1059 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Have you ever felt as if some divine energy surrounds you, protects you from evil and helps you find the light in the darkness?

Heaven cares about us and send us its angels into our aid.

Angels are ethereal beings we are mostly familiar from Abrahamic religions. They are messengers of Heaven, created by the highest source of all power.

These godly beings are of ethereal nature, much closer to the nature of our own soul. Angels occur in sacred texts and have different roles.

Angelology, the study of angels, could be associated with any of religious systems mentioned and it teaches about angelic orders and their nature.

According to some of those sources, angels have free will and they gladly follow the law of Heaven.

Angels are not dependant on Ego constructions the way we are, they are egoless beings and they are selfless.

We associate angels with kindness, goodness, beauty, selflessness, chastity, purity, virtue and similar qualities, although angels never ask for our praise and adoration; that is, in fact, the whole purpose, the while beauty of their being.

For this reason, we often think of good people as of individuals possessing ‘a heart of an angel’.

Someone kind and noble, humanitarian, living people and eager to help asking nothing in return, is a person with an angelic heart, so to say. However, we are not angels.

We make mistakes, we do not always treat others they way they deserve; we do not treat ourselves the way we should!

Guardian Angels

Our imperfections are many, but that is our nature. We have guardian angels to help us resist temptations, overcome challenges and improve our qualities.

That is not to say that angels want us to become someone else.

Not at all, angels want us to become the best version of ourselves. Our guardian angels know us better then we know ourselves.

Heavens know our potentials. Guardian angels are assigned to each human individual to help him or her discovers those potentials and develops them, in the most pleasant way possible.

Many people do not realize how strong they are, many do not value what they have in life, many have lost hope or faith due to unfortunate circumstances in life.

As you see, angels would not prevent our misfortunes and they cannot affect us directly, forcing us to believe into something or not; they do not do such things.

They work in mysterious, subtle ways, but consistently, helping us regain our inner strength, hope and faith. They help us recognize opportunities, nourish our skills and use our capacities.

Guardian angels are not there only in the time of crisis. They stay by our side in joyful and pleasant times, blessing us and rejoicing. They are happy when we are happy!

Guardian angels send us good omens, blessings, signs of their presence and guidance.

Angels work through different mediums, rather than interfering with our daily lives directly.

Angelic Messages

Messages from angels are not meant to be a list of orders or rules; they are more like a guidebook, a list of good and well-intended advices. These messages are often ‘disguised’.

Angels could send a beautiful butterfly, a dove, a feather fallen in front of your feet as if it fell from an angel’s wing.

Such little signs prove guardian angels care for you and that Heaven will never give up on you, in the darkest and the most pleasant moments.

Angels could use various channels and different mediums. Sometimes they send us messages that require deeper inspection and analysis, decoding.

Such are complex symbolic messages, certain dreams, words, numbers and else.

Messages of this sort are commonly reflective and offering an insight into the personality of the receiver.

Be honest to yourself; how many times in the last few months did you stop before an imaginary mirror and thought through your current state of mind, being, life..?

We do not talk about everyday worries, material situation and such. We talk about your inner world and the projection of that inner world around.

Guardian angels are there to remind you of such important things.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

One of the types of angel messages are angel numbers. Numerology can tell much about specific vibrations of numbers.

Numbers are energy of the universe concentrated; they could be very powerful.

If your guardian angels choose a number for you, you should look up for its meaning. It would be a pity to ignore it, because such messages could be valuable guidance.

How do angel numbers look like? Are they different from other numbers?

Well, they are not, they look the same, but they often show up in places where you would not expect to find them.

The same number, one your guardians have chosen, would start appearing all over the place, at your home, on the street, in your dreams and so on.

Angel Number 1059

Angel numbers do not have to look specific or instantly to catch your attention.

Number 1059 is just another four-digit number, but if you keep seeing it, your angels must have chosen it for you.

Four digit numbers are like numerical mirrors; they reflect the receiver’s person, at this precise moment.

That said, such a number helps you get a better insight into who you are at this time.

Angel Number 1059 Composition Meaning

Composed of four digits, numbers 1, 0, 5 and 9, angel number 1059 has many levels.

Besides these obvious numbers, it also resonates with energies found in numbers 10 and 59, that is, energies of numbers 1 and 5, once again (as a result of summing tone digit).

The base number found in this combination is 6, the result of summing all digits.

We begin with the very symbol of beginning, number 1. Number 1 also represents action, personal strength, raw energy, initiative, authority, goals and ambitions, fame and glory.

Zero is alpha and omega, the beginning and the ending or none of these, as it represents infinity and leads to the source of everything, the God force. It amplifies vibrations of other numbers.

Number 5 represents uniqueness, freedom, individualism, independence, instinct and intuition, life choices, decisions, learning from experience, passion and pleasure.

Number 9 is a karmic one, the number of soul purpose, of forgiveness, generosity, humanitarianism, selflessness and self-sacrifice, the higher cause.

Number 6 represents unconditional love, harmony, peace, peacefulness, love and compassion, selflessness, nurture, care, kindness and support.

This number also encompasses honesty, dignity, justice and honor.

It is clear from this numerical sequence that you must be a noble person, a person of a great heart.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1059

It is so, indeed. Your angels send you good vibrations with this number and remind you of your great qualities, because they want you to pursue your path of goodness.

You have a good heart, as it is clearly visible from this combination. You are a healer, a supporter; you help people without asking or expecting much in return.

You dream big and you have a vision of a world of peace and harmony; you tend to be an idealist. You are inclined towards progress and ready to test your own innovative ideas in practice, on your own skin, for the sake of the greater good.

What is more, you are ready to be rejected, even cursed, because you know that people cannot understand everything you do.

Your faith is strong, as you tend to be a spiritual person. You do not believe in failure, in terms that you do not let it bury your dreams.

You are a tolerant individual, considering all sides, although you do not let anyone manipulates you.

Your dreams and vision of the better world, as well as your deeds, may be a fuel of inspiration to many others.

Angel Number 1059 and Love

Number 1059 has very much to do with the power of love.

You are someone who loves life and humankind, regardless of how imperfect. You accept your own and the world’s imperfections.

This makes you an incredibly noble individual. You are ready to accept your closest ones’ weaknesses and to admire them for their good qualities.

Your heart is open for people and you believe in love as the ultimate force of life. The love will return to you.