1142 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Mighty and beautiful archangels, seraphim and lovely cherubim are certain orders or types of angels we are all familiar with.

There are several other angelic orders, but there are also angelic offices, such as guardian angels.

The study of angels is called angelology and it offers valuable information on the angelic nature and their hierarchy.

Angels are ethereal spirits, beings made of energy, so some people do not give them any physical form and think of them as of the energy of cosmos.

Angels could take a shape they like; their essence is immaterial and thus changeable. They could take a physical form, if they like, but they would never show us their full splendor.

We cannot fathom their essence and their brightness; angels are beings from a higher level of existence, closer to the Most Divine. They are said to be created beings, but they do not create.

Angels are heralds of Heaven, as their name says; the original term for an angel literally translates as ‘a messenger’. Angels are messengers of God.

These spirits watch over the human world, they pass on messages from heaven. Angels are a synonym for something good, pure, innocent and godly.

We would often say that a person has a heart of an angel if that person was someone selflessly helping others, someone kind and caring towards people, an admirable and loved person.

Guardian Angels

According to beliefs, each human individual has his or her own personal guardian angel.

Guardian angels are assigned to our souls and they accompany us throughout the lifetime.

These loving and caring spirits help us find our own path of goodness. They wish us only well and nothing more. Angels are selfless and egoless; they do not judge us.

Guardian angels may come and go, according to some sources, which leads us to believe that we could have more than one guardian angel.

Whatever the case and your personal point of view, angels remain by our side, throughout our life.

What do they do? Why do we call them guardians? They reinforce our faith, help us find it, help us recognize our own potentials.

Sadly, many people are unaware of how good they could be. It is in our human nature to doubt ourselves, to question everything, to be suspicious, to have flaws and weaknesses. Angels know all of that.

They also know how amazing we could be, how many great things we could build and achieve, on a personal plan and on the level of humanity.

Therefore, they light up our way. Angelic actions are very subtle, often completely unrecognizable.

However, at certain times, angels would establish a more direct connection with us.

They would hardly appear in front of you, but they would send you messages of guidance. Let us see into angelic messages and their types.

Angelic Messages

Angelic messages are various types of messages and signs guardian angels choose to send us.

There could be various reasons they would opt for this or that type of a message.

You will know if something was angelic; guardian angels know us and they would make sure we receive the message. What are you going to do next is completely your choice.

Angels would love if you take the best out of the sign or a message they send you; however, they would not judge or punish you even if you ignore it.

We advise you see into a sign angels send you, because you could learn something about yourself and the world, because it could help you restore your faith, if you have lost it, because it could give you hope and encouragement or simply make you feel loved.

Guardian angels may choose different channels and mediums. Sometimes they would send you a symbol, a sign, such as a feather, an image, a dove, a cloud of an impressive shape.

Other times, changes in room temperature or flickering lights could tell you of the angelic presence. Guardian angels could also send you messages requiring further analysis.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Messages that definitely require deeper inspection are complex angel numbers.

Angel numbers are quite an impressive type of angelic messages, because numbers alone are quite powerful. Numbers are energy of the universe.

Specific combinations of numbers have vibrations intertwined.

Numbers consisting of four digits, could tell much about the receiver of the message, such as the number we have here,

Why would angels send you a reflective number, a mirror? Well, although we should know ourselves the best, it often is not so.

We tend to suppress certain emotions, we ignore our flaws and some of our potentials. Reflective messages help us discover our true potential.

Angel numbers also carry vibrations we need and sometimes only acknowledge who we are.

Angel Number 1142

Angel number 1142 does not appear particularly significant, on the first look, only because it looks like, well, any other number.

However, if this number keeps appearing all over the place, throughout some time, in your routine, your daily life, even in dreams, it is probably sent to you by guardian angels.

Angel number 1142 consists of four digits and, as such, it has three levels we will analyze.

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Angel Number 1142 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1142 is composed of numbers 1, 4 and 2.

Obviously, the energy of number 1 is emphasized, since the number is repeated and stands at the beginning of the sequence.

On the second level, observed as two numbers, 11 and 42, we have ‘hidden’ numbers 2 and 6, which are result of summing digits of these numbers.

On the base level, we have number 8, which is the sum of all digits.

Number 1 resonates with energies of optimism, drive, motivation, force and energy, activity, happiness, success, fame and glory.

Number 4 represents order, organization, moral principles, tradition and traditional values, patriotism, stability, practicality, realistic views, constructiveness.

Number 2 stands for bonds, relationships, partnerships, tolerance and diplomacy.

Number 6 is associated with family and unconditional love, with peace and harmony, duty, honor, dignity, servility, humanitarianism and benevolence.

Number 8 is associated with wealth, stability, effectiveness, work, materialistic values, authority, strength of will, strong character, determination, provision and building.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1142

If you look into the composition of these energies, you will easily see they correspond with one another pretty well.

This is a very stable number, speaking about a person who knows what he or she wants on life.

You probably have very clear goals in life, which is awesome, but you lack just a bit of flexibility. You are someone determined to get what he or she wants.

What is precious in this combination and which is not very common in people who are oriented towards career, progress and building the way you probably are is that you are deeply attached to the people you hold dear.

What is more, you value and appreciate all people; you are an altruist.

If you were capable of providing for yourself and yours, you would gladly contribute to the wider community.

Number 1142 makes for quite a striking composition, because it combines determination for career success with tons of empathy and very healthy attitude towards people.

The only thing that would probably make things even better is that you should give yourself more free time to simply relax and enjoy.

Organized, disciplined, authoritative when needed, determined and focused, you tend to become obsessed with work, while you are still occupied with the needs of others and while you try to find a way not to neglect anyone.

Don’t you see what lacks here?

Spare time, fun and joy. Just take it easier and that is all. Your guardian angels want you to bring all your amazing qualities into balance.

Angel Number 1142 and Love

Number 1142 is appositive sign in terms of love life. We have already mentioned what kind of personality it reflects.

Clearly, it is someone worthy of love and someone who loves. You love unconditionally and you are emphatic. Nothing is too hard for you, when it comes to someone you love.

At the same time, you have strict moral principles, you are loyal, honorable and you respect the other side.

You expect the same in return, not asking or demanding it. This is exactly how things should be. You are aware of your qualities and ready to offer the other side the best you can.

You are pretty conventional and traditional when it comes to relationships; you are not interested into playing games. You prefer to set things out straight at the begging, which is fair, honorable and noble.