3939 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Guardian angels are thought to be beautiful celestial spirits, pure and kind, loving of humans and sent to our aid as messengers of High Divine realms.

Beliefs associated with angels as a whole are old and present in various religious and spiritual systems.

Angels are featured in many philosophical works, but also in art, literature, in poetry and prose, in modern and classical arts. Angels are a great inspiration for the whole humankind.

It is believed these spirits are created by the Deity. They are beings of higher existence than that of human beings; they are more beautiful, wiser, and more perfect as whole.

Angels are thought to be messengers of God, as the term ‘angel’ does not, in fact, describe their nature, but their office. Angel means ‘a messenger’. Angels are many, if you look up for them in sacred Christian texts, for example, although the Bible does not exactly mention their number.

Angels are divided according to angelic hierarchy, which we could read in the work of Pseudo Dionysius Areopagite, in which he represents nine angelic orders. The highest ranked are archangels, sometimes identified with the highest ranked seraphim.

Guardian angels are not a specific class or a rank of angels, but they come from any of the ranks. Angels are said to watch over humanity and protect us, by doing God’s work.

They are ethereal spirits and the very term ‘a spirit’ explains their nature. Their essence is soft and immaterial, although they could take up any form they like.

People usually imagine and represent angels as an idealized form of humanely beauty. It is often said, in some works of literature, for example, that angels would appear to us in human form, because it is the only way we could comprehend their nature.

However, it seems that the direct connection between humans and angels has been long lost. As Milton says in his capital work, the famous poem “Paradise Lost”, it was the last time that people conversed with angels in Eden.

With the loss of Paradise, we have also lost this direct bond with heavenly spirits. Nevertheless, angels of Heaven still look upon us with care and love.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are believed to be loving and protective spirits that watch upon human lives. According to general belief, guardian angels are many and each human being has their celestial guides, regardless of their faith.

However, the Bible mentions that sometimes God directly affects an individual and aids him or her with inner strength to overcome difficulties or to withstand a temptation.

This implies that not all humans, at every moment, were guided by guardian angels.

However, modern amalgams of beliefs that feature guardian angels, usually ‘provide’ each human with personal heavenly guardians. Another question might interest us here.

Do angels only serve God and act on his behalf? Are guardian angels’ acts a result of their free will or their obedience to God? Do they really love us?

These are complicated questions, but we would try to give the simplest explanation or, at least, a suggestion.

Angels have never been said not to have free will, although people often take them as beings that are ultimately dependent on God, channeling the Divine energy without any specifically conscious choice.

However, the story of the angels who rebelled against the throne of God, out of pride and envy, but also because of his inner convictions perhaps, proves not only angels have free will, but also that they could consciously decide to leave the Deity’s side.

This makes ‘good’ angels even more worth of admiration, in the eyes of the faithful. They were not seduced by envy or disdain, but they willingly chose to remain by their Creator’s side, being loved by the deity and loving deity. As God loves us, so his angels do.

What are fallen angels’ feelings towards humankind is not our subject here. Guardian angels are believed to come from those good, God-loving, faithful spirits.

Angelic Messages

As we are estranged from the heavenly Host, we cannot directly converse with angels. Our lives are earthly lives for now, at least.

Therefore, guardian angels choose specific symbolical channels in order to send us their support and guidance. Their task is not to change the course of events.

They would not prevent evil from taking place nor directly fly to our aid if we are facing difficulties. Angels help us to find our inner strength and overcome dire situations.

Angels are still around us, even in this modern, greatly secularized age, when most of people are preoccupied with other things than metaphysical questions.

We live in the age of technology and science, though it seems lately that the spiritual and scientific realm are getting closer. In any case, angels still send us messages. They would choose mediums we could recognize.

Angels use images, phenomena, specific symbols. For example, sudden pleasant smells that occur without any visible source, some sounds or light activity are good examples.

Numbers, letters, images or other occurrences could also be angelic messages. Repetitive numerical patterns, repetitively occurring symbols such as a feather, a dove or something else could also indicate angelic presence.

