5353 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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In various traditions, religious and spiritual systems around the globe, there have been beliefs in good, protective spirits that watch over humanity and protect us.

We usually think of them as angels, since angels are to be found in the most dominant religious systems.

Angels are present in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, but also in other religious traditions.

Angelic beings or spirits similar to angels in their nature are present in spiritual systems and alternative branches, as well.

Belief in guardian angels is something that brings humanity great comfort, regardless of one’s religious or spiritual convictions and beliefs.

It is good to think there were indeed some good, kind spirits that accompany us, though invisible. They help us in times of need.

Angels are usually associated with some higher principle, such as god, in Christianity. Angels are believed to be created by god, to be good, God-loving spirits and human-loving guardians and guides.

However, many are wrong to think that angels are fully obedient to the deity and that they have no free will. Some would passionately defend this opinion, but let us look it from another angle.

Angelic powers are perhaps not mighty as that of the Deity and heavenly angels are, indeed, those who follow God’s ways. However, they have chosen such a path.

Although created by god, just as humans, angels have always had the power of choice. That old story about the fall of disobedient angels possibly proves angels have will of their own.

The proud archangel once rebelled against the deity, out of his own convictions, desires and very conscious ideas, as it seems.

In addition, many angels decided to follow this ‘new’ path. They have lost their battle, but it still only confirms they had the power to choose whatever they liked. They were not forced neither to follow one or the other.

Heavenly Guardian Angels

Let us now return to our loving guardian angels and see how this unfortunate story of fallen angels helps us understand their office and nature.

Guardian angels are, by rule, those of the Heavenly Host, thus good and pure.

However, it was their choice to remain loyal to God. As it is believed that God ultimately loves his creation, his human beings, angels naturally love them too.

Angelic task is to watch over humanity and make sure we follow the path of righteousness.

Our earthly life is full of temptations that are, again, in connection with all those beliefs about the fall of angels and, of course, the fall of humans.

Good angels would continue to do God’s task and guide us through all the temptations. We are imperfect beings and angels would love to help us pursue the divine path and that of goodness. It is a complex subject.

In simplified version, we could say guardian angels are heavenly god’s angels that do God’s work over humanity.

They ultimately love us and support the divinity that is to be found in our earthly beings. Guardian angels could be angels from any angelic order; they sometimes have specific offices.

According to most versions of general belief in guardian angels, each human being has their personal heavenly guardians.

Messages from Heavenly Guardians

How guardian angels communicate with us, you may ask now. Guardian angels are, like all angels, ethereal, immaterial spirits that do not materialize in our world or, at least, they do not do that often, let alone to everyone.

They do not come to our aid directly nor do they interfere with our nations and decisions.

They are guides and guardians; angels do not solve our earthly problems in our name. They help us find inner strength and do it on our own.

They are loving and kind spirits, so they know that the most valuable message would be the one that could help us find hope, faith and, above all else, to believe in ourselves and the goodness within us.

Angels send us messages, instead of doing things in our place. They would not prevent evil from happening, but they would help us find our own means to resist evil. They would send us messages of guidance and support and those messages could come by many different channels.

Angelic presence could be recognized in strangely flickering lights or misbehaving electronics, pleasant smells that come out of nowhere or some sounds or sudden change in temperature.

None of these phenomena are harmful or dangerous, although they could appear odd. These phenomena usually serve only to assure us our guardians are present.

Symbolic messages are more complex in their meaning. Such messages come in images, numbers, letters or else. These often carry some specific meaning associated with one’s current life situation.

In this regard, angelic messages could offer us certain insights, could be a good omen, even a warning sign, or a wakeup call.

Angel numbers are one of such complex and deeply personally meaningful messages.

Angel Number 5353 – Interesting Information

Angel number 5353 is one of those specific angelic messages.

This is a complex four-digit number that, in its basic structure, contains only two digits, number 5 and 3. Both these numbers carry similar though not identical vibrations.

