354 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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As you know, Angels, or Angelical beings, or Light beings, Messengers, Communicators from the Divine, etc., are experienced differently in different cultures; and to some extent in different timelines throughout history.

In some cultures, for example, they are considered as purely benevolent, while in others, they speak of creatures who like to converse to people directly and show themselves to them, perhaps in some physical form.

In their natural state, Angelical beings are actually pure energy (not made out pure energy, they are energy, just like everything in nature) – we spoke so many times about this, and we could also say that some believe that they take shape according to their character or the area in which they reside, according to human beliefs, in some they are connected to religion in others they are made of light, feeling and energy. Soon you will see that all of this is irrelevant, but their significance and purpose in our lives is what matters.

With the numbers they send you, and messages you convey from them, you can see the world from the other side, they can be the mirrors of souls.

Return to the Source, to be more precise, and you will be able to see that all Angelical messages are dedicated to this purpose.

When they approach you, take their gifts with honor and happiness, and more importantly, with gratitude – otherwise, the gifts will stop coming, or you will stop seeing them.

Today we are looking at the numerical sequence 354 – be happy if you have been gifted with this message.

354 Angel Number – Interesting Information

The moment in which this message comes to you is a creative dryness (and by this spiritual dryness is also included, you are very far from your true being), and Angelical creatures are giving you the water of knowledge to make your crops fertile again.

Because message 354 comes just like the water to the dryness of your life, in any case, but primarily the spiritual one.

You must create once again, and you must accept that gift because when you take that benefit, the world responded with in equal measure, you make it a better place.

Can you understand that as much you create, you can give it back to the world; it is the precise thing that Angels want from you?

Angel number 354 is much more than making a wish and sending your desire into the Universe, for someone to hear it.

Frequent observation of the appearance of this number 354 as it was in your case, all around us, is a call to awakening and a sign of connection with the Universe, a sign of the elect.

Any occurrence after that noticing the same number 354 indicates the opening of a channel between you and the invisible world.

When we say invisible, we mean the one world that is based on your belief that it is real, not what your eyes tell you, etc.

Meaning and Symbolism

Now, you wonder what does it mean, and does Angel message 354 have any symbolical values? Of course, it does; the beauty of Angel numerology is seen trough symbols.

Now the meaning is the change of attitudes – now, they can be directed toward a happy and more positive outcome.

Angels tell you in this message that every problem you may have can be observed from a different point of view, and they recommend that you look at yours with a high dose of optimism and reasonable ambition.

The most important thing in your life now is to establish control between anger and negative emotions – they were not moving you in the desired direction, you know this, but find it hard to “resist” them.

The number 354 brings you the incredible power of the mind that is assisting you in resisting negative emotions and anger.

Angels are recommending you that in any conflict you enter, even the one with yourself, find a compromise.

A valued property is finding time in your battle – think here also, that in Divine terms, there is no time, time does not represent any value, the only purpose does, and the journey that takes you toward it.

Now, the symbol of the message 354 or 12 is this – and you may be surprised by it. It is justice.

Here, it is said that your sense of justice can be different and includes your ability to forgive and have compassion and deep understanding.

You need it to make your life better, stop judging others.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are in conflict with, to understand how the other side feels.

Angels teach you how to accept others, even though they seem like enemies to you at the moment.

You need to see the problem clearly and focus on solving it, not pushing it under the rug.

Clearly, it is easier to ignore the problem for fear and pain, crisis and conflict, even though Angels warn you that you will make everything even harder that way.

Don’t hide the problem cheating through form closure towards others.

You have to convince yourself to have a creative and useful solution for each upcoming problem.

Remember, in every situation, and you find yourself in, you have to know that the solution is always so close – the solution is at your hand.

Focus on the problem which currently occupies you and resolve it with happiness and joy.

354 Angel Number in Love

Love can be anything; nothing is achieved by force – at least nothing worthwhile and at least nothing permanent – this is the main thing that is brought to you by the message 354, or as its sum vibration 12 says.

In keeping with all this, Divine Love is what, perhaps most closely, can be termed as the flow of the Divine energy.

This, of course, does not mean that no help should be given if one asks for it or if someone needs it, as well as to offer their benevolent advice, but the freedom to choose one being must not (in any way) be influenced.

When we recognize the Divine Love in our hearts, as the message 354 teaches us, we know that we cannot force anyone, and even if we are very convinced that our intention is quite right – because we must be aware that the one who really knows the truth (the “secret”!) of the right procedure, no one is forcing anyone!

When you have it, when you know that you are Love, you do not have any desire to push others to force them to see the world with your eyes, but you are able to accept them as they are.

One more thing that is relevant here – number 12 as the sum number, in this case, is the number that depicts the Universe, and Love is the force that rules it. Be aligned with it.

Facts about 354 Angel Number

There are so many interesting facts that are related to the message 354 from the Divine Realm – 3, 5, and 4 are aligned in such a way you understand how to reject fear (5) and accept your true nature (3 and 4, acceptance and true nature are defined by these two numerals).

Now, in its totality, Angel number 354 is 12 – the one number that besides other attributes brings the battle against the fear, and in your case, the ego is the Source of fear.

Fear leads you astray with its lies. He says you don’t change routine and familiar, even if it hurts.

Now, as we have said, number 12 is the number that appears in every part of the world and always describes the world, the Cosmos with all small and big details.

It shows up as the Highest number of all in numerous religious, spiritual teachings, etc.

This is, however, a time when we need to leave behind everything that poisons us and everything that doesn’t work.

A time when we need to restore faith that what we dream of we need to live.


This is one excellent message that proves how many Angelical beings for you, the numeral 354 shows that you know, whatever happens, believe in the deep providence of the Source.

Everything arrives at the right time and just the way it’s best for you. Sometimes it seems to you that the problems are too big, the roads are too long, the obstacles are insurmountable …

However, what a person considers impossible has already been born at the Source and comes to him as possible.

Let us surrender to the profound wisdom and logic of the Universe, Angels are saying to you in the message that you see as 354.

In the end, as you were able to see Angel number 354 (12) – as connective tissue to the Universe, giving you all that you need to be happy, and to deal with problems in an optimistic way.