355 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you are reading these lines, you are probably a believer, and we will not narrow this section down, it is up to you what will you believe in – God, Universe, the Force, etc.

And if you are a believer, then you feel deep in your heart that there is something about the number that you cannot forget, you have a strange feeling that it means more than just a number on someone’s license plate.

Angel numerology gives you the wisdom and clarity that you could not see in any other way; if you succeed in looking at life with such view, you know that after the initial impact, there will be wise insights, a clear vision of life, on the surface of your consciousness.

It will come from one part of you to the surface; things that have been bothering you will now become very clear.

When the brain slows down to the Divine level (when Angels fulfill their purpose, when you understand who you are and what is your main purpose in life), you begin to consciously understand the essence of your true Self.

A clear vision of life is given to you by your spiritual essence, which comes to the fore. People who have these contacts, with the Divine Realm, and this expanded consciousness, practice deep meditation, feel the Unity.

This is why it is highly recommended to practice yoga or mediation if you want to connect (re-connect) with the Divine Realm and understand the meaning of Angel numbers.

Angel numbers are a part of our world, even if we do not see them, recognize them, or wonder what they mean.

We have to look deeper into their world so that we could get that clear vision and spiritual essence that we crave deep inside.

It is not hard to be motivated to do so, everything you do for your own well-being cannot be a waste of time; it is the time best spent, and what is even more important, it is the time that signifies the change that has started right at the moment when you have let Angels come into your world.

Today our interest is dedicated to the Angel number 355, right away you know that it is one very spiritual number, because it’s main part is numeral 55, as one of the Divine, or Master Numbers as some like to call them.

355 Angel Number – Interesting information

So, Angel number 355 has come into your life, and now is the moment to use all that you have got to resolve its meaning; you can put more effort into a mental activity, the more mentally active and aroused you are, the higher the speed of Divine frequency (it will become understandable, it is like things align all around you, and everything that has happened, or will happen makes a complete sense).

Right away, you know that if you want to follow this lead, you must get rid of all unnecessary burdens, like superficial consciousness of judgmental thinking, the dominance of caring, fearfulness that all of us are so prone to have…

This is the greatest limitation of your consciousness, and without facing it, you will not be able to move an inch from your current state.

This state of consciousness is said to be a deceptive vision of life because life is viewed with eyes clouded with fear and worry.

Angelical waves that are coming your way with the message 355 (the part 55 is particularly relevant in this case, later in the piece you will see in what way this is true) are relaxed, fantasizing, visualizing, when you are in the creative process of conception.

When in this state, the more profound than any before, you are now the creator, you can shape and shift your own life, your own reality and make it better, happier, etc.

When you accept it, you know that all unnecessary burdens slow you down – anxiety, fear, and responsiveness disappear when you are in this state.

It is possible because Angelical beings are with you – they are proving to you their existence with this number.

Meaning and Symbolism

If you have recently encountered this Angelical sequence that you see in some ordinary way, but know that it means much more, it informs you that your life will change radically.

Yes, change is an integral part of the Angel number 355, because how can you know that your world is altering if you do not experience the change; that will, we may add, come from you, from the inside.

Changes are part of personal freedom, and no matter how it seemed to you at first, maybe problematic, and painful even (you are about to alter everything you know is true, you feel it is real, and a part of your habits that are not easily removed).

Angel number 355, as one of the highest message that a human being will receive, means changes, transformations that will be in your life, for your highest and best good in the future.

Even if you are not able to see it right now, here we come to the aspect of faith that we have mentioned at the beginning of this piece.

Angels tell you, using this message 355, to leave situations that no longer serve you – and by the situation, you can count every thought, every person, every belief that does not serve you, but that is pushing you toward superficial consciousness of judgmental thinking, the dominance of caring, fearfulness.

As we have said, if you are able to cut it off right now, so that there is room for something else, more exalted to come inside. Angelical beings will replace them with something better and nicer.

