Angel Number 2353 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Our guardian angels are always trying to reach us and direct us to something that can change our lives.

Their messages and advices can truly transform us as human beings, so we should always listen to them carefully.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the angel number 2353 and how this angel number affects our life.

Angel Number 2353 – Interesting information

The angel number 2353 symbolizes Karma.  Karma stands for the principle of cause and effect.

So the law of karma does not just mean the act alone, but also the consequence for the person who performs it – you give back what you give into it. Karma is a balancing mechanism. Popularly, it’s mostly about negative things.

In this article, we want to “ground” the karma term a bit, soberly describing the law of energy always returning to the origin.

I do not want to go into specific religions. Even though that seems to be exciting at first because of the different conceptual understanding, I do not find the dogmatic attitudes of different religions either expedient or satisfying to approach spirituality.

Also like to read my contribution to spirituality in everyday life. Karma describes the principle of cause and effect, but not only on the physical level, but on the energetic level. It is connected to the cycle of rebirths.

Each act is understood as the cause of a later consequence, which manifests itself in the form of life circumstances, situations, events or other repercussions on the actor.

But in the good as well as in the bad. We attract what we send out.

Accordingly, the current situation in which we find ourselves is the result of our actions in the past – on a small scale as well as on a large scale.

Once again this is a law of the universe, not a dictatorial judgment or the punishment of a deity. One is always responsible for one’s karma.

Simply put, what people understand as karma is nothing more than an energetic balancing process.

Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 2353 is a combination of powerful numbers 2, 3 and 5.

These numbers all have their own messages for us.

The angel number 2 is a symbol of duality and leaning on people we love. This is sometimes necessary in order to find true happiness and peace.

The angel number 3 is a symbol of spirituality while number 5 symbolizes knowledge and learning as we go through life.

Number 2353 in Love

The angel number 2353 is telling you to look at your own actions and to be careful how you treat others.

Karma accumulated in actual life can be brought to consciousness directly, for example through conscious breathing techniques or psycho-hygiene exercises.

Older karma information, energy impulses of events or experiences of past lives, can be detected and decrypted by sensitive people.

Since this is only possible through matured higher senses, the question remains how the individual can dissolve old karmic strains.

Once again, it is recommended to learn meditation as a means of subliminal contact with energy potentials, which can serve to understand all soul vices.

A more convenient (astrological) means of deriving one’s own potential and tasks is a Chinese horoscope or an Indian horoscope or a Celtic horoscope. It can tell you which main qualities you start in this life and what you can do with it.

In the “book of your life” there is again a karma-horoscope that has been calculated exactly for you personally.

Of course, reading it does not guarantee that you will grow in awareness. It is a passive form of stimulation, but it can contribute to the resolution of legacies because you will see yourself differently than before.

In the end, however, to fully understand your own karma, a process of transformation may be set in motion that enables one to bring to consciousness certain previously unconscious things of the current and past lives.

The goal here too is processing through the psyche, which, however, happens here mostly indirectly, for example through active dreams.

Also in order to stay in the here and now, we recommend consciousness maturity, which we can achieve through meditation. If we are a little lacking in inner stability, so that we are vulnerable to external influences, energetic protection (click here) should be established. It can help us prevent the uptake of negative karma by learning to react less strongly to external events.

Ironically, in order to avoid negative influences, we should also focus intensely on the evil in humans (click here).

Only by understanding how our inner dark side works, what it reveals to us, and how it can serve us can we turn negative loads into positive ones – and thereby also improve our karma.

In addition to meditation, the most direct way to treat all its sides equally is to take ayahuasca or DMT – but be careful here and the appropriate post here on the blog will inform you.

Facts about Number 2353

The number 2353 is a prime number and a very important number in mathematics.


This powerful number is a life changer, but only if you truly want to see these changes.

First of all, it is simply important for us to begin with: the elimination of negative karma has many advantages so listen to your guardian angels in order to see true changes in life. open your soul and the blessings will come.