain to yourself why, it would be useful to interpret it through (angelic) numerology.

If the number simply strikes you with a strange feeling, as if your intuition is trying to tell you it was important, we warmly suggest looking into its meaning.

Angel Number 1029

Angel number 1029 is multi-digit number and, thus, a complex message.

Sometimes, such a number could reflect a birth date, so it is also interesting to look into it.

In any case, this is a complex one, so it should be the best to analyze it step by step.

Such numerical sequences have many layers and levels of meaning.

Your guardian angels want to say something to you.

Angel Number 1029 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1029 consists of digits 1, 0, 2 and 9, so those should be taken as the first and the most obvious part of the message. Each has a specific meaning and vibe.

Numbers resonate with cosmic energies, each one in a specific way.

Combination of numbers gives a very specific and unique energetic flow.

On a second level, we analyze this number as two numbers, 10 and 29.

In order to reach the meaning of this layer, we will sum up their digits; the process leaves us with numbers 1 and 2, which we already have. This means that their energies were strong in this angelic message.

The last but definitely not the least important is the overall sum of digits. It equals number 3 (because the sum of the digits equals 12, and 1 and 2 are obviously 3).

Let us discuss the numbers in brief. Number 1 represents new beginnings and success, ambition and goals, will, power, personal strength, positivity and activity, glory, masculine attributes, fulfillment and achievement.

Number 2 is not that self-focused; it represents relationships, partnerships, diplomacy, peace, harmony, kindness, compassion, connections.

Number 3 represents youthfulness, enthusiasm, curiosity, adventurous spirit, imagination, inspiration, wandering spirit, creativity, individualism, communication, travel, sociability, rhythm, passion, self-expression, humor, artistic tendencies and freedom.

Zero represents all potentials and opportunities the ultimate source of everything, the infinity, wholeness.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1029

Angel number 1029 suggest that your guardian angels want you to be who you are.

They believe in you and your incredible potentials, when it comes to expressing your feelings, your inspiration, thoughts and ideas.

What you probably cannot figure out was the best channel to do that, which possibly leaves you bit lost and confused.

You have great inner strength and you should be proud of who you are.

However, since your ambitions and self-expectations were likely high and you were a particularly creative, unique, freedom-seeking individual, who enjoys socializing, but not actually makes solid bonds, it probably happens that you completely neglect people around you, even your closest ones.

You simply take such connections for granted and you expect that everyone just accept you as a unique, restless and ambitious person, with fantastic ideas about personal goals and else.

However, you actually lack the warmth of human interaction, the closeness. You cannot feel or see it as long as you were successful and optimistic about your goals.

However, every one of us sometimes faces failure or needs a little help of friends; it does not have to be a catastrophe, but something that would make you realize you actually need other people.

Your generally positive and self-sufficient attitude leaves people with an impression you do not need their help, advice or even warm, gentle touch.

Therefore, just try to get closer to people. It will not hurt your reputation and make you less interesting to people.

On the contrary, once you relax in that way, you will find even greater motivation and courage to go on with your ideas and goals.

In addition, try to be more supportive of others, if you were not; that is, if you treat them the same way you have made them to treat you – as super humans.

Angel Number 1029 and Love

Everything said above applies to romantic relationships.

Although you might appear a fantastic and impressive figure, always on the run, enthusiastic, charismatic and self-confident, you leave an impression of an unreachable person, probably unconsciously.

Maybe you wonder why you were alone, if you were.

Try to let people get closer to you, make bonds, make friendships, actually, and let yourself to fall in love with someone.