Angel Number 808 – Meaning and Symbolism

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The blessings of our guardian angels come to us only several times throughout life.

This is why seeing angel numbers around you is so precious and rewarding.

The appearance of these numbers means you have some important work to do in your life and something you have been working on needs a bit more practice.

The angel numbers can also tell us that we are on the right path in life and how everything is in perfect order when it comes to our lives.

Angel numbers can appear almost anywhere, so you won’t have a problem noticing these angel numbers around you.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the angel number 808 and how this angel number influences our lives.

Angel Number 808 – Interesting Information

Angel number 808 is awakening our instincts and intuition. Imagine if the director of a large company, in front of a historic decision to be taken, announced to choose following a specific criterion: instinct.

In real life, it could also happen, but – you as the object of the story – have important choices and they should not be the result of weighted analysis, of nights spent thinking and evaluating every possible implication.

Above all in the Western world, the affirmation of rational thought has relegated intuitions to the domain of magical, religious, primitive thought: our ancestors followed instinct, but over time we have gained the chance to free ourselves from it.

Yet from a scientific point of view, intuition and “skin” sensations have untapped potential. As an analysis published in

The Conversation recalls, they are not foolish answers, to be ignored or corrected by reasoning. They are just a different form of information processing.

Insights also derive from a process of evaluation and comparison carried out by the brain. It is often described as a complex machine specialized in predictions, which compares the feelings and experiences of the present with what has already been learned in the past, thus predicting what is going to happen.

When an unexpected happens, the brain updates its models for the future. This incessant work takes place automatically, without realizing it.

The intuitions occur when the brain notices a connection or an incongruity between the current experience and the past, but this comparison does not reach the threshold of consciousness: in other words we know that it is so, but we do not know how we got there.

For example, you are driving on a country road at night when you go blank on the right. A little further on you notice a hole: it was not for that intuition, you would have taken it in full.

Yet you had not seen it! In fact, the car in front of you had steered slightly, in the same place: you imitated it without thinking about it, and you did well.

When you have a lot of experience in a certain field, the brain has more information “in the archive” with which to make comparisons: it is in those moments that the insights become particularly reliable.

Often intuition and analytical thinking are seen as contradictory forces, as if one were to choose which one to rely on. In reality, they work in tandem and at the same time: the difference is that the first operates below the level of consciousness, and we realize it only when it proposes a result.

Usually, on the contrary, we resort to the belly and to the analyzes at the same time. Even an important scientific discovery can come from an intuition that provides a new and original hypothesis, and then be validated by rigorous analysis and testing.

In any case, if intuition has the reputation – at this point undeserved – of a risky and uncertain option, even relying only on reasoning can cause problems. Many studies have shown that abandoning excess logic can hinder decision-making processes, without necessarily leading to better choices.

Other times, we use analytical thinking to justify, or complicate, a decision already taken “belly”: it is the case of those that we define moral dilemmas.

How to understand, then, if we can rely on an intuition or not? A trick can be to evaluate the situation in which you are. Is it old (in an evolutionary sense) or new?

Because if our instinct from hunter gatherers tells us that it is better to stuff ourselves with donuts immediately, in anticipation of future famines, it is said that today is the best choice …

Could it be subject to errors of judgment? For example, could our choice be conditioned by the fact that we prefer options that confirm previous assumptions? Or from the tendency to ignore negative or dangerous information? And then: do we already have experience in that field?

If we have, as we have seen, the brain has enough elements to work alone, without interference from the conscience. But if we do not have it, and the situation is completely new, maybe it’s better to think for a moment.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 808 is a combination of two numbers. These numbers are 8 and 0. Angel number 8 is the number of success, being concentrated on work and achievements.

This angel number is extremely important for those who are looking to expand their business or strengthen their position inside the company.

The number 8 doesn’t come into our lives often, so as soon as this angel number enters your life you should begin giving more attention and effort into your life. The number 8 is also the symbol of vices.

So just as easy as this angel number can be positive it can also turn completely around and become negative.

The other number in this number combination is 0. Number 0 reminds us that we can achieve anything we ever wanted, but only if we work hard enough and push continuously towards the goal we have set for ourselves.

