1104 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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People are in most cases unaware that other realities exist, which are beyond our physical senses.

The fact is that we are not the only existing beings in the Universe, and we often experience physical evidence of this fact when these beings try to contact us.

There are people with an ability to contact these beings and receive messages which can benefit them and the people from their surroundings. They possess psychic powers and they help them contact these beings.

This contact is not only reserved for these people because everyone is able to establish that contact, but the reason why not many people experience a conscious contact with these beings is the lack of faith.

Most people are closed off to this possibility and do not think it is possible.

Angels are beings from these realities which are readily available to us in our times of need.

Everyone has a guardian angel which guide us towards our success and peace and happiness in our life. They respect our free will and they do not interfere with it and they appear when we ask for their help.

Our guardian angels appear without us calling them only when we are exposed to some imminent danger.

Our angels guide us to do whatever is the right thing for us and we in most cases feel that it is our idea.

The angels guide us towards some healthier habits and changes that will help us improve and get what we want in life.

We usually come to the conclusions of the need to change through some experiences orchestrated by the Universe.

It is easy to communicate with our guardian angels, but most of us do not know that. We only need to have a strong desire for them to help us and they will answer our call.

Our guardian angels are always somewhere near and immediately answer our calls.

The way you will communicate with them is your decision; you can tell the desire out loud or you can express it in your mind. The important thing is to have faith that they will help us.

The guardian angels are protectors of our lives and our higher interests and could never harm us.

It is important to be careful because there are some beings from these realms who are ill-wishing; we can recognize them through some negative and misleading guidance.

If we don’t feel right about the signs we are receiving or they influence us into doing things that are detrimental to us, this is a certain sign that you are not receiving angelic guidance but guidance of some other entities. Be careful of misleading and false guidance.

Our guardian angels are interested in our highest good and they are recognized through the guidance we receive from them. They would never want you to do anything that could be harmful to you or to someone else.

You will feel them by the good feeling you experience when you see their signs. They will never cause you anxiety, fear, or stress.

Contact your angels when you are in a state of peace and calm. They give us guidance through different signs, dream symbols, coincidence, thoughts, gut feelings, visions, etc.

You should be in tune with your intuition to receive their guidance and recognize it in the first place.

Sometimes their signs will not be as clear as expected and you will need to dig deeper to understand them. You also need to be receptive and open to receive their guidance; otherwise, their intervention will be futile.

The angels will guide you towards the signs you should see and if you are not able to see them, they will keep repeating them until you are able to understand their message. They usually contact us using signs such as numbers, animals, people, physical sensations, etc.

Sometimes the angel message comes to you through an unexpected comment from a person you came across, a sentence you read in a book, or in an article.

Sometimes you keep seeing repetitive numbers or you have some physical sensations which represents an angelic message.

For example, you can start hearing buzzing sounds in your ears to make you aware of the thoughts you are having, or some other body sensations.

The angels often use numbers to communicate their messages. They have a special meaning we need to decipher to understand their message and apply it to our lives.

If you keep seeing the number 1104, this number carries a significant message from your guardian angels.

Number 1104 – What Does It Mean?

The number 1104 mixes the symbolism and meaning of the numbers 0, 1, 4, and the number 6 as the sum of all the numbers. The number 0 amplifies the strength of other numbers, in this case, the numbers 1 and 4. It also embodies the energy of the Master Number 11.

The number 0 symbolizes eternity, wholeness, endless cycles, infinity, new beginnings, endings, endless opportunities, spirituality, God, the Universe, etc.

The number 1 is also a symbol of new beginnings, ambition, progress, achievements, initiative, moving forward, success, leadership, independence, etc.

The number 4 is the sign of moving towards our goals, truth, pragmatism, building future foundations, enthusiasm, determination, system, etc.

The number 11 is a symbol o our soul’s purpose and working towards achieving it.

The number 6 is the number of balance, home, family, responsibility, idealism, service, etc.

In general, the number 1104 symbolizes our efforts to fulfil our soul’s purpose, being practical and creating a foundation for our future, respecting and being responsible for our home and family, giving initiative and moving towards our goals and success in life.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 1104 brings a message from our guardian angels to be focused on achieving stability in life and fulfilling our goals.

The angels want you to be wise and cautious, especially regarding your financial security because your actions might jeopardize it.

You need to carefully plan your investments to ensure your success.

The angels want you to start working on some projects you have been planning for a long time to ensure their success.

The angels are asking you to share the knowledge you have with others and not keep it selfishly for yourself.

This number is often a sign of rewards you will be receiving for the good deeds and efforts from your past.

The angels want you to be sure that you have their support in helping you achieve your desires.

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Love and Angel Number 1104

The angel number 1104 is a good combination of numbers bringing you a message of harmony and stability in your love life.

This number appearing constantly in your life is a sign of a good period coming and times of happiness and joy in your romantic partnerships.

For those who are experiencing issues with their romantic partner, this number is a sign that they will be resolved.

The angel number 1104 is also a sign that we should have faith in our romantic partner.

The number is often a sign of new love coming into the lives of single people. This is a sign of a commitment full of devotion and loving feelings.

The angels are asking you to be open for the new opportunities that will enter your life, especially in your love life, so give love a chance to find you.

The angel number 1104 is a sign of home and family bliss and stability.

Seeing Angel Number 1104

The angel number 1104 is an indication of a period of family stability, financial security and overall joy and satisfaction with your life.

The angels are reminding you to start surrounding yourself with people you feel comfortable with and who fill your life with happiness.

It is important to remove from your life the people who are a burden or they fill you with negative energy.

You shouldn’t have anyone in your life who is preventing you from dreaming and going after your goals. Always expect the best to happen.

The angels remind you to appreciate the things you have in your life and also for the things you are about to receive.

You have the ability to achieve all your dreams, just have faith in your abilities.

This angel number is asking you to use your leadership skills and ambition to become what you want to be.

When the 1104 angel number begins appearing in your life, it is a reminder that you need to begin following your true life’s purpose.

The prerequisite is to remove the negativity from your life, as well as past bad memories and hurts because they are only preventing you from moving forward.

You need to have faith in your success but also take the necessary actions; things will not fall in your lap without your effort.

This number in your life is a sign of change and progress. You should be on the lookout for new opportunities and embrace them.