1140 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Throughout our lifetimes, we experience so many different things, from bad to beautiful.

We grow, learn, accept and reject, form opinions, exchange and share.

Some of our experiences could not be explained by logic and reason nor it should be so; regardless of what we think, not everything needs a logic or scientific explanation.

However, if you look carefully, you will find that science and spirituality are not so distant; greatest minds of our world, geniuses, have claimed that there has to be something above. Without faith, everything else is pointless.

There have been so many religious systems and beliefs throughout human history. Great mythologies and great religions have all left mark on the world.

Belief in angels comes from old times and we are familiar with the angelic concepts appearing in Abrahamic religions.

In Hebrew, the word used for an angel, the original term, means ‘a messenger’. It was translated into Greek as angelos and in Latin, angelus.

Who are angels? What are they?

They are believed to be spirits of Heaven, immaterial, wonderful beings, created by God, but themselves non-creative.

Angels have no Ego, as we do, nor they are limited by flesh and bone, as we are.

Angels still have to take certain time to travel from one place to another, so we could say they are partially limited by space and time.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are personal angels and they could come from any of the angelic orders.

Guardian angels are assigned to each human being, upon their birth, spiritual birth or even before that, depending on the source.

Some sources say we have at least two guardian angels, others say we have even more than two angel guardians. In any case, your guardian angel/angels are always here for you.

These lovely spirits do not directly affect your life. Well, they do not step in to resolve each of your problems or save you from danger in a direct way.

They help you recognize evil, overcome challenges, resolve problems. They help you find your own strength to do so. However, angels also bless you when you need no help.

They are our guides and their messages are precious. Yes, messages. Angels do not tell you what to do and how to do it. They would send you various signs that would help you find your path.

Angels are egoless, selfless, pure and noble. They know human souls, as their essence is close to it. They know that there is light in each human being.

Angels help us find it. They communicate with us all the time, although, occupied by our daily businesses, with our tangible world, we are mostly unaware of such an interaction.

However, there are ways angels would attract our attention. They work in mysterious ways, sending us messages of heavenly kindness, guidance, love and support.

Angelic Messages

Angelic messages could be very different from one another.

Sometimes they are not exactly messages, but signs. People often wonder how would they notice angelic influence or feel the presence of angels, since we cannot exactly see them.

A sudden change in temperature, light manifestations, sounds and inexplicable, though not unpleasant noises and such, those could be signs of angelic presence.

There are symbols we traditionally recognize as good omens and associate with angelic energy, with blessings from God; a white feather, a white dove, for example.

There are different types of messages, as well, angel numbers, for instance.

Now, these are real messages, ones that require analysis. Let us talk about angel numbers.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers are quite an impressive type of angelic messages, because they are loaded with energy, with vibrations of cosmos, as well as with symbolism and meaning.

Each number has a specific vibration.

When angels send you numbers, they send you both a ray of energy and a message, depending on the complexity of the number, of course.

If you receive a one-digit number, the energy is very direct, very clear and the message, as well. If the number was complex, you should definitely see into it.

But first, how to recognize an angel number? Any number could be sent by an angel, but there are few ‘rules’.

The number is likely to keep occurring over a certain period in your life and it would finally catch your attention and make you wonder about it.

The other possibility is that you were someone with an extremely strong intuition, inner voice and already communicating with your guardian angels with more awareness than an average person, so your inners elf would tell you that a number was a message.

Whatever the case, it would be great if you see into the number you have received.

Angel Number 1140

Angel number 1140 is a four-digit, complex number. Such numbers are usually a kind of a numerical mirror, so call them.

Since they have many levels of meaning, these numbers typically reflect the personality of the receiver, in the moment and/or during the period of reception.

Angel number 1140 thus tells much about your personality. It should help you know yourself better than you do.

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Angel Number 1140 Composition Meaning

This number is best understood if analyzed in segments/levels. It is composed of numbers 1, 4 and 0. On the second level, we have 11 and 40.

Summing digits to one digit number is a common practice in numerology, so, case of these two numbers, we have 2 and 4.

The third level is the sum of all digits and it equals 6. Let us see into these numbers and their vibrations.

Number 1, repeated at the beginning of this sequence speaks about a very strong character, daring, motivated and optimistic. This number represents fresh start, ambitions, glory, activity, taking action, creating own realities, pursuing goals.

Number 4 represents great sense of organization, traditional values, principles and morality, justice, order, discipline, respect, seriousness.

Zero is the number of potential. We often associate it with emptiness, but zero is both emptiness and wholeness, fullness and nothingness.

Zero is alpha and omega, the source of all potentials. It emphasizes the energy of other numbers it appears in combination with.

Number 2 represents partnership, balance, diplomacy, relationship, compassion and understanding.

Number 6 represents unconditional love, parenthood and family, harmony, peace, peacefulness, care, nurture, humanitarianism, altruism, justice, dignity, self-sacrifice.

Together, these numbers form a complex, but wonderful pattern.

They definitely speak of an interesting person. Now we shall see into the combination.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1140

Angel number 1140 begins with numbers that emphasize the self.

However, you are also a person who cares about other people and especially about your own kin.

You are very protective of them, of your traditional values, of family values, dear people and your country. You are very determined to keep it all alive, harmonious and pure.

You are focused on things related to family and tradition; you have a strong sense of belonging, which shapes up your personality.

You have probably dedicated yourself to maintaining certain traditions, which is great, but you should always keep your mind open.

That zero in this combination is like an open window, not the abyss, but an endless source of opportunities.

Your guardian angels want you to leave the window open, to explore your own potentials and various opportunities to have many experiences in life. Experiences are best lessons.

You tend to be closed for the outer world, because you focus so much on the traditional and conventional. To be clear, you are very self-confident about it.

However, you should try to be more flexible. You would not believe how much you could learn from people who do not belong to ‘your world’, so to say.

Do not miss out incredible experiences and beauty of this world, by lifting all the gate bridges on your fort.

It is as if you have all the opportunity to travel, yet you remain at home for all of your life.

You would learn to value what is yours even more, if you let yourself meet the other.

Angel Number 1140 and Love

It is pretty much the same with love life. You have probably set certain standards, which is fine. However, see if you were too strict, perhaps?

What if there was someone you really like, but he or she does not fulfill the list of your requirements?

Your heart tells that you like the person, but he or she does not fall into the exact model you expect?

It always leads to confusion and inner problem. Therefore, be more flexible and open to new experiences.