1043 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Sometimes we all wonder were there some kind spirits to watch over us.

Are we guided by the Heaven above? Could this material world be all we have? Such questions have been asked since the dawn of civilization and probably even before that.

One of many beliefs associated with higher forces and heavenly guidance is the one about angels and, specifically, guardian angels.

We are familiar with the term of angels from biblical texts and related religious sources; angels are usually associated with Abrahamic religions.

The term angel means ‘a messenger’, one from God. It comes from a Hebrew word, translated into Greek as angelos and angelus in Latin. Angels are God’s messengers.

In common talk, people associate the term of an angel with many positive concepts, such as kindness, purity, goodness, beauty, care, love and selflessness.

We often call good people angels or say that they have a heart of angel or that their beauty was angelic, meaning pure, innocent, gentle and positive.

The selfless, the kind, the compassionate, people who help others without asking anything in return, they were angels in our eyes.

And for a good reason, since angels of heaven are believed to be kind and loving immaterial spirits, godly beings that care about humankind and human world.

They are ethereal, not bounded by limitations of space or time in the way humans are. Angels could take a physical form if they choose to do so.

We usually imagine them as beautiful beings, winged and splendid, just as you could see in many majestic works of art. Angels have hierarchy and different orders, some of which were archangels, seraphim and cherubim.

We know some of the archangels by their names; Michael and Gabriel, for instance. Who are guardian angels?

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are those angels assigned to each person, to be by their side during the person’s lifetime.

Guardian angels are not specific type of angels, but angels with a special task – the guardianship, although all angels do love us and care about us.

However, a guardian angel is your personal heavenly guardian.

According to Christian beliefs, a guardian angel is assigned to an individual upon baptism.

Guardian angels would protect and guide the individual throughout the lifetime.

The belief in guardian angels could be taken more freely, so people these days often associate angels and their influence with alternative beliefs and practices.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with it, since we all have the freedom to conceptualize certain beliefs and understand the unfathomable forces of heaven the way it pleases us.

We are all on a spiritual journey and it makes our life amazing; it make us grow, discover and learn more about the world, the whole immeasurable realm we are a part of and, most importantly, about ourselves.

Angelic Messages

Guardian angels are always by our side, although we cannot see them. They communicate with, even if we do not pay attention to it.

Some people have never even thought about guardian angels, but that does not mean they cannot hear you.

Guardian angels do not need prayers to know about the needs of your soul; you could call on them, address them and learn how to listen to their guidance, though.

Angels work through messages, which has many good sides. In facts, all sides of an angelic influence must be good, for angels have no Ego, they are not punishers, they cannot be jealous or mad at you, only sad if you fail to understand the voices of heaven.

Angels believe in you and they will make you believe in yourself, too.

Guardian angels often send us different signs; angelic signs are good omens and blessings.

A sudden inexplicable sound or a pleasing though hardly identifiable smell, a change in the temperature of the place you find yourself in, a symbol such as feathers, stars, white doves or so, all could be signs of angelic blessing.

These signs often appear in our lives when we are worried about something or when we feel hopeless, so we need a bit of encouragement from above.

Sometimes angels send you these signs when things are well, just to assure us that things are well indeed, if we start doubting our current situation.

At times, angels would send you messages with more complex meanings.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers are a very interesting category of angelic messages. Numbers have power of their own, being vibrations of cosmic energies themselves.

Each number has specific flow of energy. Angels would use numbers to send you messages of great power and of guidance.

Any number they could choose. You will know that you have received an angel number.

Such numbers may appear ordinary or striking (such as big same-digits numbers, for instance) and it is characteristic that they keep repeating in your life, during a certain phase of your life.

You will notice such numbers all around the place or your inner voice would tell you – a message from heaven, there you go!

Angel Number 1043

Angel number 1043 is a multi digit number with a complex angelic meaning.

This number, like other four digit ones, reminds of a historical medieval year, so, if you are a big history fan, you could look into that, as well – possibly it would have some special meaning to you.

Your angels send you this number for a reason and they want you to listen to your inner voice in order to interpret it.

We shall analyze it systematically, because this number has more than one level. Together, they make a meaningful message.

Angelic numbers of such complexity are usually a great reflection of the personality of the receiver, meant to point out your good sides and your weaknesses if there were some you should work on right now.

Angel Number 1043 Composition Meaning

Let us see into this number in detail. Angel number 1043 consists of numbers 1, 0, 4 and 3.

It could also be observed as numbers 10 and 43, which gives us numbers 1, again, and 7, when we sum up the digits.

The sum of all digits results in number 8, the base of this angelic number. What are these numbers about?

Angel number 1 stands for new beginnings, but also successful goals, achievements, good results. This is the number of courage, optimism, bravery, motivation and drive. It makes one self-confident and noble, but could also make you arrogant and lacking the strength of will.

Number zero reinforces energies of other numbers, representing all potentials ever.

Number 4 represents systems of value, organization, order, discipline, tradition, traditional values, seriousness and responsibility. It stands for dignity, integrity and loyalty.

Number 3 represents youthfulness, enthusiasm, sociability, travel and communication.

Number 7 carries spiritual vibrations, representing one’s spiritual journey, awakening, philosophy.

Seven stands for isolation, knowledge and learning in a wide sense. It represents perfectionism, chastity and wisdom.

Number 8 is often associated with wealth, stability, income, steadiness, calmness, effort, provision, patience and overall balance. It is associated with material values, but also with steadiness of the mind and pragmatism.

Now let us find out what do these numbers reflect altogether.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1043

Angel number 1043 reflects your personality and your current state of being.

You are an individual with a well-established set of values and you tend to have a stable life, although your worldview is far from being narrow and restricted.

You posses great spiritual depth, but you also have great enthusiasm to set your sail and experience the world in practice.

This is great, but it could lead to an inner conflict, if you do not find a good way to balance it.

On one side, you would like to have a situated life and you hold on traditional values.

On the other side, you question everything and also think how material world is not that important as spiritual one.

You have a tendency to break away from all bonds, but your roots always call you back.

Angel Number 1043 and Love

Just as we have said above, you may feel torn between two sides of your personality at times, finding it very hard to choose between them.

This leaves little time for making bonds with people and committing to a romantic partner.

You probably long for one, but first you have to resolve the inner conflict. It is never a simple road.

However, it is not a road of disaster, but a path of learning about yourself and growing.

Angels send you this number in order to emphasize this inner split, in order to help you put things together, realizing that both were equally important.

Once you get closer to this realization, you will also be ready to commit to someone; you will let yourself fall in love.