1056 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Since far past, people have believed that there was higher place than this our earth, the ground we thread.

Such belief is present in various mythological and religious traditions, in literature and art, in philosophy and related disciplines, studies and fields of interest.

The question of faith and higher realms has always been the source of incredible inspiration to people, from monks to kings, from soldiers to commoners, from the poorest to the richest.

There were times in your life when you probably wondered if someone watches over you, if there was Heaven, God, and his angels.

We say probably, because some people do not dwell upon such doubts at all; some firmly believe, others disbelieve and rely rather on the tangible and/or the exact.

Nevertheless, we assume you wondered about it; otherwise, you probably would not be reading this.

Belief in angels is old and everlasting, it seems. Through Abrahamic religions, people have believed in angels ever since. They are a bit different in different traditions.

Commonly, people refer to angels as good, heavenly spirits, created by the deity, pure and egoless. Angels are messengers of God, as the term angel actually transforms into ‘a messenger’.

We will talk about the nature and purpose of angelic messages in the following paragraphs, focusing on one specific type, angel numbers.

Let us first see into angels and into what they mean to us and what they represent. Angels are universal symbol for purity, chastity, goodness, light and love. In religion, literature and art, angels are said to be beautiful and pure.

Angels are ethereal spirits, somewhat limited by space and time, since they do need to take up certain time in order to travel from place to place. Their essence is spiritual, close to human soul.

Angels are created, but they themselves cannot create anything. They are heralds of good omens, of warnings, messengers of the highest Heaven.

Guardian Angels

You have certainly heard of guardian angels. They are personal angels, assigned to each human soul, companions from higher levels of existence, spirits that remain by our side until the end of our earthly days, although we cannot see them.

Guardian angels have a lovely task; they watch over us and assist us in times of need.

At other times, they send us blessings from Heaven. How it happens, if we do not see them or talk to them directly?

Well, angels work in mysterious ways. They send us various signs of their presence.

Guardian angels do not make decisions or act in our place. Guardian angels want us to believe in ourselves and in goodness of Heaven. They reinforce our faith.

Some sources claim you could learn how to communicate with angels, through meditation, for instance.

Be assured that your guardian angel always listen, even if you do not address or call for heavenly help. Heavens know the need of human souls and so do the angels.

Guardian angels know you; sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves, because they could feel vibrations we are unaware of.

Guardian angels would love us to use our full potential and we often need a bit of encouragement, a reinforcement of our faith.

Angels would not be angry with you if you are not faithful; they would try to light up that flame in you.

With a little more belief, we could achieve beautiful and great good things, for ourselves, for the people we love, for the whole world.

Angelic Messages

Guardian angels are messengers, our personal ones. They deliver to us guidance from Heaven, using different channels

. Their messages are sometimes clear, other time they require further and much deeper analyzes.

Nevertheless, angelic messages are meant for us to notice them; for this reason, an angelic message would never be something incomprehensible.

This is the reason why angels use various mediums and channels, they want us to be able to understand a message.

Understanding angelic messages requires an open mind and heart and a little bit of learning and practice.

People with very strong intuition would instantly recognize these signs along the road. Angelic messages come in various forms.

Let us give you few examples. A sign from guardian angels could be sudden change in room temperature, a sound out of nowhere, a feather, an animal – usually a white one – or something else.

Some of these occurrences have symbolic meanings, others are simply signs of Heaven’s good will and blessing.

Messages from angels could be more than acknowledging angelic guidance.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers belong to a category of more complex messages. Numbers themselves have tremendous power; when angels send you a number, they also send you a specific flow of energy.

Single-digit numbers have very strong and very direct vibration and typically more or less clear meaning.

Complex numbers, multi-digit ones, have more layers of meaning and a combo of energetic flows.

If angels choose to send you a four-digit number, like this one, they send you a mirror. Such numbers are reflective and they point out certain characteristics and personality traits of the receiver.

The purpose is to bring them into balance, if something has gone out of track.

Sometimes, these reflective messages are meant to assure you are actually doing fine.

Angel Number 1056

Angel number 1056 does not look particularly significant, except if you were familiar with certain historical periods.

In that case, it would not be bad to search for the year; maybe it already means something to you.

Anyway, if this number has been occurring in your life lately, your guardian angels probably want to tell you something.

This is a four-digit number, so it has several layers and levels of meaning. Combined, all numbers composing this numerical sequence make a message.

This number is by the greatest part a reflective number.

Let us analyze it by levels and see what guardian angels advise.

Angel Number 1056 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1056 consists of number 1, 0, 5 and 6. It could also be observed as a combination of numbers 10 and 56.

These two numbers actually leave us on 1 and 2; summing digits to a one-digit number is a practice in numerology.

The core of this number is 3, because the sum of all digits makes 3. Each of these makes a part of the whole image.

Let us begin with the number of beginnings, number 1.

Besides beginnings, number 1 represents raw energy, activity, ambition, assertiveness, happiness, fame, glory, goals, fulfillment and success. If its energy was corrupted, its vibe turns into anger, arrogance, aggressiveness, egocentrism, forcefulness and personal insecurity.

Zero represents liberation from the material, nothingness and wholeness, encompassing energies of other numbers, reinforcing their vibrations, representing all opportunities and possibilities. This is the number of infinity, uncertainty and the place of all answers.

Number 5 represents individualism, versatility, vitality, adaptability, life lessons, experience, inventiveness, progress and courage.

Number 6 represents harmony and balance, unconditional love, nourishment and care, family and home, bonds, reliance, honesty, honor, self-sacrifice, humanitarianism, peace.

Number 2 represents bonds and relationships, also balance and harmony, sociability, friendship, partnership, diplomacy, collaboration, compromises, understanding.

Finally, number 3 represents the child within, enthusiasm and curiosity, pleasure, joy and fun, playfulness, travel, adventurousness, imagination, manifestation, freedom, free form, youthfulness, kindness and compassion.

As you can certainly see, angel number 1056 is rich in energies and meanings. This makes it an incredible number.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel number 1056

What is the most incredible about angel number 1056 is how much it tells about you as an individual.

This number tells much about your character and personality.

You are an open-minded individual, a dreamer and a visionary, but daring to search for the way to make the dreams come true. You are guided by your passions.

However, you respect bonds and you are a lovi9ng and a caring individual. It seems you are emotionally very deep, but also quite balanced.

This angel number tells that you love yourself, but that you also unconditionally love dear people around you.

You are always glad to help, without losing your integrity or sacrificing your own dreams.

You appear to be a person who deals with challenges in life with great optimism. You take everything as a lesson and, although you could suffer deeply, you regenerate and do not give up.

The child inside you, the will to grow and learn, the desire to help and be kind all make you a person to wish for. You value soul, rather than material possessions.

Angel Number 1056 and Love

This angel number indicates fulfillment in love, because you are the one to follow your heart.

Maybe you could even be foolish at times or do more for someone who does not actually deserve your love.

However, such experiences would not harm you and make you abandon the idea of finding the right one.

Just be more thoughtful when making big decisions, especially when it comes to a serious relationship, marriage and starting family.