1138 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angels of light…the most beautiful spirits from the higher realms, many would agree. Angels have been subject of many beliefs, stories and tales since ancient times.

From purely religious sources, angels entered other areas, such as art, literature, music and so many more. We usually depict them as beautiful winged beings, in human shape.

If angels would like to show before our eyes, they would use the form we could encompass by our senses.

They are immaterial, ethereal beings. Angels are created by God, religious sources say, and they are beings higher than humans are.

They are closer to the divine Creator! Angels are messengers of God, heralds of Heaven.

They are selfless and sinless, pure and kind. Angels love us and pass on the love of Heaven down to us. Angels watch over the human world.

Angels could choose whatever form they like, since they are not limited by flesh and bone and limb as we, mortal humans are.

Their essence is much like the essence of our soul, elusive and mysterious, bright and light. Angels are spiritual, energetic beings.

Some people do not imagine them as winged beings we see in religious works of art, statues and sculptures, but take them as energy alone.

You are free to imagine angels the way you like, which makes it all even more amazing, although there could be found certain descriptions on how certain angelic beings should look like.

If you are specifically interested into angels, angelic nature and their orders, look into angelology. Today we will be talking about, not an angelic order, but an angelic office.

Guardian Angels

Exactly so. Guardian angels are not a class or an order; any angel could be a guardian.

Guardian angels are personal angels, those assigned to a specific, individual human soul.

Each person on this planet has a guardian angel, or more of them, if we look into different sources.

Guardian angels are personal guides from Heaven. They watch over you and make sure you keep your faith.

If you lose it, angels would kindly remind you of the importance of faith; they will help you find it inside your own heart and soul.

However, guardian angels are not by our side only in times we need to get out of our inner darkness.

They bless us during our happy times, they help us keep it up, the remind us of the importance of everything we have. Angels lead us towards goodness and virtue.

They know we are not perfect and pure; we make mistakes, we do not act noble and kind all the time.

There is a good reason why we would say a person who is selfless and kind towards humanity is ‘an angel’; not many people are like that, but it is possible.

Angels are good towards us all. Your personal guardian loves you, even if you do not believe.

Guardian angels do not act directly. They guide us in a very subtle manner, through mysterious messages and different signs.

Guardian angels help us get things done in our own way, but guided by good intentions. They help us discover our true potential and to use it for good and the best way possible.

Angelic Messages

Since angelic guidance is not direct, how do they help us? How could we know angels are here? They send us various types of signs and messages.

If they want to encourage us and reinforce our faith, or help us get it back, they would usually send us signs we interpret as good omens.

A shape of clouds on the sky, a sunray, a white dove or a white feather…those could be angelic signs.

On the other hand, if they want us to think more about ourselves, our own behavior, actions, the situation we find ourselves in, the circumstances in our life and our attitude towards it, they would send us more complex messages.

These messages are typically symbols or sets of symbols. Angel numbers are an excellent example.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers are a powerful type of angelic messages. They are powerful and meaningful, at the same time.

Angel numbers are loaded with cosmic energy, as numbers are energy alone.

Guardian angels would choose a number to send you in order to tell you something important.

Complex numbers, such as four-digit numbers, as the one we have here, are reflective.

Angel Number 1138

Angel number 1138 is one of the reflective numbers. Such numbers should serve as a mirror.

Oddly enough, but many people do not have a good image of themselves, until someone else has pointed certain things up.

We do not see some of our flaws, but we often overlook some of our good qualities, as well.

By sending us such numbers, angels remind us of both. They want us to know who we are.

Angel number 1138 is very interesting and layered, when it comes to both its energy and meanings. We shall analyze it carefully, step by step.

Each number in this numerical sequence means something and adds to the full meaning of the angel number.

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Angel Number 1138 Composition Meaning

What do we have here? Angel number is composed from numbers 1, 3 and 8, with number 1 emphasized, being repeated.

However, on a second level, if we look at this number as a pair of numbers 11 and 38, we have ‘hidden’ numbers.

Summing to one digit is a common practice; in this case, it gives us numbers 2 and 2! The energy of number 2 is quite strong in this combo.

When we sum all digits, the result is number 4.

Number 1, the beginning of the sequence, represents independence, creation, motivation, drive, ambition and success, glory, fame, achievement, happiness.

Number 3 represents youthfulness, playfulness, enthusiasm, imagination, communication, travel, optimism. Number 8 is stable, steady, patient.

Number 8 represents wealth, material stability, provision, practicality, constructiveness, keeping touch with reality, security, professionalism, inner strength, strength of will, prosperity.

Number 4 stands for order, dignity, honor, tradition, moral principles, systems of value, responsibility, respect, loyalty, justice, trust and seriousness, preservation.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1138

When we look into this number, we see that number 1 is emphasized on the first level.

It is great! It makes you someone who is determined to achieve certain things in life, an optimist, but not only a dreamer, but also a practical achiever.

You are very enthusiastic, you handle social situations very well and you know with people, in both professional and relaxed environment.

You are oriented towards progress and stability in life, but you have the soul of an adventurer that would never stop you from dreaming.

This is another great thing, so nurture that child within, angels say.

Do not let lose it; professionalism, responsibility, traditional values, orientation towards progress are all fine, but they could put your fantasies in another plan.

Fantasies are good, as long as you do not lose touch with reality and with such combo of energy, as angels number 1138 suggests you possess, there are poor chances something like that could happen. So, dream on!

Another amazing thing about this number is that the energy of 2 is quite strong, on a second level. Being second, it does not mean it was less important.

On the contrary, it is a deeper level. It means that you especially value relations you have formed. Besides, you are good at communication, friendly and likely a hospitable person.

Relationships play an important role in your life on both emotional and professional plan, which is just the way it should be.

Your sense of independence is strong enough and balanced with your reliance on others.

Finally, you hold traditional values and moral principles very high.

In fact, they are your base, your safe ground, reinforced by your tendency towards stability and material stability, manifested in 8.

You invest into it and maintain it, again, on both tangible, material level and emotional one. This is also a positive thing, but you have to be careful.

Do not let it cut off possibilities for something beyond the traditional and conventional.

Angel Number 1138 and Love

Overall, angel number 1138 is quite a stable one.

When it comes to love life, family, relationships with people in general, you are probably more inclined towards the conventional than towards the unconventional and experimental.

You like stability; you would gladly settle with someone, though your expectations are high. You know what you want in love and what kind of partner is a right person for you.

Mutual trust, respect and loyalty are values you admire; there is not much chance you would enter a crazy love affair only to see how it feels like.

However, you still have that little adventurer inside.

Perhaps you should let it lose once in a time. It does not have to be an extreme; of course we do not speak about adultery or dangerous affairs, nor would your guardians ever want something like that for you.

You love people in your life and they love you back, it is clear.

What you possibly have to do is to be less professional towards them, including your partner or a person you fancy.

Love is not a duty, love is – love. Your inner child knows it.