In combination, these two numbers symbolize the power that lies within us that allows us to achieve anything. When angel number 808 enters your life, roll up your sleeves and work even harder.

Number 808 and Love

Angel number 808 is bringing something new into your love life. Changes that are about to happen are going to help you achieve necessary success. Have you ever heard of a secret ingredient or secret formula?

Surely yes, many times, since people like a lot the secrets and secrets are very used to attract attention.

It is also important for the game of seduction to maintain a good deal of mystery and confidentiality, right? I bet you’ve never heard of a secret remedy for heart problems.

What will it ever be? What will I have invented this time, to let you discover new resources to improve your love life and solve your heart problems once and for all?

Think for a moment: have you ever thought about the fact that the most powerful remedies, like the most prodigious inventions, are very often the simplest? Have you ever noticed that on many occasions in life and in many emotional issues solutions are under your eyes, but you can not or do not want to see them?

How many times have your beliefs about love, attraction and seduction affected your mood and your mental attitude? How often does your state of mind make you assume illogical and irrational behavior, so as to turn you into a needy person (even if you’re not) and a bit ‘stressful (we can say bums?) Towards the man who do you like and want to conquer?

This explains it well in the path “How to seduce a man without stress for you or for him”.

Let’s take another step now. The questions for you are not finished yet. I still have some, important. Do you know what are the two main reasons why many women “ruin” – literally – a love story and create big heart problems?

The first reason is that they have little confidence in their resources, the second is that they give too much importance to their partner (or to the man they desire) by taking it away from themselves.

What do you say you find us? Do you find yourself in the fact of not having enough self-esteem and in attributing too much importance to a man?

Well, if so, carefully consider what I’m about to tell you, since it will be very useful to discover within you resources that not even suspected of having.

There are several problems of heart since many are the mistakes that can be committed in love or the misunderstandings that may arise within a relationship. We see some heart problems that my readers talk to me every day. It is about life lived!

Do not reflect on the right time to start having sex: “I met a great guy, we immediately liked and took the passion. We ended up in bed already the first night we went out together, everything went very well, but now, after about a month of idyll, he is becoming elusive and says he does not want to commit … ”

Having relationships in continuous sequence: “I left a long relationship with a man who did not deserve me and who only knew how to give against my self-esteem. After a couple of months I met a guy that I liked a lot, but I found out that he had other stories with other women. Since then I have moved from one wrong man to another.

Claim immediate emotional connection: “after so many years that I was single and literally could not fall in love with anyone, I met a very interesting guy.

I’m sure he’s very interested in me too. I realize that I was a little nagging towards him at once: I call him at least a couple of times a day, I send him text messages and I often contact him on Facebook.

I’m convinced I was wrong because he told me that I’m “too much on him”. But what if we like it because contacts with me should bother him? Do you interfere with him or do not interest him? I would really like this story to materialize! ”

Do not know what you want from life: “Sometimes I think I’m not really on my mind. I have no problem establishing relationships with men, even very interesting ones. In fact, since I’m about twenty I do not remember ever having spent more than a month alone.

Only I really do not understand: after a while ‘I’m with a man, even the most adorable, I feel like I’m in prison and literally … run away! By now I have exceeded 40 and I am convinced that if I continue like this I will never find the right man for me … ”

Do not engage in mutual knowledge: “I met a wonderful boy. Or, at least, I thought so. The first times were fantastic.

Until after four and a half months we got together we decided to go and live together: everything changed from there. We both believe we love each other, but we continue to argue about the most stupid things about practical life.

Facts About Number 808

Year 808 was filled with many important events that influenced the world as we know it today.

King Godfred formed an army with the Wiltzi and other tribes in the area in order to defeat the pagan tribes in the surroundings.

Cadell ap Brochafael, Eanbald II, Layman Pang, Emma of Altdorf and Kim Yang all marked this year with their births and deaths.


Angel number 808 is the number of accomplishing success and achieving greatness that you always strived towards to.

Angel numbers come into our lives for a reason so your guardian angels ae telling you that you need to take these messages seriously if you want to see improvement.

Sooner you start listening to these powerful messages, the better it is going to be for you.

Your guardian angels would never allow you to make a mistake, so don’t be scared to act according to the messages of these angel numbers.