Angel Numbers

Have you ever experienced seeing the same number all around? It could be a number that easily catches an eye, such as one with symmetrically repeating digits or one of completely same digits or a number that seems unimportant.

However, even if that not eye-catchy number keeps showing up wherever you look, it might raise suspicion. It could be a message from higher realms. People usually refer to such phenomena as ‘signs’.

This numerical sign is probably a message from your guardian angel. Angel numbers should never be a reason to worry, although it might appear awkward to keep seeing the same number all over the place.

It could be a number that you associate with negative concepts and ideas or you were taught such numbers resonate with certain bad energy.

However, angel numbers are never negative. If you keep seeing certain number over some time period, look into (angelic) numerology, in order to find out what each one represents and what message these sequences form.

Once you discover meanings and vibrations of each digit the number you keep seeing consisted of, you will ‘decode’ the angelic message.

Remember, it is a message of guidance, support and, possibly, of a warning.

Angel Number 3939 – Interesting Information

Angel number 3939 is a complex number consisted of two digits, two numbers of specific energies.

Number 3 represents youthful spirit, playfulness, imagination, sociability, freedom, free thinking sensitivity, enthusiasm, adventurousness, confrontation, wits, artistic skills, freedom seeking.

Number 9 is not in contrast with it, as it represents spiritual journey, karma, creative abilities, empathy, brilliance, spiritual awakening.

This angel number is full of the energy of number 3, since sum of 3 and 9 gives 12, while sum of its digits equals 3, once again. Nine is 3 times 3. Nine times three is 27 and 2 plus 7 is nine again.

This angel number is, thus, a number loaded with spiritual energy. This suggests that you must be a deeply spiritual person, someone who loves to explore the domain of the spiritual.

Let us see what it represents when taken as an angelic message.

Meaning and Symbolism

Number 3939 is a message of spiritual enlightenment and fate and destiny.

This angel number is not a common message and it occurs in very specific life circumstances. This number is reserved for people who possess great spiritual capacities; those who ask questions regarded their own spiritual path.

It could happen that this message comes in times when you start doubting everything you have believed in so far. In such times, people feel lost, hopeless, sometimes even abandoned.

This angel number comes in order to restore your faith. The very occurrence of such a number suggests there are some higher realms, higher forces that watch over us.

In addition, this angelic number embodies, to say, the very essence of spiritual vibrations, representing two major sides of spiritual energy as a whole.

On one side, it represents Imagination and inspiration that flourish in your youthful aspect, while on the other side it resonates with ‘mature’ spiritual wisdom, actual enlightenment and soul purpose.

Number 3939 in Love

Number 3939 speaks about love above earthly love; it rather speaks of Love, with the capital first letter. It is a message that should awake the very essence of love in your soul, the divine love. This is an abstract idea and it refers to love as the life giving and moving energy.

It tells about Love for life, love for this world and beyond. It is love that applies to all humanity and to Universe.

We could refer to it as cosmic love and even identify it with the highest principle, the Deity, if you wish. Regarding more ‘earthly’ forms of love, Love only inspires it, gives it wings.

Once you have found love within your soul, you will more easily recognize other forms of love and enjoy them in the world around you.

The perfect bond between humanely love and the divine love is what this message represents. Love with capital L nourishes and enriches mundane loves.

Facts About Number 3939

Number 3939 contains within a speci9fic undertone that balances its highly spiritually oriented vibration. If we sum up all the digits, we will get number six.

Number 6 resonates with energies that are different, though compatible with energies of numbers 3 and 9.

Number 6 represents balance, peace, harmony, compassion, selflessness, self-love, integrity, understanding, tolerance and honesty. In this particular case, it helps one maintain connection with the reality and people around.


Angel number 3939 carries a message of spiritual enlightenment, of faith and of divine guidance.

It comes to one in order to assure the person that theirs spiritual journey might be complicated, sometimes very disheartening and seemingly purposeless, but that one should endure.

Guardian angels would never abandon your side once you take up such a spiritual journey.

This message comes in times of spiritual crisis, in order to encourage you not to lose hope that you would eventually discover your purpose.