1137 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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For thousands of years, people have been believing in angels. Angels are spirits of Heaven, traditionally speaking. They are created by God, pure, beings of light, higher than humans are.

Their essence is immaterial, ethereal, closer to the divine source than we are. Angels are heralds of Heaven, messengers of God, just as the term ‘angel’ suggests.

We imagine angels in different ways, but all the depictions have something in common.

Lovely, childlike cherubim with rosy cheeks and golden locks, mighty and beautiful warrior angels and majestic archangels, all of them appear divine, good, pure.

We usually portray them with wings, as angels travel in ways different from ours.

They are not limited by space and time the way we are, although they are not completely unrestricted; they need certain amount of time to get from one place to another, but not the way we do.

They are immaterial, spiritual in nature, so they could actually take up any form they like.

If angels choose to show their heavenly faces to us, they would use an appropriate shape. We cannot fathom the full splendor of an angel nor can our senses encompass it and perceive it.

For this reason, some people have never thought of angels as winged beings of heaven, though in human shape; they think of angels in completely abstract terms, as of energy. Angels are energetic beings, regardless of the form.

There are angelic orders, such as seraphim and cherubim, the two most people are familiar with, through religious sources. However, we are about to talk about an angelic office, not an order.

Some people mistake guardian angels for a class or an angelic rank. No, guardian angels could be any of the myriads of angels.

Guardian Angels

Personal guardian angels are our heavenly companions. They are kind, benevolent spirits that accompany us throughout our lifetime.

They communicate with us all the time, but we are not always aware of such interaction; some people do not give importance to the idea of angels communications with us, but guardian angels remain by our side.

They are not here to judge us, they are here to support us and offer guidance.

You have the whole freedom to visualize your guardian angel, if you like! You could think of guardian angels as energy or as a beautiful winged being from Heaven.

If you think about angels, it will bring you closer to them, in a way.

It all comes naturally; angels cannot be forced to do anything, just as they would never force us to do this or that.

Guardian angels do not affect our decisions and actions directly. They send us sings and messages. Guardian angels do not save us from all evil and they do not prevent it from happening.

They help us find a way to overcome negative things on our own. They reinforce our faith, or belief, our inner strength. Angels help us find it. They make us believe!

Angelic guidance is a true blessing. Guardian angels rejoice in our happiness. They do not leave us when things are fine, as some people might think.

They pass on heavenly energy to us in times we feel good, in order to help us maintain the balance and follow the path of goodness and light.

Guardian angels work through more or less mysterious channels and mediums.

Angelic Messages

Messages from angels have always been an interesting subject. Well, what are angelic messages? How can we recognize angelic messages?

Angels use different mediums and channels, depending on what kind of a message they want to send you.

Angelic messages could be simple signs, phenomena, symbols, complex numerical sequences and many more.

For example, if angels only want to assure us of their presence, in moments we feel like losing faith, they would probably choose some kind of phenomenon; flickering lights, breeze out of nowhere, noise, pleasant melody.

They could also send us a white animal, a dove, a feather or something like that.

These symbols sometimes carry an additional message (for example, a dove as a symbol of peace).

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angels also send us messages that have to be carefully examined, because those require interpretation. Angel numbers are a great example.

Numbers are particularly interesting, both because of their symbolical and energetic value.

Numbers are the energy itself, the vibration of the universe. When angels send you numbers, they send you both a message and energy.

Numerology would help us get to the meaning our or angel number here. Angel numbers could be literally any numbers, single-digit or multi-digit.

There are many fine differences in the intention and the choice of numbers.

Angels could send you a very clear message with a single-digit number, or same-digit numbers, although things get more complex with the complexity of the number.

Anyway, our number here is multi-digit, four-digit. Such numbers are loaded with information and, being so, extremely valuable.

They have several levels of meaning and are usually reflective numbers. What does this mean?

It means that such a number represents who you really are.

Angel Number 1137

Angel number 1137 is a reflective number. It reflects your personality, your current state of beings, the stage of your growth and the place on your life path. Why would angels send you a mirror?

Well, most of us are unaware of all the segments that compose our person, of the parts that make us who we are.

It often creates confusion; it leads to neglecting important things in life or simply getting out of the balance.

Sometimes we need a reflection only to regain our self-belief; angels want us to value ourselves, to value our own life and everything that makes it unique and wonderful.

Angel number 1137 is composed of four digits, three numbers, but there are hidden ones, as well. We will analyze it systematically and reach its full meaning. Let us begin.

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Angel Number 1137 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1137 consists of numbers 1, 3 and 7. However, on the second level we could find hidden numbers, 2 and 1.

Four digit numbers are often observed as two numbers, 11 and 37 in this case.

Summing digits to get one digit is a common practice and, in case of these two numbers, it leaves us with 2 and 1.

Interestingly, this means we have number 1 strongly emphasized, since it appears three times.

The base numbers, which is actually the sum of all digits, is number 3. Number 1 represents action, ambition, positive thoughts, self-confidence, energy, happiness, fulfillment, creation, progress, instinct and intuition.

Number 1 is very strong here, which could become a bit problematic.

It could lead to arrogance, egocentrism, even forcefulness, dominance, cruelty and insensitivity towards other people.

Number 3, also repeated, is the number of friendliness, communication, curiosity, imagination, youthfulness, childhood spirit, joy, fun and pleasure, laughter, adventurousness, all things that make you feel happy.

This is the number of manifestation, of broad-minded approach to life.

Number 7 represents faith, philosophy, perfection, chastity, searching for knowledge, spiritual journey, often associated with isolation and solitude.

Number 2 is a bit suppressed by other energies here, though still present and extremely important. This number represents harmony, balance, partnership, pairs, connection, kindness, love, reliance, trust, understanding, diplomacy and all kinds of relationships.

This number keeps you in touch with the people around, because overall vibe of this combination is turned towards the self, for the most part.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1137

Angel number 1137 clearly tells about your extremely strong Ego. You are very self-confident, to the point that you think you know everything.

Your tendency towards exploration, learning, your spiritual search all contribute to it.

You are very likely highly intelligent and you know about life from the first hand, because you want to learn, on all levels.

You find yourself comfortable around people; you have so much to share with others and your knowledge is impressive.

However, we cannot tell that someone with such vibration is really listening to what others have to say.

You just do not take it seriously. You should have more understanding for others; in fact, you should respect people more than you do.

You are probably well aware of that, this tiny number 2 suggests, although you keep suppressing that inner voice telling you that perhaps you do not know everything about life (of course you don’t!).

Give people space to express themselves, listen to them.

You do like travelling, for instance, and you meet many people. You learn much about them, but not from them. See the difference?

Angel Number 1137 and Love

The same is with love. It is very likely that you even believe you do not need a person in your life!

Not that you want to isolate yourself from the world, on the contrary. You enjoy attention.

However, you often feel as if you cannot commit to someone, because no one is worthy of your time and because there is so much the world offers.

Well…no and yes. Do not judge people that easily.

Besides, have you ever though someone would love to join you on your ‘quest’ for knowledge and experience?

Your angels want you to realize how powerful love is, how important are bonds between people. Well, if not romantic love alone, than friendships, love for your family members.

Most people with dominant Ego actually fear of losing something; they are afraid of losing their identity or of the very experience of loss.

Angels encourage you to think differently. Do not miss out the opportunity to love and ne loved, Ego is not worthy of that.