356 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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In our culture, in many around the world, there are tales told about some High beings that live in the world beyond; there are even some testimonies of encounters with Angels (beings of light, beings that have an extraordinary beauty, that does not resemble of anything we know, etc.) of people from different historical periods.

In the same way, that man is not only material but possesses a soul, so everything in nature is alive and has a soul; it is imbued with strength and energy, inhabited by visible and invisible beings.

Often times, you can find testimonies of people who have “seen” them; for example, in some mystical places, the peaks of the mountains and the hills were the dwellings of the gods.

Every aspect of nature is, in general, known as “divine,” and those places where Angelical beings reside are filled with miraculous healing powers.

In these places, there is sometimes an “entrance” to the “other world” guarded by these beings.

The spirit of nature is so beautiful that people see it as something that is out of this world, and it truly is; this is the reason why we call Nature, Mother, Universe, Force, God, and we think of the same.

Our perception of it makes the “difference,” but something that is seen in many cases is the communication between these beings and humans; it can vary, but most common numbers.

Seemingly common numbers, the ones you see every day, but in fact, numbers that, in fact, mean much more.

Today our attention is focused on the examination of the number 356 and people who have received it as their personal guide to a better life.

356 Angel Number – Interesting information

This numerical sequence 356 comes into your life right at the moment when you are ready to confirm what you have believed all along, miracles are common, they can happen, and everything you thought was just a phantasy, in fact, is reality.

Angels are close to you, and you can see it by the construction of the message 356 – it has in itself, three very meaningful numerals, 3 and 6 in the first place, but also number 5 in between.

One more truly important thing that depicts this message from another angle shows that the sum number 14 is the one that bestows you have passed into a more enlightened state of consciousness.

Material things, and life on that basis, it does not spark your interest to the same extent as it did before you have received the message 356.

You don’t stop at superficial topics anymore. You know exactly which people are worth you and who you need to spend your time with.

The real people who share your high vibration, the people who awake, and spark joy in your life.

Meaning and Symbolism

The angelic number that has come to you in the form of 356 indicates

That the time has come for personal development in any direction you think is the best for you, only if you are aware that what you need in this period is spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Without it, your soul cannot move on, not in any direction, not in the right one, especially.

Meaning and in some way, message 356 is that you must keep the thoughts, focus, and intentions on the mission of your soul and the purpose of life.

The combination of 356 shows that with your elevated vibration, you will attract plenty and positive energies into your life.

Use positive affirmations and maintain an optimistic attitude, that way you will attract whatever you need.

Trust the inner wisdom, intuition, and guidance of your angels and take concrete steps in the direction of your dreams and desires.

This is the number that symbolizes your personal success and fulfillment in any of your endeavors.

356 Angel Number in Love

The message that has come to you in the numerical form 356 does not carry anything simple and meaningless, it speaks also about Love, but you have to believe, and never deny its existence.

Non-denial means, first and foremost, absolute freedom of choice – you decide whether you see Love inside of you.

This freedom is a reflection of the Essence itself, and it enables us to bear, on the principle of absolutely free will, complete and absolute responsibility for all our actions and intentions.

On the basis of that responsibility, everyone bears and exactly (their own!) Consequences, which – neither can be avoided nor would it be desirable even if it were possible.

Love, the Divine Love is not responsible for you, you are responsible for it; just as no one in this world can be responsible for someone else’s actions or anyone can bear the other’s karma, and therefore it is really necessary for everyone, with complete self-awareness, to supervise themselves.

If you know that you nurture the Divine Love, you can be sure that it will never leave you in vain; it is so close to us, the supposed solution to others’ problems and your own.

Facts about 356 Angel Number

The vibratory work of Angel number 356 consists of a multitude of frequencies that humans (in this case, you, as the recipient) receive but also emits into the outside world.

3 is here to show the body, but not the physical body, but the other, the spiritual one that is connected to the Source, that has such subtle energy, which, if in tune, allow life to be harmonized at all levels of existence.

Because there can be seen numeral 5 in the middle, right after 3, the tune is harmonized, and you have overcome the biggest problem for this perfect personal vibration.

With the addition of number 6, you know that your spiritual energy does not have any disruption of the frequencies.

In its totality, Angel number 356 disrupts the vibration of negativity so that the whole harmony of the organism is never disturbed.

Angels suggest that you should take care not to make a problem with the appearance of negative physical ailments, which are the result of this distinction between the harmony we receive from the Universe and those emotions we emit.

Every organ in the physical body emits a certain vibration and frequency, and with 356 yours is at the highest level possible, the spiritual level.


Did you notice this number 356 on the clock or somewhere else?

What it means, you wonder; you look it up and have a strange feeling that it means more than just the time, you feel like it is connected to something greater in your life.

Angelical beings are saying, among all other things in the message, 356 to keep your head upright.

This is the number (and you can observe it in its sum form where it makes numeral 14, the number that signifies encouragement, support, and spiritual awakening) has a very powerful impact on your life, so take this advice very seriously.

Do not look away, do not hesitate to do the right thing, do not become one of those people who will give up when things become ruff, and the road becomes uncomfortable.

Many will remind you that Christ had gone through so much pain, but the one that it was necessary.

When we go through difficult moments in life, help is necessary – and Angelical beings are proving to you that they got your back; they give you the stimulus to move on, right at the moment when you think that you cannot move on any further.

When we realize that Angelical beings are next to us, to follow our every move, we get the power to achieve whatever we want.

It’s not always easy.

Lives are unpredictable, but Angelical beings teach you to lead your life with a lot of joy (the vibration of number 5 allows it).

In the end, Angels are saying to you one more relevant thing to remember if you are the recipient of the message 356 – they know that feelings and passions in difficult moments in life are complicated to control.

It is ok, it is humanly, but they ask from you to stand up and rise above them, not letting them confuse you, but lead you.

Despite this, we must be prepared to face the most difficult things with our heads held high; Angels are giving you this wisdom in the message 356.