1050 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Heaven communicates with us, all the time, even in some of those moments when we feel as if God abandoned humankind or when you feel as if the whole universe has given up on you.

Heaven never gives up on humankind and that highest force somewhere up there cares about us, however unlikely it may seem at times.

Prayers in a religious institution are not the only way to connect with higher realms.

Many people are wrong to think that you could reach divine ears only if you constantly pray. Well, there is something in, for sure.

However, heaven knows about needs and wishes of your heart and soul; sometimes, even better than you know.

Messengers that participate in that incredible bond between heaven and humankind are angels.

The very term angel means ‘a messenger’; originally, it comes from Hebrew and it was translated into Greek as angelos.

Angels are indeed messengers from Heaven. They are beings of incredible spiritual energy. Angels are immaterial and somewhat affected by the limits of space and time, though not in a way we humans are.

Angels are often a synonym for something pure, bright, beautiful, positive and innocent. We would often refer to a person of extremely selfless and good heart as an angel. Terms such as angelic heart or angelic beauty are also very common.

All of this speaks a lot about how angels are perceived by people and how much they are loved.

On their side, angels do not actually ask our love; they are egoless beings and they do not require our gratitude and praise, although they will feel happy if we realize how precious the very concept of love, support and kindness is.

Angels watch over human world and guide us throughout our earthly lifetimes. Apart from angels overall, we have guardian angels.

Guardian Angels

Angelology, the study of angels and their orders and roles, defines several angelic ranks, but guardian angels are not amongst them.

This is because guardian angels are not an order; they are simply personal angels, angels assigned to a human individual.

They could belong to any order, but they have a special task. Guardian angels are your personal heavenly guides.

They enjoy their mission; angels have free will and they gladly follow the path of Heaven.

The question of angelic free will has been debated ever since and there are different conceptions, to be honest.

We take the position of angels having their own will. Guardian angels are the same as other angels, only they are assigned to a specific human individual.

How do they guard you? Angels watch over you all the time. Some sources claim people have more than one guardian angel.

Whatever the case, you are never alone, they would never abandon you, although you cannot see them.

Angels guard us in a very subtle way, through various channels, by sending us valuable and useful messages.

Angelic Messages

Messages guardian angels send us could be very subtle. People often ask about how they could know if an angel is near.

As ethereal beings, angels dwell in higher spheres, beyond our conscience and ability of comprehension.

However, certain manifestations of higher energy proves us angels are by our side.

For example, a sudden change in temperature, an inexplicable pleasant smell or noise, certain light phenomena, all could be a sign of angelic presence.

Angels send us such signs in order to reinforce our faith, to help us find faith, if we have lost it and if we feel alone and abandoned.

If we feel nice and happy, such signs are blessings, assurance that all is fine and that Heaven cares.

Angels do not send us messages and signs only when we are in need of help; many times those signs are expression of heavenly love, a seal of our faith and belief in ourselves.

Angels believe in us and so we should believe in ourselves. Angelic messages are guidance and support, reflections, rarely warnings.

Some messages could be complex and need to be deciphered, interpreted in close detail.

Angel numbers, for example, are such kind of messages, especially if we deal with big, multi-digit numbers. Let us see into them.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angels could choose to send you a number, as a message.

If you keep seeing the same number again and again, it is very likely a message from your guardian angels. It could be literally any number.

Since numbers are extremely powerful (numerology is the right thing to look into), numerical sequences angels send us posses specific vibration and a message.

Single-digit, simple numbers send straight forwards flow of energy and a very explicit message.

However, complex ones, such as number 1050, require deeper analysis.

Such numbers may appear insignificant, because they do not look striking, considering the digits combo. However, often such numbers hide very complex and useful meanings.

Angel Number 1050

Angel number 1050 consists of numbers 1, 5 and two zeros.

On a second level, it is a combination of two numbers, 10 and 50, which is, 1 and 5, once again, since summing to one digit is a common process in here.

Finally, the sum of all digits equals 6 and it is another level of this interesting angelic number.

Now we shall discuss each of these numbers, for they make important parts of the message.

Let us start with zero this time. Zero represents infinity, freedom, no limitations, universal energy, alpha and omega, which is beginnings and endings overall, meaning, actually, that there were no beginnings and endings at all.

Zero represents oneness and wholeness, but also emptiness and nothingness. Zero is a path to the source of all; it represents all the potentials and choices.

As such, zero amplifies the energy of numbers it appears with; it emphasizes given potentials.

Number 1 stands for actual beginnings, for goals and achievements. It resonates with vibrations of independence, uniqueness, instinct, activity, drive, raw energy, fame, glory and fulfillment. It is also associated with dominance, arrogance and aggression.

Number 5 represents freedom, uniqueness, the unconventional, versatility, vision, visionary spirit, cleverness, inventiveness, sensuality, magnetism, expansion, charisma, health and vitality, progress and making choices, learning from experience.

Number 6 stands for unconditional love, servility, harmony, altruism, self-sacrifice, peacefulness, grace, reliability, humanitarianism.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1050

As we can clearly see, this angel number emphasizes and incredible individualistic potential.

This angel number tells about you as of a person of great enthusiasm for progress, invention, growth, someone full of optimism, visionary, idealistic and probably very charismatic.

You are a leader, rather than a follower, and a leader of an inspirational sort.

However, it also seems as if you are not obsessed with a role of a leader; you do not need acknowledgments and rewards, you do not ask for it.

Victory at all cost or a high status are not your goals, they do not especially motivate you, which we would say is a truly noble thing.

You simply do what you like to do and you see not to harm people on your path.

In fact, you have a piece of a humanitarian within. As a visionary type, you possibly have an idea, or an image, of a society in which people would live happily; or at least happier than they are now.

You easily adapt to new situations and find it good to help others. You are a generous person, probably loved by many. However, something seems to be missing.

People of visionary attitude, idealists and those who do not only dream, but also work on making their visions come true, often neglect some of their deeper needs and certain people around them.

You stand on a high hill and see the world and it is nice of you that you want to make it a better place. However, you do not see the village on slopes of your hill.

Angel Number 1050 and Love

This angel number has much to do with love, in terms we have discussed in the previous paragraph.

While you certainly have love for the people, the humanity and the world, you forget to show love to those closest to you, people who honestly and deeply care about you.

It is not that you do not love them; on the contrary, but you take it for granted. They possibly miss you, even if you were near.

Therefore, what your angels are trying to tell you is that you should probably turn your focus on closer surroundings and show a part of all that love and kindness to those who actually care about you the most.

It could be your romantic partner, your spouse, your brother or sister, your parents, your best friend.

Apart from this, it could happen that you have neglected your own needs, your romantic needs, your human need to have someone by your side.

You got lost in your grandiose (noble and worth of every admiration) visions, so you have forgotten that you were only a human in need for love. In moments you remain alone, this feeling creeps in.

Your angels want you to be happy; they remind you to listen to your heart. The world could wait at least for a little bit.