357 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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In many of these articles and others, you find online that are related to the Universe, Angels, God, the mutual communication that exists, even if you do not think that you are a part of that communication; there is one word that is mentioned more than others, it is the word change.

In some pieces, it is used in variations, like transformation, alternation, mutation. It has a positive meaning because it is the trait is that it is used to best describe the Universe in the widest sense of that word.

It is not an accident; it is a necessity, how can you explain the world we live in if you do not understand the most important trait of it, the change in all its beauty.

Everything in Nature, Universe changes, and so are we, as human beings, but the perception of that change, and the human inner need not to change, because we learn to “respect” the comfort zone.

We learn to adore the comfort zone in which we live so “problem-free,” as it seems to us that it is the case.

Now, some spiritual teacher says that human life should not be compared, in the sense of change with the butterfly (the symbol of a change in the Universe), but with the existence of a stone.

Why is this case?

And more importantly, what is its connection with Angel numerology?

It lays in the fact that though Angel numbers, acquiring their wisdom, you change, but you do not have to transform like the butterfly or a flower.

They insist on your own path, and this is why the same message, for example, 357, has a different meaning (or understanding of that meaning) for different people.

357 Angel Number – Interesting information

Angel number 357 is the solution that comes into your life, right at the moment when you desired (said loudly to the Universe is a form of prayer, even if you are not a religious person. you do not need a church to say your wishes to the Universe) that you want to retreat to your life back, from the point that you have started.

Even if this may seem like an impossible task, to get your true nature back, especially nowadays, when everything around you bothers you, the darkness wants to swallow you in some way.

The term darkness has a very individual meaning, and it can be whatever you feel is taking away the light out of your life.

It’s important, as Angels point out in message 357, that we learn to listen to our needs, not to disguise them, not to look away from them, or misplace them.

Our needs must be fulfilled so that we can find happiness.

This message from the Divine Realm brings you the real escape from the negative vortex that sucks us into something that we are not, and we need to rely a lot more on common sense, think more on our own, without expecting too much from others, move away from and check what exactly this knowledge serves you and how we can use it for our own good.

It is simple: to think a bit, not to rush into it without any reason, that is, “because everyone is there,” because – we are here and we do not have to go somewhere if we do not want it or do not need it.

Angels have such a trust in your, in your abilities as a being of Love, why don’t you? Change the perception of yourself, and things will start to change in a rhythm that is suitable for you.

Meaning and Symbolism

At the beginning of this piece, we have said that the change that occurs in human life resembles the transformation and movement of stones, and even when it seems that they are not changing, they do.

They are constantly moving along the river bed, changing slowly but continuously. There is no change overnight, no sudden creation of a new identity because everything we have been through our whole lives.

Let’s look at our own lives, and we will find it easier to come up with an answer: Openness and fluidity are often better strategies for action that you should take right now, at the moment when you are finding out the true meaning that is behind Angel number 357.

Another important symbolical value of message 357 is to take some time and wait for the miraculous, perfect timing when the change occurs in your life.

Do not be scared by the process of waiting, because the faith in your Guardian Angels proves that time does not carry any relevance.

Yes, there is a timing that is gradually coming to you, there is a moment when things will align in your life, and the pace that 3-5-7 gives to you is proving this.

You can see how these vibrational fields are aligned to suit your pace, your needs, and your perfect timing. Accept it; do not ask any additional questions.

Yes, Angels are aware that you need an act of courage to get into this process and that in your head; there can be so many disagreements and misunderstandings.

So, this message brings you much-needed clarity to see things clearly and know everything there is about courage.

In a practical way, Angel number 357 shows that sometimes it’s a good idea not to push the fight all the way; it may sometimes take time to the outside world to cool down and come to a point where you can see things peacefully and reasonably.

Only then you receive clarity, and only then you know where to go.

357 Angel Number in Love

To feel His presence in everyone is true (Divine) Love. If Love is tied to the individual, then it is blind Love, and it inevitably leads to disappointment, to suffering, to problems, and provides nothing because it leads nowhere.

This Love must be attached to presence, to everything, to yourself. But, such Love is also reflected in a personal connection you are in.

Angel message 357 teaches you, regarding Love, that Love needs time, and Divine Love especially needs time; it does not have to scare you. It should bring you joy.

You can see it in a concrete case, in love relations in your life; for example, when the relationship is just beginning.

Scolding and reacting too quickly will almost always bring disappointment. The gradual opening, however, creates a more secure basis for a lasting relationship.

Can you imagine how important this is regarding Divine Love, that is and will always be everlasting. Should we not observe this Love with so much care, as the most important thing in our life?

Yes, we should – and for implementation of it in your life, and a proper understanding, take your time. It will come to you.

Facts about 357 Angel Number

Angel number 357 is the message created from three numerical vibrations, 3, 5, and 7. We have said that this message is interestingly created; it is made as a gradation of vibrations 3-5-7.

From numeral three you know that this Angel number comes from the Source, 5 brings the expansion of your path; and 7 is a highly spiritual number with the effect that expands on, not just the recipient of the message, but on all others that are in connection with him or her.

Angel Number 357 also signifies you in a way, as a human being who is ready to make a personal change, regardless of how slow it can be.

Once again, the time does not impose any relevance, if the journey you take is fulfilling and blessed, as it is in your case.


Maybe in some past times, you thought that it was vital to react instinctively and quickly.

We had to either fight or fled; there was no time to think. The fear that others would overtake us and chase us with prey was quite realistic.

Thus, even today, passivity is considered a negative feature, and it should not be, because the Universe works in this way, sometimes it is necessary to move from its way.

Waiting is considered a waste of time, but as we have said in Universal laws, it does not have so much importance.

Sometimes, however, it is simply not the right time to act. We need to gather more information or wait for circumstances to change.

Angel number 357 shows that you should focus more on more persistent and proven things, in a way, to have faith in yourself, and nature you have nourished for so long.

Advice would be: be suspicious of the dictatorship of change that comes from the outside, not jump into every new trend, prefer to relax and live your normal life.

The tendency for speed and action is explained by human nature itself and the urge to survive.

Focus more on a change that comes from the inside, from your true nature, and you will witness miracles, Angelical beings promise you in the message 357.