348 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Gaining personal strength has never been one of your priorities in Life, or you may have done it in a wrong way, in a non-productive way, firmly believing that you are doing the right thing.

Maybe you have wasted so much time doing things that did not serve you, blind by the fact that there are some simple ways of gaining strength, in every atom in your being, not in a physical only, but primarily in a spiritual sense, as the most important.

The answer often comes from unexpected places – it comes from the Source you do not know well, but it is in front of your eyes all the time.

Signs are near you, all the time; just take a good look at around you – particular notice numbers.

Not all of them are telling you time or the important date; some of them are telling you the truth about your Life; they are objectively speaking of your Life.

They are called Angel numbers, and today we are speaking of number 348 that has come into your experience.

348 Angel Number – Interesting Information

Did you notice these numbers somewhere obvious, they are almost poking your eyes? Do you have a good concentration over your power of attention, or you just realized that they have been present in your Life for a long time, and only now, you have noticed them?

If you do not have, this is the moment to fix this problem – if you start having better control over attention, feelings, and actions you will become so much happier, healthier, have longer and happier relationships, are more successful at work, more easily overcome stressful and traumatic situations, and live longer.

You probably saw this number, but you forgot about it – it happens to a lot of people, and Angels have enough patience to send you over and over until you see it.

If you are not a believer, it is time to reconsider that question and you give God a chance.

This is one word from Almighty that has come into your Life just in the right moment when you lack self-control.

Success comes to your Life, but not in a material sense (it is not excluded), but spiritual sense (have in mind that number 8 carries the strong vibration of spiritual energy) as the most crucial to happiness.

Angelical beings are giving you the gift of how to strengthen our self-control and willpower according to the guidelines of the Divine Realm.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 348 has a miraculous effect on self-control (need to focus your energy on the right sources) and belief (you know that something is true, even if you do not receive evidence right away, but later you receive them, precisely because you are able to believe).

The positive effects of Divine energy that comes from the number 348 can be noticed from the very beginning of your alteration to a more spiritual being that you are becoming in these moments.

The vibrational fields that come from numerals 3, 4, and 8 here work in a miraculous movement to stimulate the growth of new spiritual connections and improve the overall function of your soul in the world today.

Soon you will be able to get into the Spiral of spiritual energy that will give you the feeling you have never felt before, where you are the being that was created directly from the Source.

The symbolism of this message is strength – in any shape or form you need, present to strengthen your willpower the fastest.

The fact that there is number 3 it shows that that energy  (8) comes from the Divine Source, and what is even more important it does not lose its potency, it is very stable (thanks to the number 4 that is also the part of this Angelical message, and always denotes firmness and Angelical presence).

348 Angel Number in Love

Try to take a look at this message from a different perspective, from another angle that reaches some other Heights – all of us are the sons and daughters of the desire of Life itself.

Even if such an idea is strange to you, if you just let it settle in your mind a bit, you know that there is something about it.

When you claim the Divine Love, and you could do it, with the help of message 348, Angels and their Love toward humanity arise through you, but not from you, and, although they are with you, they do not belong to you.

You can give them your Love, but not your thoughts because they have thoughts of their own – you can control them, and as far as Love goes, you just let it be what it is.

This message is present in your Life, right until you realize that you can always crush bodies but not souls, for souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit in your dreams.

It is another dimension that can only be reached by some, even if all of us are able to feel that Divine ene4rgy (Love) on our “skin” because all of us are sons and daughters of One, and he gave us the equal amounts of it.

The question is, are we strong enough to accept it?

Loving another human being, showing Love toward the world, is the most effective technique for strengthening your soul – and the best way you can do it is through Love.

Facts 348 Angel Number

Now, in the simplest terms, Angel number 348 signifies that prosperity is coming to you; it means that all good deeds and positivity that you have done in your Life are now paying.

The energy that you have been implanted into the world is now coming back to you.

Now, the fact is that the sum vibration in the case of Angel number 348 is 15, and we all know that this numeral is associated with God.

It reminds you that you are connected to him through your Angels.

Do you need any other confirmation that your Life has now altered for the better?

Now, this Angel number, seen its totality, signifies completeness, unity, and connectedness. It is given to the people so they can feel God’s presence.

And the fact that it is ending with the number 8 (the one that speaks of the infinitive wealth, particularly a spiritual sense) shows that this amazing event in your Life has come full circle. It is ended the way he started.

In Love, it signifies a new level – here, we are talking about the practical ways of how Angel number 348 serves you in Life, for example, here in emotional connections.

A relationship that leads to marriage, a child, or the end of a relationship.

It’s time to let go of everything that pulls you back and down. You dedicate yourself to you – yes, the lesson here is this if you want to be “good” for someone in your Life, first, you must be “good” to yourself.

And by good Angels have in mind 3-direction toward Heights, 4-stability, and strength, and 8-the the limitless energy that is able to transform.


It is necessary to remember who you are and why you are here.

To do this, you need spiritual tools such as meditation, visualization, rituals, and spiritual practices that will train your soul to see the bigger picture and reconnect with its essence.

Affirmations are also a very effective way to practice mindfulness and presence in everyday experiences.

After you have been a recipient of the message 348, you know that you are present at the moment; you are here right now ready to change.

Angelical being is telling you that everything you want (or been wanting for a long time) exists in now.

Also, this message speaks of the perfect timing – you are in the perfect place at the perfect time. Your power lies in the present moment.

In the end, Angelical beings are calling you with this message to allow yourself to feel emotions no matter what they are.

The Universe is addressing you in the present moment, and if you do the best you can, with the resources you have, you are grateful.

You are a strong and resilient soul, and Angelical being congratulated you on it, using this message 348.