1036 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The term angel resounds with melodies of very ancient past and experience of the human world. An angel is a messenger from Heaven, a spirit created by the most high, the Creator.

In art and religious sources, angels were often depicted as beautiful beings in human shape, with wings or more than one pair of wings.

It is said that they were ethereal and that they could take any form it pleases them.

Angels are limited by bonds of space and time, but only to certain point, not in the way we humans were. They are pure spirits and they are intelligent, having free will.

Some think of angels as pure energetic fields, in an abstract form, without clothing them into any bodies at all. In any case, angels are forms of energy, God created and caring about the human world.

The very term angel means ‘a messenger’, meaning a divine one. In that sense, angels follow heavenly laws and they pass the divine blessings to us.

Angels do have free will and they willingly serve the divine purpose.

There were several orders of angels, since they do have hierarchy, but angelology will not be our focus.

Guardian Angels

What interest us here are guardian angels. They are angels assigned to us even before we were born, bound with our soul, some sources say.

Many people communicate with angels on the subconscious level, without even knowing it.

We will talk about angelic messages and about how to recognize them later on. Are guardian angels some specific class or an order?

No, because the guardianship we talk about was their angelic task, that is, an angelic office.

Guardian angels come from any angelic order. People have their guardian throughout the whole life.

Some sources say each human being has at least two guardian angels, while some others suggest we have even more guardian angels.

Regardless of the position you take, the most important thing is that we were never alone; guardian angels watch over us all the time. Their guardianship is subtle and they rarely appear in human world.

Guardian angels send us various messages, in order to assure us of their guidance, that is, the guidance of Heaven, especially in moments when we lose our hope.

Guardian angels are here to guide us, not to do things on our behalf. Angels do not actively engage with human lives.

They would not make negative things in your life magically to disappear nor would they resolve problems in your place. They would help you to find your own strength and do everything on your own.

Angels would help you to regain your self-confidence or to build it, but most importantly, they would help you find faith and belief in yourself, in the purest and the most benevolent way.

Angels teach us that we all can be good, if only we recognize, value, nurture our qualities, and improve our weak or corrupted points.

Angelic Messages

Angels operate through different mediums. Guardian angels send us various types of messages in order to draw our attention; sometimes those messages come as an answer to our call, for angels listen to us.

However, most people were unaware of angelic presence in our lives. Some say we have grown estranged from those higher spheres.

It is never too late to reestablish or, better to say, to reinforce the connection we have with our heavenly guardians, because it has never been gone.

Guardian angels are always by our side and they do their best to support us and show us the love of heaven.

They do so by making us believe. In hard times, they would send us the sign of the heavenly guidance.

In other times, they would send us messages of guidance, of fortune and blessing or simply a message of affirmation and love.

A lovely dove, a butterfly, a white feather, a star, a symbol or an image, a letter, a number…all of these could be mediums of guardian angels.

Let us now see into a very specific type of angelic messages, angel numbers.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers are numbers sent to you and chosen by your guardian angels.

Numbers are magical on their own, to say. Numbers hold the energy of cosmos within; numbers resonate with energies of the divine and each one has a specific vibration.

Numerical sequences tell us much about the world we live in.

We use numbers to measure the world, but numbers answer back, resonating with cosmic energies.

Angel Number 1036

Any number guardian angels could choose to send you.

Angel number 1036 is just a common number, but if you keep seeing it for a longer period, in different places, it could be a message from the above.

This particular angel number has four digits, which makes it a complex one, just as it makes its message complex.

Multi digit numbers usually tell much about the person to whom the message was sent.

Angel Number 1036 Composition Meaning

Let us analyze this angelic number systematically, for it has more layers.

Angel number 1036 consists of numbers 1, 0, 3 and 6. We shall see into each one of these, for we could take it as the first, the obvious level.

The next one are two numbers, 10 and 36; if we some up the digits of these, we have numbers 1 and 9. The last level, the base, the sum of all digits equals 10, that is, 1.

Number 1, which is both the base and the beginning of the sequence, represents great potential, self-confidence, ambition, goals, fresh start, success, individuality, independence, glory, fame, accomplishments.

With a strong focus on the self, it skips everything between the start and a victorious result.

On a negative side, its vibe could turn into aggression, lack of will and arrogance.

Zero represents the source of all energy, alpha and omega, the divine energy and infinity.

As such, it amplifies the vibration of the number it stands along and it represents all the possible opportunities.

Number 3 represents youthfulness, vivacity, enthusiasm, travel, adventure and curiosity. It represents pleasure and joy, fun and laughter, adaptability and movement.

Number 6 represents unconditional love, care, nurture, guardianship, harmony and peace, protection, parenthood.

It stands for the humanitarian in us, for compassion, for self-sacrifice and selflessness.

Let us now see what do these numbers tell, when understood as a coherent message. This angel number is mostly a reflection of your personality.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1036

In it, everything begins and ends with the self, with personal will and personal goals. To certain point, it is very good! It means you have a lot of courage and you believe in yourself.

However, it also suggests you were probably not particularly trustful; you rely only on yourself. You do have the sense of humanitarian, you are willing to help, but mostly to prove your virtue.

To whom? Probably to yourself. This is not a bad thing, but consider trusting people more. When we say that, it means that you do not know everything.

Sometimes your desire to help someone could be counterproductive; do not try to be a savior and save everyone from what they do not want to be saved. This requires a closer touch with people.

Your restless, adventurous and very positive spirit overall leads you to many people and, true, you meet many people throughout your life. However, most of them appear strangers. You come and go, acting very heroic, at occasions.

While this is not negative per se, do consider what other people actually want (in life and, especially, from you).

Angel Number 1036 and Love

When it comes to romantic relationship and generally very emotional connections, such as those within family or with close friends, you definitely lack actual understanding of people close to you.

Oh, you are compassionate and you care for justice, for peace, for well-being of the human world.

However, somehow you miss out the actual needs of people close to you. Your partner might feel neglected.

If you were not in a relationship, it is very hard to reach you, since you have a strong Ego and you are living the role of the one who helps others, respectful and admirable one, but it leaves you alone, in times you actually need someone by your side, a loving partner, a warm hand of a friend.

You are probably a type who would never ask for help. You should do so and let people into your life.