Angel Number 949 – Meaning and Symbolism

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When we are in our darkest moments, our guardian angels come to rescue by sending us their valuable advice.

Their energy is something that feeds us and always takes us on the right path, but only if we listen to their messages carefully. When our guardian angels want to reach us they send us angel numbers.

These numbers are going to appear around you as single numbers or number sequences, so listening to them is something that can truly be helpful and inspiring.

In today’s text we are going to focus on the angel number 949 and see what kind of message is hidden behind this, at first glance, simple number.

Angel Number 949 – Interesting information

Angel number 949 is telling you to refill your energy and start fueling on positive thoughts. Currently you are feeling so tired and exhausted without any apparent reason. It is as if you are bewitched: Actually the only time you felt rested seems to be a long time ago. The energy that you once had seems to have been used up like the pocket money in childhood, which was no longer enough on Wednesdays for the coveted sweets, although you still wanted to get away with it until Sunday.

Leached out as a kind of normal state is a new and, above all, widespread phenomenon: More than 20 percent of people feel “almost always” tense and exhausted, almost half “often”, according to the surveys of health insurance companies.

What’s going on there? In our comfortable life, shouldn’t we have enough energy to do what we want or need to do instead of being unfocused during the day and tired in the evenings? In other words, what can we do to make us feel powerful and alive?

Immediately buzzing possible answers in the head like: better timing, more sports, eat healthier…! Everything good for you, will certainly bring something. But one crucial factor we should not forget: Who wants more energy, should take mainly pressure from life. Granted, that’s easy to say, if you have to reconcile as a working woman with a job, child, partnership and all the other duties and desires. And yet it depends on what attitude we take to the thing (s), how good we are in feeling management.

When we make an effort, feel rushed or under pressure, we experience anger, anxiety or impatience, these negative emotions drive us to master problems or pressing tasks, but it is precisely those who cost strength and energy.

So, positive feelings like joy, affection or curiosity give us new power – regardless of how much we really have to do.

In many studies, it has been shown that positive emotions make people more creative, energetic, and open to new things. “3 to 1” is the rule of thumb as determined by the psychologist: those who consciously experience three times more positive than negative feelings a day feel permanently alive and powerful.

Maybe you think now: How should this work? With me nothing pleasant happens, that’s why I’m so tired. The problem is usually not that we do anything good in everyday life – but that we do not actively use this source of power.

After all, our warning system in the brain is polarized with disasters and dangers, so we perceive negative situations and feelings much more than the positive. And so many special moments go by unnoticed: the nice meeting at the bakery, the farewell kiss of your partner, the funny message from a friend.

Is that ringing something? Maybe you’ll smile when you think about it. Lightness is spreading in you. Energy flows. The switch in your head can not be changed overnight. But this is how it works. The very fact that one is in nature away from everything else that surrounds oneself in everyday life – computers, work, and colleagues – leads to a relaxation reaction. It does not have to be the forest walk: the stress-reducing effect is already detectable if you have sat on a park bench for only five minutes; the heart rate decreases, less stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are released, the number of immune cells in the blood increases.

Even the sight of green plants can reduce stress. There is a famous study from the 1980s that showed that people in the hospital recovered faster when they could see green from the window instead of just a brick wall. Does that mean that instead of having lunch, the nature is better for the next lunch?

Definitely! You literally get out of it all for a second – giving you new energy to keep working. And even on a dull November day, you’ll have more light in the open air than in your office or apartment. Exposure to daylight promotes good sleep and reduces the risk of depressive moods. But best of all, of course, is walking in the forest or park. Listen to these messages from your guardian angels and you will surely find your peace of mind and calmness.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 949 sends you vibrancies of angel numbers 4 and 9. These two numbers go together perfectly and can be extremely helpful in the situation you are currently in because they can advise you to take confident leaps forward to accomplish your goals. Angel number 4 symbolizes determination, while the number 9 symbolizes making decisions or standing by your opinion.

Angel number 4 is giving you an opportunity to become a much more confident person in every sense of the way. You have been trampled by some previous events, to the point that you no longer feel like doing anything with your life. You are depressed and alone and nothing seems to be working the right way. This is why your guardian angels are sending you this angel number to make you stronger and more determined in everything you do.

Angel number 9 symbolizes being sure in your decisions and making them based on rational thinking and evaluating. Your guardian angels are sending you a very strong message of motivation and positive thoughts that is going to resonate strong with you.

Pay attention to this message and don’t allow yourself to ignore these messages if you truly want to progress and accomplish something valuable in life.

Number 949 in Love

Angel number 949 focuses on friendships and romantic relationships. The transitions between friendship and love can be fluent. If man and woman are close friends for years, over the years one or both of them (or both) may occasionally think for a tiny moment what it might be like if it were not just for friendship but would act for love.

Both know each other inside out, they experience good times as well as in bad times and have been there for each other and know the quirks and peculiarities of each other.

At the same time, there is no person with whom they can laugh better and prefer to spend their time with. Can that be just friendship?

Your guardian angels could be telling you that someone you consider a friend might be the perfect person for you. If a couple has been together for several years, the butterflies are long gone. What remains is a deep trust, understanding and the feeling of being one. But is not that basically the same as a good friendship?

It is true that friendship and love are similar in many ways. Both are based on a deep understanding of each other. Both in friendship and in love, two people spend a lot of time together. In both cases, secrets are shared, talked about problems and fears that have enjoyed together.

The main difference is sexual desire. If we are dealing exclusively with pure friendship, there is absolutely no sexual desire for the other person. Furthermore, there is a feeling that the other person is like a brother or a sister to us, which is why we could never imagine having a relationship with him / her.

Another difference is the beginning of friendship or love. A friendship usually arises accidentally. We get to know someone, get along well with this person. We see the person again and talk to each other for hours. You see each other more and more often, always doing something together and at some point we realize that we find a good friend.

Love, on the other hand, starts with a bang. With a moment that we can name exactly and that we can always remember. Just ask a couple who has been married for twenty years. They will both be able to tell how they met and how they came together. In a good friendship, this is not the case.

There is one more thing that sets love apart from friendship. Love takes place in our subconscious. If we are in love head over heels, we are always thinking of this one person. We are almost obsessed with her. We long to write or see her again.

Of course we also think about good friends. However, here it is not so that we cannot focus on work for weeks, because we only think of the friends. We are not obsessed with them. We do not have the urge to constantly check the profile picture on social media and see when the person was last online.

In our culture, friendship is often considered the little brother of love. At the words “we are only friends” always resonates with something negative. If we have the choice between friendship and love, most would choose again and again for the love.

How is this? Why does friendship have such a bad image with us? Friendship does not come with timpani and trumpets. It is not accompanied by any fireworks, but simply arises.

Also, it is not celebrated with a glittering party, unlike love, in which the lady present in white is congratulated by all.

Facts about Number 949

Number 949 appears in the name of a popular band from Lithuania and in the name of a brand of chocolate from Switzerland.


Angel number 949 is the number of determination, strong will and accomplishing your goals successfully. In love this angel number is going to make you look deeper into a relationship you have with someone close to you, because there could be much more to it than just friendship.

If you choose to listen to your guardian angels, there is a good chance you are going to change your life from inside out and achieve great success.