This will bring you the true happiness you strive for – because after all, whatever message you have sent into the Universe, it came to you in a response – Angel number 355, and it is there with the purpose to make you feel happy.

The changes that are coming will be realized if you actively move in a new direction, sitting around without doing anything will not make a difference.

As you and your angels help you turn your direction, and they direct you, for now, it doesn’t matter that you don’t know which direction you are headed, it is the direction that toward happiness – such idea is the part of Angel number 355.

In the end, the symbolical value of 355 is the essential change – it is imperative that you allow new changes to take place.

It may not be clear to you at first that a change has taken place, though you will feel and know at the right time.

355 Angel Number in Love

One more important attribute that belongs to Angel number 355, or its 55 elements, along 3 (like Unity, harmony, Love, Divine Love) is the close connection to the change that is leading toward that Unity.

Try to understand it in a way that is easy to spot in the example of Jesus Christ – there we can see a perfect, well-known, example of Divine Love, He did not “love” because “to love” means to cultivate a love for someone or something special – and that is not Love; Jesus loved everything, so the concept of “Love” loses meaning.

When we love ALL, then we do not love, but then we are Love, so Love (true) and “love” can by no means be together.

So, He, Jesus, did not “love” but “was love,” and to be in Love means not to have an ego and, therefore, to be in God.

Do you understand what we are saying?

You must become Love so that you can give Love and be human being built of Love, and among all those things that you are about to get rid of, the burden of ego is maybe the hardest.

It is the part of you, and you have become one with it, it is hard to get rid of it.

Here, Angel number 355 enters, and if you remember it has the power to show you how to get rid of all unnecessary burden (in the case of an ego, you cannot shut it down, but you can make him “mute”). Only then can you expect the room for Love.

Facts about 355 Angel Number

Here, we meet two vibrational fields – one belongs to the number 3 and the other to the vibration of 55, as the more important in this case.

Whenever you get to see number 55 in Angel sequence, you know that Angelical creature uses this number to signify one important change.

They are showing you how to get rid of long-standing constraints and barriers that have deposited you in the past.

When combined with number 3, you know that now is the time to start living your dreams, find your passion, and to live it.

Angel number 355 signals the development of old steps into something new and concrete. It also has the joined significance of number one (5 + 5 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1), implying that there is a new opening or possibility of a new route.

The part of this message that belongs to numeral 3 is also very important – it shows the oscillation of the energy field of power, and when combined with 55, it creates a vibration that is in harmony with the universal vibration of the Divine Realm.

Truly, this is one of the Highest Divine frequencies, and you know that the higher the level of spiritual development, the higher his vibrational harmony.

Thus the frequency of oscillation of its energy field is more regular and higher in Oneness with the Universal Vibration.

That vibration of Oneness or Unity is the vibrational record of man, that is, what man currently lives, his own inner harmony or disharmony. This coherence depends on all life and all its aspects.


When Angel numerology comes into your life, be sure that everything will change – all frequencies in the physical body at which organs and systems vibrate.

Your inner being receives vibrations through the causal, astral, and etheric bodies; at this moment, you are expanding. Its energy-vibratory activity is measured and expressed by brain waves.

Such an Angelical message will help you get rid of the chronic stress, worries, fears, and anger, which causes a great disparity in Divine frequencies and the entire energy-information field of the body’s power, is blocked.

With Angel numerology, the unbounded energy of the Source is constantly in Oneness with all seemingly different frequencies in existence.

If the vibrations of energy in the human body are disturbed or malfunctioned, it leads to huge problems with health and interpersonal relationships, and in the outside life can weaken various other vibrations and interfere with the attainment of goals.

Angels show you the way to the constant vibration of the Divine Realm.

In the end, Angel number 355 has come to you, in the simplest way possible, it is present to wake up your sleeping vibrations, to alter your reality (to assist you in making that change), to silence your ego, and to show you that you are Love.

Angels are with you, just like the Divine Love is inside of you; at times, it is a small flame, and now, it is burning in all of its glory. Take what is yours and be happy.