1045 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Since early times, there have been stories about guardian angels, heavenly beings that follow each human individual throughout the lifetime, helping him or her throughout their earthly life. Great monotheistic religions, Abrahamic religions, all mention angelic beings.

Angels are spirits created by God, they are higher beings than humans are and they have free will.

Angels of Heaven have hierarchy and ranks; angelology deals with this subject int6o detail. Angels are energetic beings close to the essence of our soul.

We associate angels with everything being good, godly and pure. We would use the term angel when referring to someone who has been kind towards others, a person who puts others before him or herself, someone selfless, compassionate and humanitarian.

This is because angels are indeed selfless beings, ethereal spirits that watch over human world.

Angels are messengers of God and here we will specifically deal with one type of messages that could come to us from angels, angel numbers.

Angels are in touch with our world, even if it seems we have grown distant from those higher spheres.

Angels are usually imagined as splendid, beautiful winged beings, similar to humans.

We cannot fathom their true essence, just as our own soul remains elusive to us, so we picture them the way our mind and heart could comprehend.

Some people claim to have seen angels and, if you look into religious texts, you will read about certain encounters with angelic beings.

The term angel translates into ‘a messenger’; a Hebrew word mal’akh originally, translated into Greek angelos. Indeed, angels carry heavenly messages to us.

Guardian angels are our personal heavenly guides. They are assigned each human and they do a pleasant task of support, love and guidance; angels love their heavenly mission.

Guardian Angels

Heavenly guides assigned to us before our birth or upon one’s baptism, depending on the source, do not come from a particular order of angels. They are angels with a specific assignment.

Guardian angels follow us throughout our lifetime, helping us discover our own potential and inner strength.

Guardian angels want us to follow the path of goodness, but they would never force us to do anything.

Their effect is subtle, their guidance gentle and pure. Guardian angels listen to human prayers, even if we never address angels.

Angels feel our needs, the needs of the human soul.

If you listen carefully, you will hear ore, better to say, feel their voice. Guardian angels do not deal with our problems in our place nor do they make decisions instead of us.

Guardian angels show us the way towards light, but they do so in a way that we actually find our path ourselves. Guardian angels awaken the best in you and make you believe in goodness.

Most importantly, they make you believe that there is much good in you.

These celestial guides would always be by your side.

Angelic Messages

You might wonder about how angels communicate with people, if they do not walk amongst us on regular bases or appear in front of us upon our call.

Many people are unaware of the angelic guidance, which does not mean angels have abandoned them.

Angels would stay by your side until the end of your days on this world. They would send you signs of encouragement, love, support and guidance.

How would you know if angels were somewhere around? Angelic presence could be experienced in many ways.

Some people claim that they have seen angels, which is not entirely impossible, but it happens on extremely rare occasions.

Angels often send signs of their guidance, such as flickering lights, specific symbols, words, letters, numbers or something else.

Angelic message are always good; no angelic message is ever meant to bring you any harm or trouble.

If you ignore those signs, it would be a pity, but the fact that you have neglected them or completely ignored them would not harm you per se.

You could learn how to register angelic messages; many people advise mediation or similar practices.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Some angelic messages would come in form of numbers. Such messages are often very powerful and they have specific vibrations, besides their meaning.

Complex numbers carry multi-layered messages, while single-digit numbers or those with same digits usually carry a more straightforward message and a direct energetic flow.

Angel numbers usually reaper in the receiver’s life over an extended period.

Angel numbers could be any of the numbers; angels would carefully choose a number for you.

Numbers are vibrations of the universe; they are rays of the cosmic energy, in a way. The energy of numbers is powerful.

Therefore, messages angels send us using numbers are not only meaningful, but also powerful, effective.

Angel numbers do not have to be striking in appearance and sometimes a receiver needs time until he or she actually realizes the angelic number was in question.

People who are in closer touch with guardian angels, through meditation or prayer, could recognize angel numbers more easily.

Others would usually recognize them through repetitive occurrence.

Angel Number 1045

Angel number 1045 is a complex and very interesting message from angels.

Four digit numbers serve as a mirror and guidance; these numbers have more than one level of meaning and, as such, they represent who you are wt this moment, where you stand and help you see your own weaknesses and advantages.

This angel number should be analyzed in segments, since it was complex.

Each element of this number has its meaning and purpose and together they form a coherent whole and a meaningful message.

Such angel numbers are reflecting and they would help you know yourself much better.

Angel Number 1045 Composition Meaning

This number consists of four digits, four numbers, 1, 0, 4 and 5.

On a second level, it consists of two numbers, 10 and 45, that is, 1 and 9, once we sum up the digits.

On a base level, the sum of all the digits equals 10, which gives us 1, once again.

With strong vibration of number 1, it means you must have a very strong sense of self and a strong Ego.

Number one represents strength of will, authority, leadership, bravery, daring spirit, action, goals and victory, success, glory and fame.

On a bad side, it resonates with arrogance, violence, forcefulness, being too proud of oneself.

Zero represents all and nothing, the source of all potentials; it is a God force number and the one that reinforces other numbers and their vibration.

Four stands for tradition and traditional values, respect, responsibility, justice, honesty, loyalty, self-discipline, organization, order and reliance.

Number 5 represents uniqueness, individualism, freedom, experience and learning through experience, life lessons, optimism, courage and inventiveness.

Number 90 is a spiritual one, humanitarianly and selfless.

Number 9 represents divine wisdom, higher purpose, mercy, forgiveness, altruism, higher plan and higher goals, purpose, ideals, spiritual journey and spiritual awakening.

This combination of numbers create a powerful flow of energy and makes one an impressive personality.

Meaning and symbolism of Angel Number 1045

Number 1045 suggests you have a very strong personality and will. You believe in your cause and you tend to plan big.

You are inventive and independent in your ideas, capable of organizing yourself and planning ahead.

You lead your ideals guide you and they are usually associated with roots, with heritage and certain traditional values, most likely religious.

You care about the community and have enough of self-integrity not to let anyone manipulates you and uses your good will for their own causes.

You know exactly what to do, relying on your good instinct, amongst other things.

All this makes you an impressive an admirable person. What you probably lack is a little bit more warmth in closer contacts.

Angel Number 1045 and Love

This is typically situation with those who are self-confident, brave and who do many good things for the people overall.

It often does not leave much space for gentle and close intimate relationships, from a connecting with a partner to connections within the family.

You probably simply take these things for granted and tend to follow certain rules.

You simply expect that members within the family should respect one another and that all should rely on traditional family values.

Moreover, you often see yourself as the commander. The same is in a romantic relationship.

You should probably let your passionate vibrations guide you more; you have it within.