3838 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Sacred texts tell much about who and/or what angels are. According to the interpretations of the Bible, angels are celestial spirits, beings created by God, more powerful and higher than humans, in their essence.

While people commonly take angels for ultimately pure and holy, it is not said that angels could do no wrong and stray from God.

In fact, if we are to look into the story of the fallen angels, it is obvious that angels can sin. However, guardian angels are believed to be those of the Heavenly Host.

According to some of interpretations, angels were created beings that came to existence through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the first of all.

Angels are also frequently referred to as ‘Sons of God’, which we could read in certain passages of the Bible; namely, the Book of Job mentions them so. Angels are beautiful, ethereal, and capable of taking physical form, although their essence is spiritual.

Angel is a term that explains those entities’ office, not their nature. Their nature is that of spirits, while the office is that of messengers, which is how the term ‘angel’ should be translated. Angels are many, although we never get to read about the specific number.

Angels are not present only in Christianity. In fact, all great religions feature beings such as angels. We read about angels in Judaism and Islam, as well.

Such spirits are to be found in other religious and spiritual systems; for example, in Zoroastrianism, in Sikhism, in Kabbalah. Angels are subject of certain apocrypha.

Many other spiritual systems feature some spirits that resemble (Christian) angels; messengers of the Deity or deities are a common office in realms of different belief systems. Angels are mentioned in philosophical concepts, as well.

Angels have always been an incredible source of inspiration to humans. Just look into art history, literature and other domains of humankind creativity.

Angels are usually depicted as beautiful human beings, perfect by the standards of beauty of the era in which the artworks were created. In poetry, prose, in folktales and else, angels usually play a role of divine messengers, guardians and protectors.

Angelic Nature

In order to understand the office of angels and the idea about guardian angels, we have to understand their nature or their ‘psychology’, if you wish. Created by the deity, angels are believed ultimately to serve God’s will.

As the deity is said to wish only well to humans, angels act according to the divine plan and watch over humanity. However, their task is not to prevent evil from happening and save us from all the temptations.

One may ask if such spiritual entities are fully dependent on the Deity or they possess the will of their own. Some would rash to say that angels do not have free will, no Self, in our terms, and that their office is ultimately defined and determined by the deity.

It is not entirely true, although there are different explanations and opinions on the nature of angels.

Nevertheless, it is never said that they do not have free will. The story of the fall from Heaven, as interpreted by the Fathers of the Christian Church, proves angels have free will.

Not only that they can act very self consciously and out of their own convictions, but also those convictions might directly oppose that of the Deity.

The most intriguing figure of this story is certainly Lucifer, once a splendid archangel, who desired to place himself above the stars of God.

While it has been a subject of debates ever since, this story actually proves angels do have free will and that they could even sin if they choose to do so.

However, myriads of angels were not seduced by this revolt and they remained loyal to God, God-loved and God-loving. Angels of the heavenly realm are believed to be our guardians, even if it was not their sole task.

Angelic Messages of Guidance

Guardian angels are sometimes believed to be related to some of the major angels of high ranks, known by their names. They are divided into specific classes according to their specialty, to say so.

For example, angels of healing are associated with the archangel Raphael, angels of peace with the archangel Uriel and so on. It seems that in modern day religious beliefs, spiritual practices and philosophies make for interesting and very appealing amalgams.

Hence angelic reiki practice, belief in guardian angels taken outside any concrete religious systems, all sorts of combinations of Eastern philosophies and spiritualisms and western beliefs and practices, pseudo sciences and many more.

The idea of Guardian angels is associated with astrology, crystal healing, numerology and more.

According to general beliefs, guardian angels watch over us and send us messages of love and supports. They would choose specific symbols and phenomena in order to catch our attention and thus offer us their divine guidance.

Angels are said to love humankind and that each person has their guardian angels. In the bible, however, it is not said that all people have guardian angels.

In any case, angels use secret and symbolic channels in order to send us messages.

They do so, because it is not their task to change events or to make any decisions in our place, let alone act on our behalf. They are guardians and guides.

Their help and support is indirect, because the whole point is that we do things for ourselves, guided and motivated by goodness that comes from above and to find it within.

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are messages guardian angels send us, which come in numerical form.

Angels would choose numbers as a perfect channel to communicate with us for several reasons. Numbers resonate with cosmic energies. Specific combinations of numbers resonate with complex of vibrations and, in addition, each of them has a symbolic meaning.

Although numbers have always been considered mysterious and spiritually powerful, today it seems we are drowned in the realm of numbers.

We count, calculate and measure everything and usually take numbers as something practical, rather than spiritual.

Nevertheless, repetitive numerical sequences, matching digits on our time displays, numbers that we keep seeing all around undoubtedly make us wonder if there was something behind it.

Such ‘strange’ numbers could very likely be messages from our guardian angels.

Angel Number 3838 – Interesting Information

Angel number 3838 is consisted of two digits, 3 and 8, of which each resonates with specific vibration.

Number 3 represents liveliness, inspiration, imagination, creativity, artistic skills, youthfulness, free spirit, free mind, sociability, friendliness, spontaneity, enthusiasm and more.

This is a number of very positive and kind of ‘light’ energy. Number 8 is different, as it is more focused towards the material, practical, and down to earth.

Number 8 resonates with energies of safety and stability, security, patience, abundance, prosperity, finances in general, organization, discipline and especially self-discipline.

They seem contrasted, but these digits form your message. We will see what the moral of it is later on.

In addition, this angel number hides within another number, number 4. If you sum up all its digits, you will get 22 (which is a curious sight) and when you sum up those ‘ones’, you will get 4.

Meaning and Symbolism

The message behind angel number 3838 is that about self-organization and responsibility one should take up.

This message suggests you should be more disciplined and overall more responsible in your life. Your youthful, playful spirit is, by all means, a good and positive thing.

It makes you an optimistic, positive person that brightens up the day. However, some situations require seriousness and greater responsibility. You should value other people’s time and opinions more.

Your friendly and open approach to things in life is good. However, people get the impression that they cannot rely on you. You are a dreamer, an incredibly imaginative and creative individual, enthusiastic about many things, which makes you one easily to rash and act on a whim.

While it makes you feel fulfilled and good in short run it should not be the design to live according to.

Number 3838 in Love

Angel number 3838, as a love number, tells about your inner split regarding ideas about romantic love, in general. You are still uncertain about whether you would like to settle down or not.

Somehow, it happens that each time you are faced with a situation in which you should decide on starting a relationship, you refuse it.

Although it could be a painful moment to another side, let us focus here on your own side. Why would you act so?

You are probably afraid, because of your still immature conceptions about what a settled love life represents. It does not mean that you are an immature person in general, but your guts tell you it is not a life for you.

However, it is a point at which you should think about it a bit deeper. It is very difficult to decide whether this repetitive behavior of refusing romantic proposals comes out of fear of commitment or out of your pure and trusted intuition.

Facts About Number 3838

In addition to what we have said about numerology of angel number 3838 and its constitutive digits, it is important to mention this number is ‘full’ of digit 1. Sum up 3 and 8 and you get 11, two times.

When in a row, you have number 1 repeated four times. It means that this number additionally resonates with number 1 energy.

In this case, it represents two extremes, beginnings from zero and successful ending.

Responsibility, patience, organization and dedication should fill the gap in between.


Angel number 3838 carries the message of responsibility each person who is a dreamer and a young by nature should take up at some point of the life.

It does not mean you should abandon your childhood dreams and start acting all ‘so serious’. Not at all.

This message is about responsibility and self-discipline that would help you make your dreams come true in the long run.