Number 5 stands for life lessons, learning from experience, visionary, creativity, activity, curiosity, invention, uniqueness and unconventionality, individualism, courage, daring spirit, competitiveness and expansion, intelligence.

It also resonates with energies of magnetic attraction, but also of mercy, kindness, sociability and sensuality.

Number 5 is about natural, inborn magnetism, vivaciousness and versatility.

Number 3 is of similar kind, since it resonates with energies of inspiration, youthfulness, enthusiasm, adventurousness, art, energetic spirit, liveliness, humor, pleasure, free spirit, freethinking, freedom, spontaneity.

We could say 3 is a ‘younger’ version of 5, in certain sense.

If you sum up these digits, the final calculation, according to numerology reveals the numerical undertone of number 7.

Number 7 adds to the individualistic vibration of the whole number, since it represents inner wisdom, knowledge, philosophy, isolation, solitude, spiritual journey, self-development, spiritual development, mental analyses, science, genius, personal logic, independence, non-conformism.

Meaning and Symbolism

This incredible angelic number is all about individualism; number 5353 is about the best qualities of individualism.

It is about personal integrity that does not exclude others from ones’ life.

Many people mistake individualism with complete awkwardness or rebellion, or uniqueness with complete isolation. It is not true at all.

Being a solitary spirit is not a break up with humanity. In certain way, it strengthens the bonds with it on many other levels. This message is about the importance of individuality within this human world.

It suggests you should really put yourself in front of others, but not out of selfish reasons. By loving and valuing yourself, you give others an example.

Others would always admire a person who is ready to stand for their ideals and defend them. We do not talk in extremes; people tend to mistake self-confidence with arrogance and self-love with selfishness.

This angelic message wants you to see the good side of it, to be capable of discerning one from another.

Number 5353 in Love

Things could even become more complicated and confusing when it comes to love. Let us give an example. People who express love for themselves are more likely to attract others.

When you show that you care about your well-being, your life, your health, your looks also, your finances and else, it gives an impression of a person who is self-confident, a person whom one could rely on.

If you could care about yourself, you could care about another. In love life, it is an extremely important thing, since it is never black and white.

Your partner should be the one you could rely on and vice versa. He or she must be the one who loves him or herself, before loving others, but not in place of loving others.

These concepts are fully intertwined and coexistent. Love for oneself speaks about the capacity of that person for mature love towards another person, and towards humanity.

Of course, the pint is in healthy love, not in narcissism. Angels want you to be aware of your qualities and those of others.

Be yourself and be unique; some people would love you for that, others would not. However, by being unique, you will win sympathies of people akin to you, which is the healthiest form of a relationship one could wish for. You do not want false friendships and lovers.

Facts About Number 5353

Angel number 5353, besides its undertone of number 7, carries in itself another one. It is number 8, since 5 plus 3 equals eight. This number adds stability to this incredibly powerful and extremely individualistic number.

It helps one keeps on his or hers track, keeping focus and carefully working on their goals.

This number helps you not to lose head over things that excite you, for it is a great risk for highly individualistic ones. Angel number 8 is there to make you stable, steady and patient, above all else.

Since this number is about valuing individual qualities, it reminds of certain downsides that come along.

For example, being unique and standing out of masses often would make one lonely or simply misunderstood.

It requires determination, patience and great inner stability not to give up and surrender to the mainstream.

Number 8 is the most realistic of all those that constitute this message. It will help you keep your feet on the ground, while freely exploring all those wonderful qualities of yours and using them.


Angel number 5353 is a message about the importance of individualism and about all the difficulties that come along.

It is, for a great part, about making difference between what individualism really represents and what people commonly think of it.

This message would help you fit your unique personality in the ‘bigger plan’, to say so.

Each human is an individual, but we all belong to humanity. It is but a true revelation to become aware of it.

As simply as it may sound, it is, at the same time, a thing we easily overlook and forget. Be yourself for the sake for the whole humanity.