1049 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Heavenly energies permeate this world, although, most of the time, we are unaware of it.

Occupied by our daily routine, focusing mostly on practical material things, we do not spend much time contemplating over the questions of the higher wisdom, grounds of existence, spiritual forces and else.

It does not apply to everyone, of course, but we could agree on majority.

Anyway, Heaven cares about us. Faith and religion have always been around, it seems.

Spiritual beliefs, all kinds of religious systems and philosophies that often come along, alternative paths of spirituality and so much more are all our ways to find some higher purpose, to get a better insight into the mystery of our existence.

One of common beliefs, one that has survived through ages, is the belief in angels and, specifically here, guardian angels. Who are angels? What kind of beings are they?

Angels appear in different religious systems and we are all familiar with angelic concepts and angelology from Abrahamic religions. They are slightly different.

The belief in angels is also associated with some other spiritual paths.

Angels are independent, heavenly spirits, belonging to higher levels of existence. They are pure and good and they have many tasks.

Angels are messengers from Heaven, divided into several orders, although all of them represent the same essence, so to say, spiritual, ethereal beings.

Angels are associated with peace, love, light, goodness, purity.

Guardian Angels

Angels are here at every moment, listening to wishes of our hearts, prayers of our soul.

Although some people say we have to address angels in order to receive their guidance, not everyone agree.

Angels watch over human world and each person has an angel assigned to his or her soul, a guardian angel.

Guardian angel will remain by your side, even if you never explicitly call for the angelic help.

Guardians from Heaven do not compose a specific angelic order; they are simply angels on a mission, a very special one and it is also your mission.

A guardian angel specifically cares about one human soul. People could have more than one guardian angel, according to needs.

These caring spirits do no evil, they do not punish people or teach them cruel lessons of life, but they help you learn lessons of life yourself.

They assist you on your road of goodness and help you realize how much potentials you posses.

Many people are unaware of their own capabilities, because they have never believed in themselves.

Angels help us keep our faith. In times of hardship, they send us signs of encouragement and support, helping us to maintain our confidence and belief.

In good times, angels send us blessings and signs from Heaven, because they want us never to forget good things and they wish we valued everything we need, everything Heaven has granted and everything we have created by our own hands.

Angelic Messages

Guardian angels are always present, but we cannot see them. They use various channels to send us their messages of love and support.

Angels are there to send us messages from heaven and to guide us throughout our lifetime.

Their messages are precious and it would be amazing if we learn how to read them. No angelic message is ever meant to bring you any harm.

Angels would make sure you receive a message; moreover, they know what kind of a message would suit the situation.

Sometimes they send us beautiful, lovely symbols that speak to our soul and assure us angels are there.

Other times, angelic messages are like a mirror; they could be very reflective and complex. Such messages help us see where we stand.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

One type of angelic messages are angel numbers. Angel numbers could be very straightforward or complex.

Single digit numbers possess great and very clean energetic vibe, since each number is the energy itself; numbers are energy of cosmos, vibrations of the universe.

Angelic numerology could help us understand the meaning behind numbers sent to us by guardian angels.

Angel numbers could be complex and multi-digit. Such numbers tell much about our personality and our current life circumstances.

There is always a perfectly good reason why would angels choose a specific number. If you wonder how to recognize an angel number, let us tell you.

Angel numbers are numbers as any other, but they usually appear repeatedly and consistently, until you notice them and start wondering about their meaning.

Angel Number 1049

Guardian angels sent you number 1049 and now you wonder about its meaning.

This angel number is not a striking same-digits-multi-digit one, so it has probably taken some time to notice it.

In any case, this is a complex and a powerful number. Since it has four digits, this number has a layered meaning.

It is a reflective number and a number of guidance. Let us see into its parts and its full meaning.

Angel Number 1049 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1049 is composed from four numbers, 1, 0, 4 and 9. Each has its own, specific vibration.

On another level, this is a number composed from two numbers, 10 and 49.

Summing digits to a single-digit is a common practice in numerology; once we sum digits of these two, we get numbers 1, again, and 4. The total sum of all four digits is 5.

Number 1 resonates with energies of glory and fame, success, leadership, authority. It stands for goals, for new beginnings and optimism.

This number could have an incredibly positive impact, but it could also lead into aggression, arrogance, weak will and insecurity.

Zero represents the source of all energy, the beginning and the ending, and it reinforces vibrations of other numbers.

Four is the number of order and tradition, of conventionality, organization, responsibility, discipline and seriousness.

Number 9 is deeply spiritual, a number of spiritual journey and awakening, of purpose, a number of humanitarian spirit, of self-sacrifice, selflessness, generosity, grace, of higher cause and higher purpose.

Number 5 represents innovation, uniqueness, creativity, individuality, genius, optimism and originality.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1049

Angel number 1049 appears to be very complex, since it encompasses several very important segments of one’s personality and emphasizes them all.

This number is a reflection of yourself at this moment; it should help you realize if there is something appearing overly emphasized.

You are definitely a person of great intellectual and spiritual potential.

However, although you seem to nurture both of these aspects and your individuality and uniqueness represent grounds for all of your activities, with your spirit open to the higher spheres and a bigger plan, you seem to be bound to certain systems of value that make you stagnate.

Having a well-establish system of value, a tradition, a set of principles is not per se a bad thing, of course.

However, you would probably consider being a bit more flexible.

You probably look at everything exclusively through this prism of certain conventions and even though you have amazing creative and innovative potential, you always return to the same set of principles.

Angels do not say you should abandon them; just open a window towards certain other possibilities.

Angel Number 1049 and Love

Love life is usually a reflection of your life as a whole. Therefore, what angels suggest is to be more open towards new opportunities.

When love life is in question, it means you should probably give chance to someone you actually like, but who does not perfectly fit into your already established rules and demands.

What you lack is ability to make compromises; in life and in love.

The cause is very simple, actually. Most people are afraid to let go some of their convictions, because they fear it would ruin their integrity and authority.

Well, it might appear so, but, on a long run, it would only make you grow and learn more about yourself.

When it comes to love, you should probably rely on your heart and intuition more than on your standards.