1057 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angels are powerful spiritual beings caring about human souls.

They are messengers of Heaven, as their name suggests; the term of an angel means ‘a messenger’, originating from Hebrew language, translated into Greek and Latin, as angelos and angelus, terms we are familiar with.

Many people believe in guardian angels, spirits of heaven assigned to individual human souls.

Belief in such ethereal beings is old. They appear in religious sources and related stories or local beliefs.

Angels are mighty, created by God, although they themselves cannot create anything.

Theirs is the role of messengers and guardians of the humankind. Angels are ethereal beings and, as such, they could change their form.

Although immaterial, angels are not completely free from limitations of space and time.

They require certain amount of time to travel from place to place, though far less than we humans need.

Angels are said to be beautiful and they appear in front of human beings in form comprehensible to our senses, mind and conscience, if they choose to do so.

They would never show in their full splendor; it is something beyond our mortal abilities of comprehension and perception. In religious sources, angels would talk to certain humans directly.

However, they would not do so very often; angelic intervention is always associated with some specific heavenly task.

Guardian Angels

Angelology tells about angelic orders and mentions certain angelic figures, so call them, by their names and specific tasks. Angelology can tell you about the nature of angels and many more.

Guardian angels are not an order, a degree, a rank; angelic guidance or guardianship is simply an angelic office, one of great significance to individual human beings.

Guardian angels are personal angels, so to say. Each person has a guardian angel, although the number of those guardians vary, depending on the source.

Most of people believe they have one celestial guardian especially assigned to their own spiritual being. Like all angels, guardian angels belong to a higher level of existence.

We do not see them; its seems that angels do not walk amongst humans as they perhaps deed in some far, far past or it only appears like that in our eyes and minds.

However, guardian angels are always by our side. They are our heavenly guides and advisors. Angels do not resolve problems in our name, but help us find the solution on our own.

They also send us the word of Heaven, blessings, encouragement, grace.

Guardian angels do not exactly reward or punish us, for our accomplishments or misdeeds; they show us the way and help us realize the beauty of noble achievement or consequences bad decisions, learning from both, growing and thus becoming the best version of ourselves.

Angelic Messages

Since angels do not directly talk to us, they must have a way to communicate with the human world.

Of course they do; they could use whatever medium they like and they would usually choose something they know would catch our attention.

Flickering, sparkling lights, pleasant, though inexplicable noises and smells, certain object seemingly out of nowhere, all could be signs of angelic presence.

Such signs could appear odd and even disturbing, in a way, but know that you have no reason to be afraid; guardian angels would never ever send you something negative.

Inexplicable phenomena make us wonder; if you believe in guardian angels, you would see those as signs from Heaven. Angelic messages and signs could carry various meanings.

Messages angels send could be signs of encouragement and love, but also reflective messages that help us better perceive the moment we find ourselves in.

Such messages offer us a better insight into who we really are, this helping us to improve our weaknesses and further develop our good sides.

These messages are all directions on the path of light and heavenly goodness.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers are one type of angelic messages.

As numbers themselves possess incredible power, numerical messages sent by angels have a great spiritual potential, besides their symbolic meaning.

Angel numbers are any numbers your guardian angels choose to send you. You will most likely recognize them by their repetitive patterns of occurrence.

Angel numbers often appear in unexpected moments and/or places.

One could start seeing the same number in dreams, around the house, at work, on street, and so on.

Angel number could be any one-digit number, with strong, straightforward vibration, but also any complex, multi-digit number. Our number in question is 1057.

Angel Number 1057

Numbers such as this one could tell a lot about the personality of the receiver.

This number has for digits and, as such, it has many levels of meaning.

Such numbers are usually reflective and they should be analyzed step by step, as a composition of more than one number, which, in truth and from the perspective of angelic numerology, these numbers are.

Angel Number 1057 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1057 is composed from four numbers 1, 0, 5, 7. Each has a powerful vibe.

However, this number could be analyzed also as a combination of numbers 10 and 57.

If we sum these digits, we get numbers 1 and 3 (summing to one digit is a common practice). All digits together equal number 4. These are levels of the meaning of this message.

Number 1 represents beginnings, ambition and goals. It stands for the raw energy and force, activity, action, courage, glory, bravery, fame.

Number zero represents infinity, it symbolizes nothingness and wholeness, it stands for the source of everything and it emphasizes the energy of all other numbers.

Number 5 represents uniqueness, experience, passion, progress, individualism.

Number 7 represents spirituality, learning, knowledge, philosophy, perfectionism, the inner self.

Number 3 stands for youthfulness and enthusiasm, for the child inside. This is the number of adventurousness, communication, travel, playfulness, joy and optimism.

Number 4, the base of the composition is different from those mentioned, because it is far stricter. This is the number of responsibility, order, tradition, organization, loyalty, honor.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1057

Angel number 1057 is an interesting one.

This angel number reflects a complex personality, someone who values their roots and origins, while, at the same time, has a spirit of a child and a lot of enthusiasm for things that are new and progressive. In that sense, you are well-balanced personality.

The sequence begins with number 1, which suggests you have a strong personal integrity and big dreams.

It also means new opportunities are ahead, waiting for you, probably related to some amazing experiences.

You are enthusiastic, passionate and you know how to enjoy life. You probably enjoy traveling, meeting new people, exchanging experiences, learning from immediate experience.

At the same time, you never forget your roots, tradition, and you are proud of it.

Although you are probably versatile, very individualistic and independent, trusting your instincts and intuition, you are also a person who has a good sense of organization.

When you wish, you could be very organized and self-disciplined. You tend to be a perfectionist, especially when it comes to polishing your own skills.

However, you probably tend to be a bit reckless about others’ needs. Other people could not always rely on you.

You are not dishonorable in terms of breaking promises; you are reluctant of making promises in the first place. You value honesty, truth and you know yourself.

You are well aware that certain expectations you cannot fulfill, because your spirit is restless, active, wandering.

However, maybe you should calm down a little bit and actually create certain bonds.

Angel Number 1057 and Love

This has to do with the concept of love and relationships, including a wide palette of relationships, not only romantic ones.

Your versatile, interesting personality is surely inspiring; people like you, but they do not rely on you, as we have said. You are a person to lift up everyone’s spirits.

However, even though you are bound with your roots and home ground, it does not stop you from exploring the world.

On one side, that is amazing! You do not let old systems of value, which you respect and admire narrow your views.

On the other side, these bonds are not that strong when it comes to your restlessness, versatility and flexibility.

All these are good to certain point, but when it comes to relationships, they make you unable to commit to another person.

You feel as if your liberties would be restricted; you refuse to settle, because you are afraid of losing your freedom.

You yet have to realize that a relationship is not a cage; even if you are in a relationship, you might feel certain degree of tension about the very fact that you are in one.

The same applies to other than romantic connections; let people rely on you; they will not tie you up.